from a reader�..

I am writing this letter so that u can hear our voices. On the 25th of December 2013, we were told by the liquor board and police department that we can open after 6 p.m. When 6 p.m comes we opened our stores, suddenly the police comes to closed us down. They told us new LAW !!!!! On Christmas business should closed all day, apparently it only HAPPEN IN COROZAL town because we called our families and friends in Orang Walk and Belize city, they said everything is normal stores are opened. So why the system here are different from other district? This not finished yet, the company KUbili can sell their beers and do dance on Christmas while the whole town got to be closed down, so tell me what so special about them. Apparently they were the only business operating. We think someone receive money to make sure all business are closed on Christmas.the people of Corozal suffered for this Christmas and another thing we over heard people complaining that buying beers were like buying crack.