We've had months of heavy rain in Belize, which has caused untold losses in agriculture, damage to streets and roads, and at least one life lost. But recent flooding in the Eastern Caribbean islands of St Lucia, St. Vincent and Dominica have cost the loss of at least a dozen lives, while more are injured and many more are displaced.

So far the damage has been greatest in St. Vincent where flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains have killed at least eight people and injured five.

According to international news reports, a cousin of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is among the eight confirmed to have been killed. Cassian Gonsalves died Tuesday night when a landslide crashed through his house. In northwestern St. Vincent, a family of five was killed when a house was swept into their home.

The NEMO Office in St. Vincent reports that nine houses had been destroyed and 15 others were damaged. Similarly, in St. Lucia, a man died there when a wall fell on him.

St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony said "I don't think I can recall when we have had such heavy rainfall on the eve of Christmas." On Dominica, news reports say dozens of homes and at least two hotels were evacuated because of the danger of landslides and several roads were blocked by mud.

The cluster of thunderstorms came at the height of the tourist season. Rains on St. Vincent lasted for more than 48 hours.

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