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#480642 - 12/23/13 04:16 AM Police Report  
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Damage to Property
On Saturday, December 14th, 46 year old Daniel Nah visited the San Pedro Police Station to report that on Friday, December 13th his house had been vandalized. According to Nah, sometime around 11:30PM he was awakened by his common-law wife, Sylvia Lopez, who informed him that she heard someone throwing stones at the house. Nah quickly responded and went to investigate what was causing the disturbance. Upon investigating, Nah found a Hispanic male, known to him as Nigel, throwing stones at his house. Nigel was taken away from the font of the house but returned shortly again and continued to throw stones, which hit Nah’s glass door causing it to break. According to Nah, the door is valued at $800. Court action was requested.

* Fabiola Cuevas, 53 years of age, of San Pedrito Area reported to San Pedro Police that one Saturday, December 14th she was attacked by her common-law husband, Santiago Rivera. According to Cuevas, around 10:30PM while arguing with Rivera, he punched her on her right shoulder. As a result Cuevas’ daughter intervened but was knocked down by Rivera. He then left the house and has not returned. A medical report was issued to Cuevas. Police are searching for Rivera.
* Roy Tun, 37 years of age, reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on Sunday, December 15th at about 5AM when he arrived at his residence along with his wife, Paulita Caliz, he got into an argument with his brother-in-law, Elmer Barrios. According to Tun, Barrios grabbed him by the neck and choked him until he fell to the ground. At the same time Caliz shouted to Barrios, “Kill him because he knows the truth”. Barrios then punched Tun to his head and told him “Give up. Give up.” Tun responded by saying “I give up” and Barrios then released him. Police are searching for Barrios.

On Tuesday, December 17th at 7:30PM, Manuel Azueta visited the San Pedro Police Station to report that his boat had been stolen. According to Azueta he went to check on his boat earlier at 6:15AM and noticed that his boat, which is usually docked in the Boca del Rio Area, was missing. Azueta stated that the previous night he had ensured that his boat was properly secured. The vessel is reported to be a white and blue hull with brown stripes 25 feet fiberglass boat named ‘Claudia’. The boat is registered as BZ-0335 and is valued to be $20,000 and the outboard engine valued at $16,000. Azueta has requested court action. Any person who has information that may lead to the recovery of the boat can contact the San Pedro Police Station.

#480720 - 12/24/13 03:56 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Armed Robbery at DFC Area

As per the robbery that occurred during the weekend, Police reports indicate that two male persons wearing masks (one armed with a handgun) attempted to rob the W&W Convenience Store at about 7:30p.m. on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

The armed assailant pointed the gun at his wife while the other jumped behind the counter. The store owner, Wei Ran Chen, fired his licensed 9mm luger pistol at them while inside of the store and the armed masked man returned fire.

At 8:30p.m. police visited the scene and at approximately 75ft south of the store in an open lot approximately (10ft away from the street) they found the body of a Creole male person wearing a blue ¾ Dickies pants, a dark T-shirt and a brown shirt covering his face. He was seen lying face down with a single gunshot wound to the left side of the chest. He was later identified to be one of the two robbers. At this time his name and other particular are unknown. The body was taken to the San Pedro Poly Clinic where he was pronounced dead and was subsequently taken to the KHMH morgue awaiting a postmortem examination. Police investigations continue.

Ambergris Today

Chinese Grocer Shoots Robber On San Pedro

And another young man was killed this weekend - allegedly in the commission of a robbery. 21 year old Ajlan Raheem Requena was shot once to the chest when he was allegedly involved in the robbery of a convenience store on San Pedro.

It happened at W and W Convenience Store in the DFC area of San Pedro Town at 8:00 on Saturday night. The San Pedro Sun reports that the storeowner's wife and her 14 year old son were tending the business when two men pulled up on bicycles with their shirts pulled over their faces. One of them pulled out a 38 revolver, and pointed it at the storeowner's wife while the other jumped behind the counter to get to the cash. The 14 year old slipped out and alerted his father who came back in with his firearm, a licensed Ruger 9 millimeter pistol. He fired a warning shot and the armed robber responded.

Gunshots were exchanged and that is when Requena who did not have a gun was shot. He dashed out the store and fell dead in a drain at the back. He was found with the shirt still pulled over his face.

Police say it appears to have been a case of self-defence but the file is still being sent on to the DPP.

21 year old Ajlan Requena was the son of retired BDF Lieutenant Requena Gilroy Requena. He had just arrived on the island from Cayo two days before he was killed. No one on the island knew him, so he remained unidentified until this morning when and his father contacted police today to report that it could be his son. His worst fears were confirmed when he visited the morgue.

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#482831 - 01/13/14 03:55 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Aggravated Assault

On Monday, January 6th at around 5:45AM, Daniel Ack, 48 year old Belizean security guard reported to the San Pedro Police that while leaving his workplace earlier that same morning, he was attacked. According to Ack, while riding home past Paradise Theater with a co-worker, Juan Rash, 49 years old, a man, he recognized as 29-year-old Marvin Ayala came out of the bushes near the area and hit him to the right side of his head with a wooden stick. Ack fell to the ground as a result of the blow. Rash quickly came to assist Ack. Amaya tried to hit Rash with the stick several time but missed, so he threw the stick at him and fled the area.

Court Action has been requested and Amaya was been officially arrested and charged.

Possession of Controlled Drugs

On Saturday, January 4th, Officer in Charge of Police, Luis Castellanos reported that while driving on Swan Street his attention was drawn to a Hispanic male handing money to John Henry, a known drug peddler. Henry walked towards the Bay Side Area and shortly after, returned to the direction of Seven Eleven Convenient Store. Castellanos approached Henry, and stated that he had reasonable grounds to suspect that he Henry was in the possession of controlled drugs. Castellanos proceeded to conduct a search on Henry, but before he could commence, Henry handed over a small bundle of suspected Cannabis. Henry was escorted to the Police Station where the suspected drugs were weighed in his presence. The suspected cannabis amounted to 0.66 grams. Henry was detained and charged for the possession of controlled drugs.

Common Assault

On Sunday, January 5th, Deshane Stuart, 30 year-old resident of Swan Street, reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on the same day around 8AM her common law husband, Allan Martinez Sr. punched her on her forehead several times due to a dispute. Martinez was formally arrested and charged for Common Assault.

Burglary/ Possession of Controlled Drugs

On Wednesday, January 8th, Karim August, 19 year old resident of San Pedro Town, reported to San Pedro Police the house he had been taking care of had been broken in. According to August, he had been overseeing the home of Jerry Gilbreath located on the corner of Barrier Reef Drive and Caribeña Street, and while making a check on the house on Saturday, January 4th at about 9:30PM he saw a group of young males inside the house. In addition, August also smelled a strong essence of marijuana in the house. August immediately contacted the police for assistance. Upon searching the house, police discovered four males hiding in a bathroom and a transparent zip-lock bag on a counter in the hall. The bag was suspected to contain cannabis. Upon further inspection, August reported that some items were missing from the house.

The drugs were weighed and amounted to 9.66 grams. The four persons were arrested and charged included 18 year old Florentino Velasquez and three underage males.

Damage to property

On August 3, 2013 Caye Caulker Water Taxi reported to San Pedro Police that one of their vessels had been vandalized the night before on August 2, 2013. Video footage captured the crime in action and police were able to identify the person that vandalized the boat, but the man had already fled San Pedro Town. Caye Caulker Water Taxi reported that damage to the vessel amount to an estimated $2,000.

On December 25, 2013, four months after the incident the criminal was finally caught by San Pedro Police. The man was identified as Karl Huesner, 28-year-old resident of Belize City. Huesner was spotted in San Pedro Town by police, who recognized him from the video footage. Huesner was charged on December 26, 2013 for damage to property. His intentions on vandalizing the vessel are still unknown.

#483502 - 01/20/14 04:00 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Drug Trafficking
On Thursday, January 9th at around 5:30PM, police officer on duty Juan Choc smelled a strong aroma of cannabis coming from the cell block of the police station. Upon inspection of the cell block, Choc saw a tall curly hair male in the middle of the cell, identified as 19 year old Simon Velasquez, hide a piece of tissue paper by the window of facing west of his cell. Choc proceeded to retrieve the piece of paper and noted that it contained suspected Cannabis. Velasquez was informed of the offence and was escorted to the front of the station where the drugs was weighed in his presence. The cannabis amounted to 0.67 grams. Velasquez was then charged for drug trafficking.

Damage to Property
On Wednesday, January 8th at around 5:57PMm Lene Flores, 57 year old retired Belizean teacher, visited the San Pedro Police Station to report that around 5PM while at her home, she heard a loud noise coming from outside. Flores went to her window to see what was going on and saw Alex Espat and Eric Pena attacking a male, name not known. Flores then saw Espat throw a large stone at the male but miss and landed on the wind-shield of her golf cart after which they fled the area. Alex Espat was later arrested and charged for damage to property.

#483512 - 01/20/14 07:56 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Simon Velasquez needs a cell with better ventilation. His civil rights might be being violated.

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#483522 - 01/20/14 10:40 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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A wild guess that he wasn't his class Valedictoran.

#484915 - 02/02/14 03:46 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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* On Thursday, January 23rd at about 9:30AM, Teressa Weller, and American businesswoman presently staying at a resort on North Ambergris Caye, reported to the San Pedro Police that on Sunday, January 19th at about 10PM she noticed that the windshield of her rented golf cart was missing. The golf cart was parked Barrier Reef Drive while she went out for dinner. Weller stated that she had rented the golf cart earlier in the day from Cholo’s Golf Cart Rental. The golf cart bears license plate number SP-C-1690 and is labeled with company’s logo and the number 4. The windshield is valued at $425. Rafael Cowo, 54 years of age, was arrested as suspect to the crime. Complainant has requested court action.

* On Friday, January 24th, Brian James Roy, 61 year old Canadian Lawyer, presently staying at a resort just south of town reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on Tuesday, January 7th at around 9:30PM he visited the unit that he leased at Reef Village Resort and found that there were several missing items from the condo. Missing was an LG Stereo System valued at $2,200, a BlackBerry Play Book valued at $1,000, Costa del Mar sunshades valued at $1,000 and other assorted groceries and personal items. The total value amounted to $7,680. Pending charges for the theft is Therese Elijio.

* On Wednesday January 22, 2014 at about 6:50AM, one Felipe Roberto Bradley, 34-year-old, Belizean Tour Guide of #1 Seagull Street, San Pedro Town, visited the Police Station to report that between 9:00 PM on Tuesday January 21, 2014 and 6:00AM January 22, 2014 he had an Igloo water cooler, blue and white in color valued at $100.00 on board his boat which was by the Laguna Street Dock. It was safe and secured. On Wednesday January 22nd at about 6:00AM he went to make checks on his boat and observed that his cooler was missing. He made inquiries with several of the people living on Laguna Street and received information that Howell Velasquez a.k.a “Gaboulin” was circling the area up and down. Complainant believes that he is the person that stole this cooler. Court action was requested.


* On Friday, January 24th at about 10AM, Tyson Baptist, 27 years of age, reported to San Pedro Police that at about 1AM on Wednesday, January 22nd while leaving Tackle Box Bar he got into an argument with Kenrick Wake, also known as “Fire Mike”. Police in the area broke up the argument and sent the person away. Baptist continued on his way when he suddenly felt pain in the left side of the neck and noticed a gaping wound. Wade had cut him and was about to cut him again when police officer intervened and escaped by jumping into the sea. Wade was arrested for wounding and is awaiting charges.

* Jaime Cowo, 24years, DOB 18.03.1989 Belizean Bartender of Fidos Restaurant presently residing in the Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town reported to police that on Saturday January 25th, 2014 at about 3:45AM whilst he was at Central Park Area, San Pedro Town along with some friends when he felt a sudden hit to the back of his head and fell to the floor and as he was lying down on the ground he noticed a male person whom he knows as Cadle Middleton who was standing in front of him. Cadle Middleton then kicked him in the stomach area which caused him pain. He then noticed that he received injuries to both his hands. Complainant stated that one of his friends then came and tried to stop Cadle from hitting him again. Court action was requested.

Common Assault

* On Wednesday, January 22nd at about 10:54AM, Rosa Roches, 31 years of age, reported that on Wednesday, January 22nd at about 3AM while socializing at the Central Park, Richard Daly approached her and punched her to the left side of her face. Roches walked away with her friends to get a taxi to go home, but Daly came after her with a piece of cement block and knocked her to the left side of the face causing several scrapes. Richard Daly was arrested and charged for Common Assault.

* On Wednesday, January 22nd at about 12:49PM, 24 year old Christian Smith reported that about 12PM on that same day, she got into an argument with her common law husband Willis Davis, 27 years of age. Davis punched her to the mouth and multiple times in her face. Smith fell to the ground and Davis kicked her several times in the back. Smith managed to get up and go to the Police Station. Davis was arrested and charged for Common Assault.


* Tracey Anne Devlin, 56 year old American web designer, presently living in Ambergris Lake Villas reported to the San Pedro Police station that on Sunday, January 26th between the hours of 2:30PM and 7:30PM someone broke into her apartment. Stolen from her apartment were a HP Laptop, an I-phone 4s and other personal items and appliances. The missing items totaled a value of $6,532. The scene was visited and a search was conducted in the area, where a pink and black knapsack containing some of Devlin’s reported missing items was found. Police also conducted a search on the security guard don duty. Found on the right rear pants pocket of the security guard was an item identified by Devlin as hers. The security guard was identified as 30 year old Marlon Heredia who was arrested and charged for burglary. Items recovered amounted to $5,762.

#484935 - 02/02/14 09:24 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Refreshing to see so many of these have a byline that someone was caught and being taken to Court. Just need to improve the conviction rate now.

#486568 - 02/23/14 03:21 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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On Tuesday, February 11th, 35 year old Eric Andrews, Belizean tour operator of Barrier Reef Drive in San Pedro Town, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on Monday, February 10th at about 8:30PM he went into his apartment, located on Barrier Reef Drive to retrieve his licensed 9mm Luger firearm, chrome and black in colour, valued at $2,200 from a safety box in the bedroom of his apartment. When he got to his bedroom, he noticed that the safety box was damaged and open. Upon making a further inspection, he noticed that the firearm was missing along with two magazines containing 26 live rounds of 9mm ammunition. Police are currently investigating.


Florentino Velasquez, 19 year old Belizean handyman of Boca del Rio Area, San Pedro Town reported to the San Pedro Police station that on Tuesday, February 11th at about 3:40PM while riding his bicycle on the beach front in Boca del Rio Area traveling on a South to North direction and after passing the High School he heard a loud bang and felt pain to his lower right foot and realized that he had been shot by an unknown person, he then made his way to the police station and made a formal report. Police investigations continue.


On Saturday, February 15th at about 10:30AM, a 19-year-old woman of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town visited the police station and reported that at about 12AM on the same date she left her house with one of her female friends and went socializing with other friends. At about 3AM she said that she was ready to go back home and so her friend decided to accompany her as far as the Central Park. She further stated that she continued to walk home and noticed that she was being followed by a male person she knows. Upon reaching home at about 4AM she reportedly locked her door when about two minutes later she heard a knocking on her door. She stated that she went to open the door because she thought that it was her female friend who had returned. As she opened the door she saw the same male person that was following her at the door. He then reportedly forced himself inside her home and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police are seeking one man as investigations continue.

Found Property/Possession of control drugs and pipes

On Monday February 17th at about 2:10 p.m., San Pedro Police proceeded to the Tropic Air Cargo Section which is located on Manta-Ray Street, San Pedro Town where they searched a package addressed to Chris Burkey from one Pulu Lightburn in Belize City. In “Mega-man supplement” box measuring six by three inches wrapped with plastic tape. Upon opening the box there was a white transparent plastic zip-lock bag which contained a compressed green in color vegetable substance which was suspected to be cannabis. All items including receipt was retrieved and taken to the San Pedro (Police) Station where the item was weighed which amounted to 229.7 grams. It was then sealed and labeled as found Property. On Tuesday February 18th, police conducted a follow up on the investigation and visited Burkey’s residence in the Boca del Rio Area where police found 1.6 grams of cannabis and two pipes. Burkey was informed of his offences and is expected to be charge for the crimes of “being in possession of a control drugs and being in possession of pipes.”

#487164 - 03/02/14 03:43 AM Re: Police Report [Re: Marty]  
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Grievous Harm

Zaira Rivas, Salvadorian National, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on Monday, February 24th while she was sleeping in her home; her common-law husband came home, under the influence of alcohol and started arguing with her. To avoid problems, Rivas left the room and went outside and sat on the entrance of the house. While sitting, she felt someone grab her from her foot. She noticed it was her common-law husband, Edward Ozaeta. Rivas then took her slippers and threw it at him so that he would let her go. But Ozaeta then took a pint bottle and swung it towards her. The bottle hit Rivas in the head which immediately begun to bleed. Ozaeata left the house after the incident, at which time Rivas went to a private clinic to receive medical assistance. Rivas has requested court action.

Possession of Controlled Drugs

On Monday, February 24th at around 11AM while PC Raheem Neal, and the Quick Response Team (QRT) was on mobile patrol on Laguna Drive, he noticed a male person riding a black beach cruiser bicycle heading in a north to south direction. The person was stopped and informed that a search would be conducted on him. Upon searching the person, PC Neal found a green leafy substance in his right hand suspected to be cannabis. The person was immediately informed of the offence and was escorted to the San Pedro Police Station. The person was later identified as an underage resident of the Boca del Rio Area. The suspected drugs were weighed and amounted to 2.06 grams.

Drug Trafficking

On Monday, February 24th at around 11:15AM, Detective Constable (DC) Jermaine Pook and PC Tyrell Swazo visited a house in the Boca del Rio Area. Upon arrival, PC Swazo observed a male person carrying a transparent plastic bag with suspected cannabis. He was instructed to hand over the bag, and was informed that he had committed an offense and that a search would be conducted on him and inside of the house. Nothing incriminating was found on him. The officers then proceeded to search the home where they found a bag containing a white powdery substance between some clothes. The man was informed of his offense and escorted to the San Pedro Police Station along with another male that was found in the house during the search. At the station, the first male was identified as 35 year old Deon Charles Faber and the other man was identified as 19 year old Devin Shakeim Alvarez, both originally from the Orange Walk District. The suspected Cannabis was weighed and amounted to 52.6 grams, while the suspected cocaine was weighed and amounted to 5.43 grams. Faber was charged for Possession of a Controlled Drug, while Alvarez was charged for Drug Trafficking.

35 year old Deon Charles Faber

52-point-6 grams

19 year old Devin Shakeim Alvarez

Stolen Property

Local artisan Jose Novelo visited the San Pedro Police Sation on Friday, February 21st to report that while on a trip to Belize City with his wife, he left behind two tables and two chairs from which he operates his business, on the beach in front of Caribbean Villas Resort. When he returned on the island on Tuesday, February 18th he went straight to where he left his belongings and discovered that they were missing. Novelo inquired around the area and found out that his belonging had been moved by two male employees of Caribbean Villas Resort. According to Novelo, owner of the resort, Peter Lawrence has expressed his dissatisfaction over the couple having their business in the area. Novelo proceeded to tell police that this type of harassment has been ongoing for the last few weeks. As a result, Lawrence was detained on Friday, February 21st but was released after a couple of hours. Novelo has requested court action and police investigations are still ongoing.

Obtaining Money Transfer by Deception

On Wednesday, February 19th, 18-year-old Kendra Mejia of Glitter Street, San Pedro Town visited the San Pedro Police Station to report that on Tuesday, February 18th she called her fiancé to check on how he was doing. He then asked her if she had received the money that he sent for her via two separate Western Union money transfers. The first transfer was made on Monday, February 17th for a total of $950 and the second was on Tuesday, February 18th for a total of $950 (all for a grand total of $1,900) which he sent to one Ethel Caliz, whom he said told him that Mejia had lost her phone and needed some money. Mejia informed him that she did not authorize anybody to ask him for any money on her behalf. Police are currently seeking Ethel Caliz for questioning.

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