And provide some captivating entertainment

While we anxiously wait for the finally tally of crime in Belize - 2013, all concerned with such matters say major crime in Belize City is the lowest it's been in maybe ten years.

Pretty cool, isn't it?

So, to say thanks to Belizeans, the Police Performing Arts Club staged a free night of dance and drama on Saturday night at the Bliss Center, where all the lead roles were played by police.

Commander of Operations for Eastern Division Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster (who did a solo dance routine himself!) explained that COPS is a loose anagram of Commissioner of Police Offering Peace to Society, and that all actors and participants would be from the Police department.

We were truly sorry not to have been able to make it, but did what we could and checked out a taste on YouTube - we loved it, and bet you will too. Watch it here:

600 tickets for the event were given out free - and for those who didn't get one, they could just show up at the door on show night Saturday.

We like this for many reasons, starting with a dramatic drop in crime (Merry Christmas, Belize) but also showing the human side of our police force and their willingness to interact with the public.

And that goes both ways�

So the next time we pass a member of the constabulary on the streets, we're going to smile and say hello. Imagine if everyone did that? How It would make them feel?

Like any group, we've all had our good and bad experiences with the Police, but for our money, they are by and large a great dedicated bunch of men and women doing a tough job and deserve more support from the community.

And according to this year's statistics, they're doing great and deserve our thanks and congratulations.

All of here at Chaa Creek want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and wish all the best to the members of our Police in 2014. Imagine another huge reduction in crime next year� the way things are going, it's possible.

Thanks guys and gals� we appreciate it

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