San Pedro's very own miracle child, Fatima Arceo is one of the eight young Belizeans who are being featured in the 2014 Inspiration Calendar and Agenda. The Inspiration Calendar and Agenda was developed four years ago by the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow. The calendar showcases artwork by the children with special needs. The purpose of the calendar is to raise awareness on the various disabilities faced by Belizean children, while also advocating for the need to stop stigma and discrimination towards children living with disabilities.

The calendar was launched on Friday, December 14th by the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children. The art pieces used in the calendar was obtained through a special program organized by Care Belize and Special Olympics Belize. A biography of each child was also submitted along with the artwork. During the event, a check for $29,000 from the proceeds of the 2013 Inspiration Calendar sales was handed over to Barrow by McNab Designs, the printers of the calendar.

Arceo was born with spinal bifida, and abandoned at birth on September 29, 2006. Arceo was adopted by well-known San Pedrana, Anna Patricia "Patty" Arceo. Throughout her young life, Arceo has undergone several surgeries and rigorous treatments and medication. She has been an ambassador for children living with disabilities on the island and is well known by islanders. Arceo's artwork will represent the month of March.

The San Pedro Sun congratulates Arceo on her achievements.You're truly an inspiration to all!

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