Keith is officially by USA National weather center now a depression.
Center of circulation by our reckoning is stalled about 70 miles south of
Escarcega in Mexico, the highway going across the Yuctan Peninsular from
The heavy storm section which lies in the southern quadrant of this
storm now covers the northern part of Belize, the Yucatan and Mexico. It
extends all the way to the far western corner of Guatemala and Chiapas in
Mexico in what would call mid way through Central America.

Rain is constant in this huge storm cell in the southern quadrant of Keith.
Rain is still covering the mainland of Belize, though cloud cover
photographs of Belize show the coastal waters and islands clear of rain (

Damage reports:

Deaths - none reported from either Caye Caulker or San Pedro, Ambergris
Caye, or on the mainland.

Unknown: is the report of a missing boat off Monkey River Town. No
further news on this item yet.

Damages: Hydro poles down around the northern half of the country and
Flooding: all over

Ambergris Caye, mostly San Pedro town which is the narrowest part,
suffered damage and flooding to numerous houses on the western side of
the island town. There were other houses hit, that were either old
wooden ones, or not strongly built for hurricanes.

Caye Caulker: About 40 houses damaged. Less than a dozen destroyed.
Trees are reported as hitting some houses. Everybody safe. Most damage
to west side of island village.

Debris is every where on both islands and occasionally in the port of
Belize City.

St. Georges Caye: One pier damaged.

Caye Chapel and Long Caye, no reports, but no damage expected as
building are mainly on east side of islands.

Turneffe Atoll: no damages.

Lighthouse Reef Atoll: no damages

Glovers Reef Atoll: no reports

Southern Cayes were for the most part out of the storm area.

Future Outlook: Tourist operations should be viable most places by
Wednesday after Tuesday cleanup of debris and fixing.
Worst Outlook: Tourist operations will take a week to get operational.

TOURIST ADVISORY: C'mon down, any day after Wednesday will be fine!
Good weather for rest of week. Power shortages many places, but most
have private generators for the supply of electricity. You probably will
be able to get ice cubes with your Pina Colada and Rum and Coke. I
prefer mine warm, without ice. Scuba diving will be clear by Thursday
with 100 ft visibility. Skip mainland port of Belize City if you can, it
takes them longer to clean up from recurrent flooding problems, occurs
every rainy season.

Ray Auxillou