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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Keep It Clean
Keep It Clean When the phone rang I picked it up and said, "Hello, Dennis speaking." "Hey, Dennis. This is Bruce." "It's good to hear from you," I said. "How are things in Queen City, Texas?" "I'm not in Texas. I'm in Belize." "I thought you and Becky weren't coming until June." "I bought a [�]

Letter to the Editor: SPBA
Dear Editor: The San Pedro Business Association regrets to inform you that we had to cancel this year's annual Holiday Lighted Boat Parade which was scheduled for this past Saturday, December 07, 2013. Unfortunately, we did not have participants for any of the activities we had planned which were the Boat Parade, the Christmas Caroling and the booths. We were persistent requesting participants to join us but unfortunately we couldn't get enough participation therefore after consulting our committee resolved that it would have not been possible. On behalf of the committee, I would like to express our sincere apologies for the cancellation:to all who awaited this event, to the sponsors, judges, confirmed participants, and especially to those who travelled to the island for this annual event. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. We look forward to your participation and support for next year's event on December 06, 2014. Regards, Mrs. Rebecca Arceo, President, SPBA

Did the Grinch Steal the Boat Parade?
It was a humbug moment when we learned that the Grinch had stolen the annual Christmas Lighted Boat Parade in San Pedro. How on earth did we let this happen? To the dismay of many, many islanders and tourists alike, our Caribbean horizon lay dark the night the parade was scheduled to appear. How sad it was when our hopes of seeing the twinkling holiday lights illuminating the black waters were extinguished by a lack of boat participants. We all agree that the Christmas Lighted Boat Parade is a fantastic addition to holiday activities on the island, and for many it symbolizes the beginning of the season. Not only do the residents consider it a family evening of fun, but it can be a tremendous draw for tourism. With that said, playing the blame game on how this annual event failed to happen this year hardly does any good, so let's think about how we can guarantee that next year we will see the most spectacular boat parade yet!

Doctor Love: The In-Laws
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, My boyfriend and I have been together for eight years. He has some serious health problems, needing someone to take care of him [�]

Misc Belizean Sources

On Saturday at about 4:00 pm 26 year old Tyrone Vernon of Salt Creek Road area was reportedly striking Blue Crabs in the area where he accidentally touched an underground BEL cable and was electrocuted. Both hands were burnt and was transported to the KHMH in critical condition.

On Saturday at about 11:10am, police visited an area off the Burrell Boom road with Hattieville road about 1 � miles in some bushes where (7) seven male persons was seen cutting logs and upon seeing the police they attempted to run into the nearby bushes, however, six were captured and one made good his escape with a chain saw. Police found (15) fifteen logs on the ground covered with a grey canvass, upon requesting for their logging permit none of them could produce one. Police have since detained 43 year old Elmer Gomez, 22 year old Gerald Gabourel, 31 year old Elvis Garcia, 40 year old Eudelio Perez, 41 year old Arnulfo Perez and 38 year old Eddie Linares all of Guinea Grass Village as investigations continue.

Lost Dog found near Muni
A small dog was found near the Municipal Airport by a caring member of the public. The dog has since been handed over to the Belize Humane Society and is in good keeping now until its owner claims the pet. According to Gordon Kirkwood, "this dog is obviously a much loved pet which has been lost, maybe a little while ago as previous shave profile has gone and hair got long." If you have been missing your dog and it matches the one in the video, please call Gordon Kirkwood at telephone number 630-6737 to claim your pet. Or if you know of one of your friends who has a dog similar to this, please check with them and if this might be their pet, please get them to call the same number at 630-6737.

Stabbing incident in Maskall Village
A stabbing incident in Maskall village in the Belize district on Saturday night has left a man fighting for his life. Oscar Chavez, 34, was stabbed in the abdomen. The circumstances surrounding the stabbing have not yet been fully ascertained and a police investigation is underway. Police say they have detained a 64 year old man, pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation. Chavez is listed in a critical but stable condition at the KHMH in Belize City.

Toast the Sunset on Top of Mayan Ruins
The sky lights up with vibrant shades of red, pink and orange. You raise your glass to toast the end of another adventurous day. The distant lakes glisten pink with the sky, shining brightly in the midst of the deep green jungle. Welcome to Yaxha. Across the Guatemalan border, through dense rainforest, past howler monkeys and tropical birds, waits one of Central America's most incredible experiences. And it's only 60 minutes from Ka'ana! Tucked away in the lush jungle of Yaxha National Park, the less-visited Yaxha Mayan Ruins are perfect for a romantic sunset drink (or two). Situated on a ridge overlooking Lake Yaxha, this ancient city seems to have been created with beautiful views in mind. We begin with a walk through the jungle and a comprehensive tour of the many fascinating temples, getting a sense of the size and importance of this once enormous city.

I Belize You Can Cookbook
Fifty shades of Great Belizean Food Recipes (Caribbean Cookbook). Here's an Xmas gift from me to all of you, my facebook friends and family. You can download the Kindle version of Dr. Gregory Arana's cookbook "I Belize you can cook" on Amazon for free today. Have you ever wondered where you could find a good recipe for delicious Belizean food? Have you ever craved some panades, rice and beans, or tamales; even though you are thousands of miles away from the nearest Belizean restaurant? Are you a Belizean by birth, Belizean by association or simply curious about the food and culture of this exotic tropical paradise? Then: I believe you can cook with this Caribbean cookbook. You have just found fifty shades of great Belizean recipes for your culinary enjoyment and pleasure. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a jewel of the Caribbean in the heart of Central America. One of the great things about our country is that Belize is a melting pot of food and culture. The settlement of Belize was governed by the Governor of Jamaica at one point in our history. Belize has a strong connection to the Caribbean in terms of food and culture. Many of our dishes are similar to Jamaican food. Belize is located on the east coast mainland of Central America east of Guatemala and north of Honduras. Belize is a few hours drive south of Cancun, Mexico. The Latin influence on our cuisine is also strongly present. Tacos, burritos and tamales can be found and enjoyed everywhere in Belize� but with uniquely Belizean style of cooking and flavor.

International Sources

Coming across a talented and fresh photographer doesn't happen everyday. But when it does, it's truly amazing. Her turquoise blue and kite surfing brilliant shots caught our attention some time ago. And so the artist, a young fellow Spanish girl, became a great inspiration for us. Today, we are glad to share this Photography Interview with Zai Aragon. Enjoy!