The annual Toys for Tots campaign concluded today with Christmas gifts being presented to fifty underprivileged primary school students across Belize City.� It's an effort which began earlier this year, in early September when the public, as well as corporate sponsors were urged to join the initiative.� United Airlines Country Manager, Indira Craig told News Five about today's children's party.

Indira Craig

Indira Craig

"This year we started fundraising from September.� We launched it off at Expo Belize and we have our travel agencies and staff selling tickets just to kind of give us some of the funds that we needed.� We had a couple corporate [entities] coming on board, Smart, Bowen & Bowen and Grace Kennedy.� And so we are happy to have fifty kids coming out from ten of the primary schools.� We sent out invitations, five each from each of the south side schools and we asked them to kind of send us as much as possible, you know, some of the kids that are below the margins.� So we have Santa coming out, we have clowns today, we have lots of prizes, lots of activities and every child leaves here today with a gift."

Isani Cayetano

"In your estimation of what has taken place since you first began Toys for Tots, have this initiative grown over the years?"

Indira Craig

"Well, Toys for Tots started as an in-house employee initiative and to be honest with you it started out with Continental over ten years ago and it was focused on the entire region.� Belize is one of the stations that have actually maintained the program and for us it's been more than just offering the Christmas program our reach has gone a little bit beyond that."

The event was held at the House of Culture where all the participating children had a wonderful time.

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