The Roman Catholic community in San Pedro Town is still trying to figure out who burglarized the church rectory and office. The office and rectory, located on Barrier Reef Drive in downtown San Pedro, was discovered vandalized and ransacked early on the morning of Wednesday December 4th.

According to Pablo Kotch, caretaker of the church properties, when he went to the rectory sometime between 7AM and 7:30AM on the given date, he noticed that the one of the glass panels from the window was damaged and removed. A closer inspection revealed that not only was it damaged, but access had been gained to the interior of the building. A further check of the remainder of the property revealed that the office, adjacent to the rectory was also burglarized. The window to the southern section of the building was shattered and removed. In both sections of the property, the intruder or intruders vandalized and ransacked the building. The walls and portraits of the Pope and other Catholic saints were painted with the numbers "666" and the words "satanic." Stolen was a gray Toshiba laptop and a few dollars, proceeds from collections of the office. All across the interior of the property, blood stains, possibly from injuries obtained from the broken glass, were left behind.

No one was at the Rectory at the time of the incident, since the Resident Priest, Father Francisco Guinan was off the island. If anyone knows any information that can assist police in their investigation, you are asked to kindly call the San Pedro police station at 206-2022.

San Pedro Sun