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The San Pedro Sun

Robbery at W&W Convenience Store result in one killed
On Saturday, December 21st at around 8PM, San Pedro Police responded to a distress call from Wei Ran Chen, 44-year-old owner of W&W Convenience Store located in the DFC area of San Pedro Town. According to reports from Chen, at 7:30PM two male persons wearing masks entered his store and demanded money. One person was armed with a handgun while the other person carried no arms. The armed assailant pointed the gun at Chen wife's, Wei Qing Zhu, while the other person jumped behind the counter to search in their cash drawer. Witnessing the events was Chen's son, Jun Chen, who quickly alerted his father of what was occurring at the front of the shop. Chen took out his licensed 9mm Luger pistol and fired several shots at the direction of the robbers, who were still inside the store. The armed robber responded firing shots towards the Chen family. The assailants fired about four to five rounds then fled the store. Police arrived at the crime scene at around 8:30PM to further investigate the incident, canvassing the area for signs of the two robbers. Upon searching south of the store's location, police found the body of a Creole male lying on the ground with his face covered with a brown shirt. Upon closer inspection it was noted that the man had suffered of a single gunshot wound to the left side of the chest.

$2.23 million to be spent in Christmas Cheer Program, BRS to get $90,000
The Government of Belize has approved a disbursement of $2.23 million be used as part of the second annual Christmas Cheer Program. This was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow following an email that was leaked from the Ministry of Finance. Barrow explained that the decision came as a way to help the neediest people during the Christmas season. In the email sent out by the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight, to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry Human Development, it indicated that 31 duly elected members of parliament and 14 political officers have been allocated various sums of money as part of the program. The email outlined that 17 United Democratic Party (UDP) elected members of parliament will receive $90,000 while the remaining 14 People's United Party (PUP) elected parliamentarians have been offered $25,000. In the electoral divisions where there are PUP elected representatives, the government will channel $25,000 through their UDP caretakers.Government bring Christmas cheer-3

It's a play about a play by The Island Academy, starring�SANTA!!
The annual Island Academy Christmas Pageant is quite the production, bringing music, acting, props and laughs to the stage to usher in the Christmas season for those in attendance. After the younger classes sang various Christmas songs onstage - much to the delight of the audience, it was time for the 2013 show. Once again, The Island Academy scholars showcased fine acting skills and excellent discipline as actors�ahem�we mean students�told the tale of the making of a Santa movie. Riffing on such famous directors like Sergio Leone, Cecil B. Demille, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Ron Howard, and more, the play brought to life a variety of stories of Santa. There was the EPIC grand production - give me more!!! Make it EPIC - with MORE music, MORE drama, MORE acting! The film noir version had Santa singing the blues as he carried his overloaded sack all over the world, trying to make all the girls and boys happy with their presents (a PONY! A baby grand piano!�). Or should the story have been about a Superhero Santa? Throw in a villain (mua-ha-ha-ha), a damsel in distress (shrieking for help�fainting very prettily�) and of course, make Santa the superhero who rescues the damsel just before the train runs her over (because of course the villain ties her to the train-tracks).

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Businesses Hold 2013 Christmas Raffles
It is that time of the year when San Pedro Businesses give thanks to all its customers and give back with much appreciation by holding the very best raffles of the year. Kick starting the giveaways this Christmas Season was Castillo's Do It Best Hardware holding their raffle on Friday, December 20, 2013. Below are the lucky winners of the Castillo's Hardware, Caribe�a Fuels, Captain Sharks and Coral Cable Vision:

San Pedro Town Council's Christmas Giveaway
We all know that Christmas is the season of sharing, caring and giving. With this in mind, the San Pedro Town Council always has the children of our community at heart and organizes a Christmas Toy Drive every year so as to brighten up the Christmas Season of the less fortunate. What was supposed to be a day of tagging along with the San Pedro Town Council and taking pictures of the toy-give-away turned out to be a day of helping out Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Town Councilors and staff members deliver gifts. The San Pedro Town Council gave out toys to children in San Mateo, San Pedrito and D.F.C. areas as part of their Christmas Toy Drive. It was a pleasure helping them out. The children were very excited to receive gifts such as Barbie dolls, stuffed toys, puzzles, hand bags, clothing, story books, coloring books, action figures. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to thank those who contributed toys for the Toy Drive and made it a success!

Misc Belizean Sources

September 2013 CPI and the December 2013 Latest Economic Statistics
Belize's economy expanded by 0.3 percent in July through September of this year, when compared to the same period of 2012. This put the cumulative economic growth for the first nine months of this year at 0.4 percent. The strongest performer was Electricity and Water, which rebounded by 20 percent after four consecutive quarters of double-digit decline. The Hotels and Restaurants sector also grew by more than 7 percent due to an increase in both overnight tourists and cruise arrivals. Declining agriculture and oil production, on the other hand, had a dampening effect on the overall level of growth

VIDEO: Good Maaning Miss Lady
Belizean Christmas Carol, Familia Cruz

Belizean Brukdown style music "DRINK A RUM ON CHRISTMAS MAANING" original by Lord Kitchiner, is now sweetened all over again by: Martha Weatherburn from the southern part of Belize in 'Punta Gorda', Produced by: Patrick Barrow (Caye Records).

Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow's 2013 Christmas Message
Click on the link to listen to the Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and his family's Christmas message.

Channel 7

Cayo Man Killed In Front Of Wife, Children, Grandchildren
Like almost everyone else, 56 year old Cayo Resident Freddy Lopez Sr. was preparing for Christmas - which also would have been his birthday - but now his family is preparing for his funeral.

Young Cyclist Knocked Down By Bus, Seriously Injured
Tonight a 22 year old cyclist is in dire condition at the KHMH after he was knocked down by a bus this morning.

George Hyde Arraigned For Canadian Murder
Today, 34 year old George Hyde was arraigned for the murder of 68 year old Canadian Keith Haslam Dawson. As we reported last night, he was charged close to 7:00 pm after the DPP reviewed his confession and told police to proceed with murder charges.

Salvadoreans Got A One Grand Shake Down
A group of four Salvadorians who were heading home for Christmas had the worst experience as they left Belize yesterday. Reports are sketchy at this time, but police have confirmed that there is an investigation into an alleged police shakedown.

Does GSU Want Darrell Henry In Jail For Xmas?
Darrell Henry's family had hoped he would be out of jail in time for Christmas after he was brought up on what they believed are bogus charges. But, the police have been pressing hard to keep him locked up, and now, the 33 year old Belize City resident will spend Christmas and New Years behind bars.

Flowers Gets Christmas In Jail
So, while that situation with Henry is still developing, 38 year-old Kevin Flowers is currently at the Prison for similar firearm charges.

Brother: Victoria Bol Didn't Have To Die, WRH Had No Ambulance
Last night we told you about the accident which claimed the life of 42 year old Independence Village resident Victoria Bol. On Saturday morning she was in a GMC pickup when the vehicle she was in collided with an unmarked police van. But beside being another saddening statistic, she's also the mother of five - her two youngest still in high school.

Man Was Only Grazed On Seco Street
One man has been detained for the city shooting we told you about last night. 30 year old mechanic Denton Flowers was shot to the right leg above the knee just before 6:00 pm. He told police that he was on a bicycle leaving his home at the corner of Peter Seco and Consuelo streets when a man wearing a red shirt pulled up, pointed a firearm at him and fired a single shot. Police found one nine millimeter GFL luger expended shell in the area.

Ministerial Zap!: Zetina Gets Spared Police Charges
But our next story is about suspect who didn't get charged. Well, he kinda did, since a charge sheet was made out, but it seems Belmopan Resident Anwar Zetina has friends in high places so the charge was drawn up at the station never went to court.

Teacher Takes Home Brand New Hilux
In a few days, a literature teacher at EP Yorke High School will be driving around a 2014 Toyota Hilux. But, don't be suspicious because Samuel Nicholson didn't buy the luxury pickup, he won it! Nicholson is the winner of the Rotary Raffle which was drawn last night. Tickets were sold for a hundred dollars each and only a thousand were issued. And while it seemed like a worthwhile gamble to some, Nicholson is the most unassuming winner. He paid the draw no mind and was at the barber shop getting a trim when he heard the good news:... He isn't in possession of the pickup yet because, Rotary is waiting for the customs exemption letter and then will transfer the vehicle over to Nicholson.

Salvadorean Shakedown Update
In our story that we ran just now regarding the alleged extortion of a group of border bound Salvadorians, acting commissioner of police Mike Segura did call us to explain that the Salvadorian Ambassador called him to complain. He said he explained that one of the group who isa permanent resident in Beliuze should come forward and give an official report - because the others have gone on to Guatemala. He says he does not know who had up an operation in black polciue uniforms in Succotz. He says until a complaint is made form someone in Belise nothing can be done.

The Reason For The Season Trumps Commercialization of Christmas
Yesterday we showed you how shoppers were doing in downtown Belize City. And while that last minute shopping is still going on at this hour, tomorrow, it should all be forgotten as the crass commercialization of Christmas makes way for the real reason for the season. There's always that tension between the commercial and Christian considerations of Christmas, but the shoppers were spoke to were able to keep it in perspective just fine:

Channel 5

Cayo resident is killed overnight in Kontiki Area of San Ignacio
San Ignacio Police have launched a intense manhunt for two men in connection with a murder in the Kontiki Area on Monday night. Fifty-six-year-old Fredy Lopez Sr. was gunned down [...]

George Hyde charged for the murder of retired Canadian national
Canadian Keith Haslam was murdered on Friday, his decomposed body found early Sunday morning on a farm outside Buena Vista in the Cayo District. The man who led San Ignacio [...]

Cyclist, Geon Hanson, is knocked down while training on the George Price Highway
Well-known Belizean cyclist Geon Hanson remains in critical condition tonight after being knocked down by a commuter bus along the George Price Highway this morning.� Hanson, who was on routine [...]

Was there no ambulance in Belmopan to assist accident victims?
In Monday's newscast, we told you about a road traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway that claimed the life of Victoria Bol. The forty-two year old resident of Silk Grass [...]

2013-2014 sugarcane crop season remains in jeopardy
Tonight the 2013-2014 sugarcane crop season appears to be in real jeopardy. Both the B.S.I. and the BSCFA have returned to the discussion table, thanks to intervention by government, but [...]

Delta's inaugural non-stop flight to Belize
For the first time ever there is a red-eye flight to the Jewel and it comes courtesy of Delta Airlines, after much planning and meetings between the airline company and [...]

BelAm spreads Christmas joy in Belize River Valley
Every year Belizean-American Verna Clement returns home at Christmas time to spread some love among the children of the Belize River Valley, hosting a day-long Christmas event. She was born [...]

Belizean shoppers spread Christmas spirit to their loved ones
Christmas is a time for giving and sharing and around the country, as well as in downtown Belize City, families are doing their last minute shopping and preparations for the [...]


Police Offers Award for Fugitive
The Orange Walk Police Department is offering a thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest of Oscar Hernandez-Perez of Trail Farm Village in Orange Walk. Hernandez-Perez is accused of injured WPC Marilyn Pate with a machete. Pate was chopped several times when she was accompanied by other officers from the Human Development department who were investigating a sexual abuse case. Police report that both officers and Pate waited outside the house for Hernandez - Perez to get dress when suddenly Hernandez came running from behind the house wielding a machete, attacked WPC Pate inflicting several chop wounds on her body, two to her head. Oscar Hernandez - Perez fled the scene and police is asking for your assistance to locate him by calling 911, the nearest police station or Crime Stoppers Belize at 922-TIPS.

Shooting in Old Capital
A 30 year old man was shot yesterday evening. Police say that it happened on Consuela Street in Belize City. Police visited the area where they observed Denton Flowers suffering from a gunshot wound to the right leg. Police investigated and found that Flowers was leaving his home on bicycle when he was approached by a dark complexioned man described as medium built, wearing a red shirt, who pointed a firearm in his direction and fired a single shot causing the injury. Police found one nine mm GFL lugar expended shell in the area. Denton Flowers was admitted at the K. H. M. H in stable condition. Police have since detained one man and are seeking another who they believe can assist in their investigation

Dr. Jones Gives Advice on How to Cope with Flu Season
The flu season is definitely upon us as the number of cases of persons coming down with the symptoms has increased significantly. Additionally, there has also been a rise in persons seeking medical help for asthmatic crises.Today, Love News spoke to Dr. Carl Jones of Matron Robert's Health Center who advised us that it is important to get a flu shot, and the best time to get that done is during the summer as the Flu season normally runs from August through to the end of the year. However, while that is the best case scenario, patients can still go in and get their flu shots. The exception are those who are already showing symptoms of the flu since taking a vaccination while already sick with the flu may increase the severity of the illness.According to Jones preventative methods should be employed, such as covering your mouth when coughing, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer no more than five times before washing your hands. If you work in an air-conditioned environment be considerate of your co-workers and avoid constantly coughing and sneezing which will cause the virus to circulate. Jones also advised that patients refrain from treating the flu with antibiotics as it is caused by a virus and not bacteria. Antibiotics should only be used if there are complications caused by bacteria, which is uncommon.With regards to the rise in asthma,patients need to be aware of their environment and avoid allergens such as dust and mold. Furthermore, parents of asthmatic children should take them to the doctor as soon as they get a cold to avoid further complications. Both the Matron Roberts Health Center and the Cleopatra White Health Center are open daily, weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Man Arraigned for Murder of Canadian National in Cayo
34 year old George Hyde was arraigned this morning for the murder of Canadian national Keith Haslam Dawson. The decomposing body of the 68 year old was found on Sunday at a farm land, some 5 miles east of Buena Vista Village. Dawson suffered multiple chop wounds to the back of his head and a fatal chop wound across his windpipe. According to Police, it was Hyde, who after confessing to killing Dawson, led authorities to the area where Dawson's body was dumped. It is believed that Hyde was allegedly having an affair with Dawson's wife and murdered Dawson in a fit of jealous rage. As we reported, up until the wee hours of Friday morning, the deceased, his wife, the accused and his brother were drinking at Hyde's brother's home. The brother says that he went to sleep at about midnight and when he woke up, noticed the trio was missing and immediately contacted the Police. Police thereafter apprehended George Hyde. And even though Hyde reportedly confessed on Sunday to chopping Dawson, he wasn't arraigned until today. Deputy Commander of San Ignacio, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, explained that the department was awaiting directive from the DPP.

Elderly Man Gunned Down in Front of his Family
A family in San Ignacio is grieving on this Christmas Eve. That's because last night an elderly man from San Ignacio, Cayo, lost his life in an attempt to protect his family against two assailants whose prime motive appeared to be robbery. 56 year old Fredy Lopez Sr. of Pond Avenue, San Ignacio was in the Kontiki area at around 9:30 pm walking with some relatives who were in the process of transporting tamales for sale. Upon reaching the vicinity of Arms of Love Primary School, they were approached from behind by two masked men. We travelled to the Kontiki Area where the incident took place. There we met up with Inspector Reymundo Reyes, Deputy officer Commanding the San Ignacio Police. He gave us the details. Insp. Reymundo Reyes- Deputy Commander of the San Ignacio Police "They were approached from behind by two male persons wearing rags over their faces. One of the male persons held the wife of Mr. Freddy Lopez and demanded for them to hand over what they had. As a result, at that same period of time, the gentleman bent over to pick up a piece of stone and that is when he was shot on the right side of his chest and the bullet exited on his lower back".

Cyclist Fighting for Life After being Hit Down by a Bus
Tonight, the family of a promising young cyclist and scholar is asking the nation to join them in prayer for the recovery of their loved one, who was knocked down this morning. 22 year young Geon Hanson was training for the upcoming Krem Classic cycling competition around 5:30 a.m. on the George Price Highway in St. Matthews Village, when a bus travelling in the same direction hit him down. Hanson was later transported to the Western Regional Hospital in an unconscious state, suffering from internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. He underwent emergency surgery to remove his spleen and afterward was transported to the KHMH. We spoke with Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sinquest Martinez this afternoon who outlined what Police have gathered so far. Sinquest Martinez- Commander of the Belmopan Police Formation "So far to us was that J & J passenger bus that was traveling towards from Belize City, hit the cyclist from behind, but claim to say that there was an incoming vehicle with a high beam, and by the time he saw the cyclist, he tried to avoid, he went to the left hand side up� to the extreme left, but the right hand side of the bus hit the cyclist unfortunately. He was transported to the Belmopan Hospital in a critical condition. After which the driver was detained, we continued to investigate the matter because there some of our police officers in the bus that assisted likewise. So, we continued to record statements. The vehicle has been inspected by the motor vehicle inspector, we have served an NIP on the driver of the bus".


Chaa Creek Announces New Changes for 2014
The Lodge at Chaa Creek owners, Mick and Lucy Fleming have just announced that new offerings, tours and initiatives at the popular Belizean eco resort will make 2014 "one of the best years to discover or rediscover Belize." The Flemings, who transformed their family farm into Belize's first eco-resort in 1981, the year Belize became independent from Great Britain, said the resort's development has been one of steady growth characterised by evolutionary leaps. "And 2014 promises to be one of those leaps," Lucy Fleming, who is also Chaa Creek's general manager, said. "After all the attention Belize and the entire Mundo Maya, or Maya region, experienced in 2012, 2013 flew by as a year of concentrating on other niches and specific offerings, such as our family, inland adventure and rainforest-to-reef all inclusive Belize vacation packages. "And throughout the year we developed new offerings and went into a phase of creative development and looking at new things while enhancing our exciting infrastructure and offerings. And now, with some add-ons to our existing packages and attractions, as well as new offerings and having taken on new staff members that enhance our skills base, we're looking forward to an exciting 2014," Ms Fleming said.

Gorgeous Weather, A Christmas Gift And A Bit More
It's Christmas and New Year's week in San Pedro, Belize - one of the busiest times of the year. The hotels, restaurants and tours are full, the town is lit and everyone (who is not working) seems to be at the beach. Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I took a walk south. The very pretty Victoria House. Someone was putting up lights on this new little gazebo. I'm imagining it make a beautiful wedding spot. Just south, this is pretty much all that is left of the old "Fido's South" or Sandbar Restaurant & Bar. I got home and received a call from Desiree at Maya Bags in Punta Gorda. The bag, that I had custom ordered about a week ago, was here. It's here! My Christmas gift to myself (that I've secretly and not so secretly wanted for about a year.) I hightailed it over to Tropic Air cargo and TORE IT OPEN and squealed like a 8 year old.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyous Celebrations to Everyone
No matter where you are, how you celebrate and what you believe in, we hope you share in our wish for Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all Humankind And wish all of you the best during this holiday season. The Fleming family and all of us here at Chaa Creek

"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" -San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Well in today's edition I bring things virtually up-to-date. I 'say' virtually because although I am covering some of what Rose and I experienced yesterday I am not covering everything. As journalist, picture editor, sub-editor, editor, editor-in-chief and the publisher I have total say so over what goes in to an edition. Don't worry though, I'm not morphing in to some kind of second league Citizen Kane, it's more a case of holding a little back in case I run out of things to write about. Sort of building up a library. In the last edition I told you that Ofel Flota's guys had started work on the fence that we are going to have around the lot that our house 'sits' on. Before I bring you up-to-date on this work though I have got (I know I don't have to but � I want to) to let you know just how much better my 'me time' is first thing in the morning. Since the container arrived I've had my own chair to sit in (or is it 'sit on'? - never quite sure). It's made my mug of black coffee and iPad time so much more enjoyable. No more having to carry one of the only two chairs that we had for our first nine weeks (quite uncomfortable chairs actually) out on to the veranda.

Top Ten Considerations for Bringing a Dog into Belize
If you are importing a dog from the US into Belize, you will need to have all the proper paperwork both for the airline and for BAHA (Belize Agricultural Health Authority). (Refer to point #3 for BAHA requirements). To avoid a 30 day quarantine, you will need to have the USDA APHIS Form 7001 filled out within 7 days of departure by a USDA certified veterinarian who is licensed in your state (find one near you). FED EX overnight the Form 7001 with a check (the fee for stamping/endorsement varies by the number of animals traveling and by the number of tests required for the health certificate. You should contact the APHIS VS Area Office in your state for more information- I think I paid $37 for each dog in 2012) to your states' USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) AVIC (there is probably only one office in the state for the Area Veterinarian in Charge) with a prepaid return FED EX overnight envelope for them to return the endorsed form back to you. Then pray that the endorsement gets back to you before your flight!

Happy Holidays from Ka'ana!
From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. Whether you're spending your holiday in the tropics or on the slopes, we hope it's filled with warm smiles, quality time with loved ones, and lots and lots of delicious food! Happy holidays everyone!

A Christmas Story
Every year during the Christmas Season, Atlantic International Bank Limited, chooses an organization or a charity to contribute to, in an effort to give back to the community. Every year business establishments would give to the children of Belize and often times the elderly are forgotten. This year we chose a nursing home in San Ignacio Cayo called Octavia Waight Centre to bring back a little Christmas joy to the elderly. This is our christmas story about our visit to the nursing home. On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 we visited 28 residents of the Octavia Waight Centre. The staff and the residents were very welcoming. We met with each and every one of the residents of the Centre one at a time. While visiting with them, many of the residents spoke about their likes, dislikes, the careers that they once had. They shared with us their hobbies, their life stories and even told us their amazing christmas story.

International Sources

21 Christmas Songs You Should Listen To Right Now
Here's our Christmas gift to you: 21 of the best holiday songs ever recorded. Add your own favorites in the comments section below, and enjoy!

Sharks, Marine Mammals Hang in Paradise: Photos
Recent aerial surveys of Turneffe Atoll and the Belizean coastline have documented a record number of Antillean manatees: 507. To put that in context, the global adult population of this endangered subspecies is estimated to be less than 2,500 and declining. The region is teeming with other marine life as well. "Several marine mammal species occur in Belizean waters, including small cetaceans, like bottlenose dolphins, and whales, like humpbacks," Birgit Winning, president of the Oceanic Society, told Discovery News. She explained that this area is the focus of her organization's long-term marine research and conservation efforts. Turneffe is the largest and most biologically diverse coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere.

Belize urged to punish human traffickers and assist victims
An independent United Nations human rights expert has called on the Government of Belize to adopt a comprehensive programme to protect and assist victims of trafficking and to ensure that the perpetrators of this scourge are punished. The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Friday said Belize is "a country of destination, transit and, to a limited degree, of origin, where human trafficking disproportionately affects women who are mainly trafficked for sexual exploitation - particularly women from the neighbouring countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras." Wrapping up her official visit to Belize, UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, said Belize should avoid a "repressive" immigration policy that compounds the problem of human trafficking and undermines efforts at combating and preventing the phenomenon and providing holistic assistance to the victims.

Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet)
She's not entirely sure, but her best guess is that the problems started when she was traveling in Belize and was bitten in the scalp by a mosquito. Botflies reproduce parasitically via mosquitoes, which carry the teeny larvae on their abdomens that then fall off onto whatever organisms the mosquitoes bite, and burrow their way into those organisms, sometimes through the mosquito bite holes. So what happened was, when she got these mosquito bites, two botfly larvae burrowed into the holes and started living in her head. What's the Grossest Thing We See? Since the couple have quit their jobs to travel, they don't have health insurance, and decide to try a home remedy they've read about online: Tara's husband Andy smears the bites with Vaseline. The larvae are then forced out of their home in Tara's head so they won't suffocate, whereupon Andy has to pull them out, verrrrrrrry carefully...

Ambergris Caye, Belize
When we were offered 2 weeks free accomodation on this beautiful island surrounded by Caribbean waters we could not resist. We had heard so much about Ambergris Caye and were super excited to be visiting. With only a small town and minimal food supplies there is not much to do, but soak in the sun in a state of permanent relaxation. Anything there is to do we tried to do, so enjoy!