Deon McCauley

Super striker, Deon McCauley, left Belize today for Athens, Greece. McCauley has been scouted to play professionally for a top notch Greek football club. The football sensation, who has scored the most goals for Belize, as many as thirteen, is trying out for the Ael Kallonis Football Club. If all goes according to plan, McCauley is expected to sign on to a contract with the Greek club, which has won a number of championships in the Greek Super league. Twenty-six year old McCauley is the forward player for the Belize National Football team and also plays for the Belmopan Bandits. The Belmopan Bandits Facebook page says that Deon has been a great asset to the team and he will be missed, however, they are proud to see his football career take off in a positive direction. And this evening, Executive Member of the Football Federation of Belize, Marlon Kuylen, confirmed the report saying that it is a great opportunity for McCauley, who is only one of several players from the Belize Jaguars that have been scouted.

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member, F.F.B.

Marlon Kuylen

"His agent contacted him yesterday because he has an opportunity to go and play with Kallonis F.C. of Greece, he accepted, they sent his ticket and he is on his way there as we speak and hopefully tomorrow the day after he signs. It is good that he went to Kallonis because this team plays in the super league of Greece and they placed third last year. This opens the doors for all our other players and athletes in general because it shows that we have the talents here �and this will motivate the other players now because there will be opportunities to go out there and sign contracts. A few months ago, Ian Gaynair was approached by a team from Costa Rica but unfortunately the registration window was too close and he couldn't make it in time to sign with them. In January from the 7th to the 9th, Tyrone Pandy is going to the combine in the US where all the leagues gather and it's a tryout, there are also some European coaches that go to this combine to scout these players, so hopefully he will be picked. From what I understand a few teams have contacted West before but so far nothing has panned out. It shows that hard work and sacrifice plays off, if we could be discipline enough to continue working hard and even harder it shows that there are opportunities out there and people are watching and as a federation, we are trying to do our best also to make our teams qualify to give them the best possible support. That our teams qualify to go to these tournaments s that they can be looked at by these other teams. "

The only other footballer to play professionally is Shane Orio, who is with a Honduran club.

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