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Today's Belize News: January 3, 2014 #481592
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01/03/14 05:11 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Blackhenoh- Diamond in the Rough
Blackhenoh is a Jamaican born singer/ songwriter residing in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The artist has put out a total of six (6) albums since he began actively pursuing his career in reggae music in early 2006. While Jamaica is known as being the Mecca for reggae music, Blackhenoh states that he loves Belize, and would love to be recognized among the various local artists that are pioneering the upcoming reggae market in Belize. Music has been known to have the power to bring across messages and Blackhenoh states that his music promotes sustaining and promoting unity as one people. Blackhenoh’s latest album “Island Buay Emancipation,” features twelve (12) songs and his personal favorite “I know you don’t care,” is a tribute to the iconic Jamaican reggae artist Buju Bonton. You can check out Blackhenoh’s music at : . The album is also available for purchase at Friki Tiki Gift Store (San Pedro Town), or from him directly.

Einstein Bodden beats the odd of disabilities and obtains Medical Degree
It is with great pride, joy and tons of admiration that the University of the West Indies (UWI), Open Campus, Belize joins our sister campus, the UWI at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago in congratulating Dr. Einstein Bodden as he relishes in taking his oath as a Medical Doctor. All Belizeans at home and abroad should share in this great accomplishment for a person with diverse abilities who has not let the wheelchair, to which he has been confined for the better part of his life (from the tender age of two years old), restrict him from pursuing his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Dr. Einstein Bodden hails from Corozal Town and he commenced his medical studies with the UWI at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. He was home-schooled by his mother (now deceased), a home maker, until he was eight years old because she was determined that he would have an education. At his insistence to experience the formal school setting, his parents agreed for him to attend St. Paul’s Primary School in Corozal where his father, an auto mechanic, took him by car back and forth daily so that he could attend school. It was his siblings with whom he shares a special bond and in particular his younger brother, Elson, who were truly Einstein’s “keepers” and they ensured that he did not miss out on any physical activities at school.

San Pedro ushers in 2014 with a bang!
A large crowd also gathered at the San Pedro Lions Den for the annual Lions New Year Dance. A tradition for many local families, partiers shared well wishes and the first few hours of the New Year along with friends. Many danced until 8AM on January 1st with the music of Super Furia from Orange Walk Town. The Lions Club also conducted their annual New Year’s raffle and the winners are as follows: Refrigerator (Castillo’s Hardware Store) – SEAduced by Belize Round Trip Ticket to Belize (Tropic Air) – Ali Morgie Round trip ticket to Belize City (Caye Caulker Water Taxi) – Hector Salazar Round trip ticket to Belize City (San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi) – Linden Mora Round Trip Ticket to Belize (Tropic Air) – Estevan Morales $100 gift certificate (Wings) – Pam Morrill Round trip ticket to Caye Caulker (Caye Caulker Water Taxi) – Anika Gongora $100 Gift Certificate (Caprice Restaurant) – Luis Nuñez One night Stay for two (The Palms) – Mata Chica Round Trip Ticket to Belize (Maya Island Air) – Roman Kay $100 gift certificate (Wings) – Rudolph Dominguez Intro to Diving Package (Belize Diving Adventures) – Norma Graniel Lunch for two (Hurricane Restaurant) – Roman Kay Toaster Oven (Lion Peter) – Ernie Runway Bar and Grill $100 Gift Certificate (Blue Water Grill) – Nesher Acosta Panini Sandwich Maker ( Harmouch Hardware) – Emma Varella Tupperware (Nai Nels) – Alexis Guerrero $20 gift certificate (A & R) – Isaac Cabb $20 gift certificate (A & R) – Charles Worthington 20 Gift Certificate (A & R) – Shelly Del Valle *Winners can collect their gift on Friday at the Lions Den during bingo.

Ambergris Today

First Lady of Belize named Complexd Woman of 2013
On New Years Eve The First Lady of Belize Mrs. Kim Barrow was named joint Complexd Woman of the year alongside Pediatric Surgeon Dorothy Kufeji FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Paed). Two inspiring women capable of instigating major change coming together through Complexd Woman magazine to discuss Mrs. Barrow’s efforts to raise funds for The Belize Children’s Trust made it the most memorable moment in 2013. Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Mrs. Barrow were first featured in the Island issue of Complexd Woman magazine in 2011. Mrs. Barrow’s courage, determination to battle cancer and continue to raise awareness about the disease led to her gracing the cover of the Women of Strength issue in 2012. In June 2013 Mrs. Barrow visited the UK alongside her husband Prime Minister Dean Barrow to host The Belize Children’s Trust Charity Gala. The mission was to raise money to develop and construct a children's intensive care facility at the national referral hospital in Belize.

San Pedro Celebrates the New Year by the Thousands
Ambergris Caye, Belize was in full celebration mode during New Year’s Eve with residents, visiting friends and tourists flocking by the thousands to various venues that offered entertainment and party favors for even more reason to cheer in 2014. The San Pedro Town Council once again lined up entertaining performances at Central Park once again this year and an amazing fireworks display that got everybody in the celebratory mood. Central Park was teeming with thousands of people, but everywhere you turned there were people having their own great time. Other happening places in town during the New Year’s Eve celebrations were Lola’s Pub, Fido’s, Señor Marlins, Caprice/Holiday Hotel, Carlos and Ernie’s Runway Bar, Jaguar’s Temple Night Club, Daddy Rock and The San Pedro Lions Den.

Misc Belizean Sources

CLICK HERE for The Placencia Breeze, January 2014
A recap of Holiday Season events on the Peninsula and more!

2013 Rainfall Statistics, Green Hills, Cayo District
The past year was extremely wet as everyone would complain....or was it? My Green Hills data don't show anything out of the ordinary. Yes, wetter than average, but nothing dramatic. Temporal distribution of the rainfall rather than actual rainfall quantity was probably the reason for all our troubles.

Belikin Fest Glow Party
The New Year's Eve Belikin Fest at The New piccadilly Lounge and Bar in Benque was a wild time. New VYBZ Sounds and Deejay David welcomed the new year in style. Happy New Year!

Fruit Bun
This recipe is by special request from one my viewers who lives in Ireland. I used the 1 loaf recipe for Belizean Creole Buns and added fruits and powdered sugar glazed.

Channel 7

Woman Shot 7 Times By Relative; Survives
On New Year's Eve, we reported that there had been 99 murders for 2013 - that's bad enough and it almost went up to 100 before the New Year came in. That's because 19 year old Tajah Staine was shot up by a man she claims is her own cousin. She was shot 7 times at close range, yet somehow she survived. She's in critical condition tonight, but her mother told me about the terrifying shooting which she witnessed. Here's the story: Monica Bodden reporting Across the street from her home, that's where 19 year old Tajah Staine fell to the ground as the trigger man stood over her and then opened fire at least 6 more times. The young woman was shot a total of 7 times - to the chest area, left shoulder and left leg. It happened on Gladden Street off La Croix Boulevard on New Year's Eve night. Her mother Jermaine Thompson stood at her window the entire time looking on, unaware that it was her daughter. Jermaine Thompson - Mother of Shooting Victim "I had sent my daughter to buy soap powder to wash up the dishes while I was in the kitchen cooking. She went and came back because she had forgotten what she was supposed to buy because she was on the phone. She came back to ask me and then she went. A little bit after, I heard the bursting of dynamite because the kids were outside bursting dynamite. I didn't pay it any mind, but then it sounded so close, I peep through my window and saw a young man known to me as "bigga" shooting someone in my yard. I said oh my God, who do him something? Who did he have problems with not knowing that it was my daughter down there."

Man Shot 3 Times In Head By Son; Survives
And if that cousin on cousin shooting wasn't bad enough - in Corozal on New Year's Day, a son shot his own father. And didn't just shoot him once. He shot him three times! In the head! Tonight, the amazing part of the story is that 53 year old Hensley "Nick"Jones survived and is in stable condition. The father and son, 30 year old Hensleigh Ryan Jones live alone together in Ranchito Village just outside of Corozal Town, and at 10:30 on New Year's night police got a call that there had been a loud argument at the house followed by a shooting. When the police mobile arrived at the area, the father ran to the vehicle with blood running down his head. They rushed him to the Corozal Community Hospital where a total of 3 bullet holes were found in his head, (2) on the left side and (1) to the back of his head. Police say that the two were in the kitchen when the son shot him in his head for no apparent reason.

Brian Townsend Is Confirmed Dead
A half hour ago, 7News confirmed with Benque Viejo Police and with Kory Townsend that the body buried in Melchor, Guatemala is indeed the missing Canadian, Brian Townsend. On the family Facebook page they released a statement which say's quote, "With grieving hearts we inform you that the body found in Guatemala is Brian Townsend." End Quote. It is the worst news that Townsend's Belizean and Canadian families can receive, and now that the uncertainty is over, they begin their grieving process. 7News was in Benque Viejo and Valley of Peace, and Daniel Ortiz reports: Daniel Ortiz reporting Ever since word from Guatemala arrived that there is an unidentified body in that country that could be Brian Townsend, his family has switched gears from being hopeful, to a desire for closure. Kory Townsend - Son of Brian Townsend "Hope has been kind of all we've been have up to this point. Hope is not something that we have anymore. Closure is what we are pursuing at this point. It's been a wild couple of days; I've been emotional very much so in the last couple of days. My father would have wanted me to pursue this and finished it out, complete the task. I am doing that for not only myself but my entire family back home. The final confirmation is kind of what we are waiting for not only for closure for the entire family but to make this official and to make it - moving to the next level with death certificates and funeral homes. We need to have final confirmation, so that's what we are waiting for."

New Year, New Rates
New electricity rates went into effect yesterday. The final decision from the Public Utilities Commission confirms a decrease of a little over 8%, which works out to 4 cents per kilowatt hour less that you'll be paying on the average rate. Of course, what is known as the tariff basket has different rates for different classes of users, form the social rate, which is 24 cents to 45 cents for residential users in the middle range, while commercial and industrial users pay more and government pays the most at 51 cents for streetlights. The 8% decrease is about half of the 17% increase introduced exactly one year ago.

Audrey Says Land Forfeiture Was Invalid
On Monday, we showed you Audrey Matura Shepherd's passionate condemnation of former Natural Resources CEO turned UDP Aspirant Beverly Castillo. Matura- Shepherd alleged that before she resigned her post, Castillo used her high office to disenfranchise her client, Bernadette Pickwood. Matura Shepherd claims that Castillo cancelled Pickwood's lease for a parcel of land in Belama and then transferred that land to her own son and mother. On Tuesday Lands Commissioner Wilbert Vallejos disputed Matura's characterizations and the timeframe she put forward. And today, in a demonstration of how important the image of Beverly Castillo is to the Government, an official 2 page, eight point statement was sent out explaining the transaction, and, again, defending Castillo's integrity. It opens by calling Matura Shepherd's interview "misinformation" and then goes unto say that the lease issued in 1993, for 30 years was violated because land rental was never paid and the property was not developed in the timeframe required. A cancellation notice went out in October - which the Pickwoods say they never got - and it was forfeited on November first. 5 days later, on November 6th, Minister Gaspar Vega approved the new lease for Maud Williams and Marvin Castillo Jr.

BNTU President: Teachers Entitled To Raise
In his New Year's message, the Prime Minister confirmed that there will be a raise for Teachers and public officers - specifically, 50 cents out of every additional dollar of recurrent revenue - though there's no telling right now how much that will work out to be. The PM says it will be "substantial." And today the Teachers' Union President Luke Palacio issued a release saying that sounds just right to them. It says, "this salary adjustment; is one that we have already worked tirelessly for. It is also one which would close the economic gap; created by the contraction of our spending power, brought on as a consequence of inflation and the high cost of living. Our salary adjustment, once obtained, would benefit all." Developing on the theme of entitlement, it adds, "We must be respected and paid our fair share from our nation's coffers." The final figure for the increase likely will not be known until mid - 2014, but it would be paid retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal year in April 2014.

We Heal The People With Music
There are so many programs to increase the peace in the community. Activitist Perry "Stix" Smith has his Days of Healing, Restore Belize has their many programs, and so does the Police Department. And maybe in 2013, it's the crystallization of all those efforts which drove the number of murders in Belize City SO DRAMATICALLY. No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that every little bit counts. That's what musician Naphty is doing, adding in his share. He has started a very interesting program and over the Christmas Holidays, Daniel Ortiz visited with them to see it in action. Here's his report: Daniel Ortiz reporting It looks like a band of well-trained musicians at a band practice preparing for a show, but actually, these are ordinary citizens, who have an interest in learning the art of drumming. More importantly, majority of them are people who want a positive outlet of recreation. That need, plus the availability of patient musicians spawned a movement called "Drums Not Guns". It's intent to give young people an opportunity to express themselves through music, rather than violence.

Woman Accused Of Weird Home Invasion
33 year-old Jennifer Tillett, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, is out on bail tonight for breaking into another woman's house Farima Gordon, a resident of Faber's Road, told police that she was in her bedroom at around 2 o'clock this morning when she was awakened by sounds inside her house. She went looking around and she found Tillett in her dining room with a cloth wrapped around her head. She immediately called police who arrested and charged her with burglary. She was arraigned today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, where she pleaded not guilty the charge, saying quote, "I was in a paranoid state, and I went into the wrong house." End quote. Magistrate Cayetano granted her bail of $3,000, which she was able to meet; she must return to court on March 4, 2014.

Firsts’ Babies Are All Girls
Every new baby is special, but the first baby of the New Year, has a special symbolism. And that's because he or she was born at the right time, right when everyone is turning a new leaf. The first baby is also a mini media sensation - he or she gets as many cameras as the Prime Minister during a scandal, and the best part is he or she has no clue what the fuss is all about. This year, the first three babies are all girls! And the first, Alice was born at 6:20 am to 20 year old mother from Scotland Half Moon Jasmine Martinez. I visited her today:.. Monica Bodden reporting After 3 hours of labour pain, Jasmine Martinez gave birth to her beautiful 6 pound baby girl Alice Lodge. The infant was born at approximately 6am on New Year's Day. Jasmine Martinez, mother of first-born for 2014 "I am really happy because its New Year's and it's a gift and that is a blessing. I have to thank God for that and I am excited about it." Monica Bodden "Were you guys expecting baby Alice on New Year's Day or was that a surprise?"

Man Accused Of New Years’ Eve Robbery
22 year-old Keron Pinto, a resident of Benbow Street, is at prison tonight for allegedly robbing a man at gunpoint. According to Jayford Cacho, a photographer of Raccoon Street, just before midnight on New Year's Eve, he was on West Collet Canal, and when he rode past 3 men on his bicycle, one of them shouted for him. He said that Pinto, who he recognized, was one of the men who was there, and when he stopped to see what they wanted, Pinto begged him for a dollar. When he said that he had no money, Pinto allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it in his face. Pinto then handed the gun to one of the other men, searched his pocket and stole his iPod Touch. All three men then rode off on bicycle escaping with his device. Police arrested and charged Pinto and he was arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, who was forced to remand because the crime was allegedly committed with the use of a firearm.

Well Known Personalities Gets Queen’s Honours
The Queen's New Year's Honours list was announced yesterday and some well-known names in the media are making it into the esteemed ranks of the old empire. Receiving OBE honours are FCD's Rafael Manzanero, who is well known for his tireless work on protecting the Chiquibul. Also on the OBE list is DR. Adrian Coye, Belize's first cardio - thoracic surgeon and the medical chief of staff at the KHMH. And getting MBE honours this year is Rodney Neal, the chairman of the security services commission. The Date for the presentation of awards will be announced later.

Belizeans Keep KREM Classic Championship
And finishing up all the New Year's News - we take you to the finish line of the KREM New Year's Classic Cycling Race. Byron Pope crossed the line first, in an unexpected win, for the rider who looked shaky coming out of Ladyville. And he was tailing two Mexicans as they entered the city, but he saw at break as they entered the city at the flag monument roundabout and seized on it:... Byron Pope, winner - Benny's Megabytes "I was in the right position and when the two Mexicans entered the curve, they kind of took it too hard and they went a little bit out, so I hit the inside and when I did that I say this is the time now to move and I attacked on the climb to the bridge and I got the gap and I just manage to hold out." Carlos Lopez, Benny's Megabytes "What I have found is that the Belizean riders knowing that he is a top rider in excellent physical condition tend to want to ride behind him and to leave him to lead the race and do all the hard work, but he is willing to take on the challenge knowing that at the end they will be there to challenge him."

Channel 5

19 year old woman shot by cousin in murder attempt on New Year’s Eve
A seventeen-year- old of the Lake Independence Area of Belize City is tonight in police custody after being accused of carrying out a hit on his nineteen-year-old female cousin. Sometime [...]

Ranchito resident shot multiple times by his son on New Year’s Day
Fifty-three year old Hensley Jones, a Belizean businessman of Ranchito Village in Corozal, is tonight recovering from gunshot wounds inflicted by his son on New Year’s Day.  It is alleged [...]

Land dispute continues despite court order
Controversy surrounding the issuance of a piece of prime land in the Belama area persists, despite an injunction from the Supreme Court on Monday to halt construction on the property.  [...]

Body of missing Canadian identified
Eight days after being reported missing, the body of Canadian national Brian Townsend has been formally identified by Belizean authorities. Townsend is believed to have been attacked on his compound [...]

Careful investigation ongoing on rape case in the West
News Five has been following the investigation into a rape which occurred in the early hours of Boxing Day. A teenager alleges that she was held down by two persons [...]

Man remanded for robbery
A Belize City youth has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison for robbing a man at gunpoint. Twenty-two-year-old Keron Pinto appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano this morning, where he [...]

Woman suffers paranoia and trespasses into another’s home
A woman, who is accused of burglarizing the home of Farima Gordon, claims that it was a state of paranoia that caused her to enter the Faber’s Road home and [...]

P.U.P. looking at closely at details of rejected signatures
As we announced on New Year’s Eve, the petition to recall disgraced former Minister of State Elvin Penner has been rejected. That disappointing news is still being analyzed by the [...]

Byron Pope, winner of the annual New Year’s Day Cycling Classic
The annual cycling race on the first of January, to commence the New Year, was held on Wednesday, as thousands of spectators lined the highway from Corozal to Belize City [...]

3 bouncing baby girls born on New Year’s Day in Belize City
With a new year comes new life and this morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital there was a celebration of new births to the Jewel. The first three babies [...]

Kim Simplis Barrow is named Woman of the Year by U.K. Magazine
Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has been named Woman of the Year 2013 by Complexd Woman.  The UK publication chose Simplis-Barrow, [...]

Meet 3 outstanding Belizean men
A trio of outstanding Belizean men, in various areas of service to the country, has been appointed to the Order of the British Empire.  They are: Rafael Manzanero, Dr. Adrian [...]

Healthy Living looks at New Year’s resolutions
New Year’s resolutions are often promises made after a long year of striving to walk the straight and narrow.  For some, determination and consistency make the oath achievable, while others [...]


2014 Holidays
For 2014, Belizeans will see a whopping 13 Holidays scheduled for the Calendar Year, announced the Ministry of National Security today. And while one of them has passed, being January 1st, the next holiday is scheduled for Monday March 10th to observe National Heroes and benefactors Day (in lieu of Sunday, March 9th); Good Friday will be April 18th followed by Holy Saturday and Easter on April 19 and 21st, respectively. Labor Day will be observed on Thursday May 1st, while Commonwealth Day will be observed on Monday in lieu of Saturday May 24th. Wednesday September 10th will be observed as St George’s Caye Day whilst Monday September 22nd will be observed as Independence Day; this is in lieu of Sunday September 20th. Monday October 13th will be observed as Pan American Day, Wednesday November 19th is Garifuna Settlement Day and Thursday and Friday will be observed as Christmas and Boxing Day respectively. The Christmas break will be the longest standing holiday weekend in the 2014 Calendar Year.

Seventy Cyclist Ride Towards The Big Win
This year seventy cyclists hit the road in the annual Krem Radio New Year’s Day Cycling Classic. This marks the 24th running of the Cycling Classic. Male female and junior cyclists broke away from the starting point from northern Belize towards Belize City, among them some ten to fifteen foreigners who joined the race this year. Fitzgerald Joseph, committee member of the Cycling Association gave a summary of the winning slate. Fitzgerald Joseph- Cycling Association “One full 24th running of the Krem New Year’s Day Cycling Classic, beautiful race, we had over 70 participants including about 10 to 15 foreigners, the race slowed mostly together, they had a few breaks that won most of the, they had four one thousand dollar prices; the first one at San Roman and that was son by Joel Boland, Team Telemedia; the second one by Shell, Johnny Briceno donated that one in Orange Walk Town was son by S’ and Spend of Western Spirits; the third was by Maskal cutoff by Byron and the other one at Ladyville, Kubuli at mile 9.5 was also won by Byron who eventually ended winning the race so; Byron was first, second was his team mate Carlos Lopez, he is 2009 cycling Champion as well; third was Telemedia, Jovanny Lovell, fourth was Manuel, Mexican out of Yucatan, Carlos Lopez also a Mexican as well, and fifth place was Herman Hijo Requena of Team Smart.”

Where Is All The Rain Coming From?
There are many who believe that how you spend the first day of the New Year is how you will pass the rest of 2014. So does this mean that Belizeans will experience and increase in inclement weather throughout the year since it rained cats and dogs on New Year’s Day? Well we can’t answer that question but what we can tell you is that while we all know that the Belize rainy season extends from June to November, this year the country has experienced a prolonged rainy season. This is rather odd since we should be experiencing cold fronts instead of rain. So what is causing the sporadic rainy weather and when will we see an improvement? Those are the questions we posed to the on duty Forecaster, Michael Gentle at the National Met Service today. Here is what is he said is contributing to the unstable weather patterns. “The main factor is the current cold front moving down towards Yucatan Peninsula and stalled in just north of the country and this has been happening for part of November and into December. The cold front installed and we have a north easterly over us and we get a lot of rainfall recently so that is the main factor that has been producing the rains. We also have when the front stalled over the area and winds go back around to the east just about the surface begin warmer air over running the cool air of the surface and this aids the development and showers of rain and it is all linked to the stationary front moving down, the general idea is that the colder months for us January and February we expect that we should be getting stronger cold front that would cross the country and this would imply that we get cooler and drier air and less rain fall but from the projections we have right now the cold fronts would seem to do the same at the Yucatan Peninsula and stall and then we get about couple days of rain and then they move back out so it would later during the month of January to February and we get these intense frontal passage that usher in drier and cooler air.”

Meet Corozal's First Born Baby For 2014
Yesterday while many party revelers were celebrating the start of 2014, a couple from the Corozal District celebrated the New Year by welcoming with open arms a new addition to their family. Baby Zeidy Salas was born yesterday at 11:00am at the Corozal Community Hospital and with that became the town’s first New Year’s baby. Reporter Victor Castillo visited the happy couple today and filed the following report. Victor Castillo – Reporting Around 11:00am on January 1st, 2014, the first cries of a baby girl could have been heard in the hall way of the Corozal Community Hospital announcing the arrival of the first baby to be born on New Year’s Day. Today when we visited the hospital the smiles of 20 year old Elsie Salas and 20 year old Alfred Salas were priceless as both became parents for the first time. Elsie Salas- Mother “Es algo inesperable pero bien.” Victor Castillo – Reporter “Esperabas a tu nene que naciera el primero de enero?”

Not Giving Money To Purchase Alcohol Gains Man A Stab Wound
A resident of San Andres Village is listed in critical condition tonight after he sustained a stab wound to the abdomen on Tuesday December 31st around 2:30 in the afternoon. Fifty two year old Pedro Valerio Tun and another individual only identified as a male person of dark complexion were socializing near a meat pie shop on 5th Avenue and 2nd street North of Corozal Town when the male person asked Tun for money to purchase more alcohol. Apparently Tun refused and as a consequence, the unidentified person stabbed him on the lower abdomen. Tun was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment and police investigations continue.

More Than A Month Has Passed And Still No Crop
The negotiations between the Belize Sugar Industries Limited and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association on revenue sharing for bagasse are still looming. Several meetings and press releases later, today there is the possibility that some progress is in the horizon. As we told you on Tuesday night’s newscast, late Tuesday evening BSI issued a letter to the BSCFA in response to the Association's letter issued on December 24th, 2013. That letter was a response from farmers on BSI's letter in which it had listed six points in their intention to consider a payment for bagasse and to finalize a new cane purchase agreement. Farmers basically rejected three of the points and modified the remaining which was forwarded to BSSI/ASR and the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow. This morning, BSCFA officials met to discuss BSI's letter. Vice Chair of the Committee of Management Alfredo Ortega says that BSI stated it will begin negotiations for payment on Baggasse but the Association needs a clearer answer on the matter.

Man Hospitalized After He Is Shot Three Times By His Son
Tonight, a well known businessman of Corozal Town is lucky to be alive after he was shot, not one, but three times on the head. It’s a rather unique case because the alleged shooter is said to be the victim’s son. But what led to the violence in the Jones’ home? That is a question that still remains unanswered as the victim, 53 year old Hensley Jones, a resident of Ranchito Village in the Corozal District, has been unable to provide a statement to police as he is currently hospitalized at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital under stable condition. Our Corozal based Reporter, Victor Castillo, has been following the story and filed the following report. Victor Castillo – Reporting The peaceful community of Ranchito Village in the Corozal District was shattered around 10:00pm last night as a gun shot rang out, breaking the silence of the night and leaving residents concerned. Corozal police were immediately called to the residence of 53 year old Hensley Jones also known as Nick Jones, who is the proprietor of Nick’s Waste Management. As police arrived in the area Jones approached the police mobile. This is when police noticed that he was bleeding from the head and was immediately rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital via ambulance. While Jones was receiving medical attention doctors discovered not one but three bullet holes on his head; two shots on the left side and one to the back. And while authorities are investigating a motive, Jones remains hospitalized at the KHMH in a critical condition.

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More News: Scroll up from here


Electricity Rates Decreases
While consumers’ light bills went down on New Year’s Day, there are a few amendments that the Public Utilities Commission made to keep things balanced between consumer and supplier. Last week Love News reported that the reduction will be roughly eight percent, there will be some minor changes. Engineer in the Electricity Sector of the Public Utilities Commission, Derrick Davis, says that there were only a few categories where people will pay a penny more per kilowatt hour, and today, January second, the Commission released its final decision on energy tariffs. DERRICK DAVIS “The initial decision, as you remember was done late last year but now the Commission has released that schedule which is final. With this final schedule, the same concept applies; the Commission had decided on a four cent reduction in tariffs, approximately 8% reduction and that same concept applies. However the problem with tariffs is that it is not an exact science to forecast how much energy will be sold in the new year and therefore what the average rate would be depending on the individual rates which we use. So, basically BEL had some concerns saying that, ‘you are giving the 4 cents and the 8% but we do not believe that if you use those initial values that we will achieve the average rate’. So, the Commission listened to what they said and asked us to use the latest forecast from BEL and come up with new figures, if necessary. So, we came up with a few new figures in the residential tariff category, the first bracket was, in the initial decision it was 35 cents now it’s 36 cents; in the commercial one bracket it’s the same thing from 35 to 36 for the first bracket only per kilowatt and for the commercial two bracket, the last bracket which is over 20,000 kilowatt hours it was moved from 44 to 43 cents. Now with those changes it is anticipated that the average tariff will be achieved.”

Police News: Shooting, Stabbing and Burglary
An hour before New Years Day, Tajah Staine was shot multiple times, including on the chest, left shoulder and left leg. Preliminary police report says that Staine was in the area of Gladden Street just off La Croix Boulevard when she was shot by an unknown assailant. Staine was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Police say that are seeking one suspect as investigations continue. Corozal Police are also investigating a stabbing incident. It happened on December 31st, at about 2:30pm on 5th Avenue on Corozal Town. Police say that upon visiting the area, they observed fifty two year old Pedro Valerio Tun, bleeding profusely suffering from a stab wood inflicted on him on the left lower abdominal area. Police say that on that afternoon, Tun, who is originally from San Andres Village, was socializing along with another man behind a bar at the corner of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street North where the person asked him for money to buy more rum. Tun refused and not liking Tun’s response, the man stabbed him once on the left lower abdomen. Tun was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital in a critical condition. Police are looking for a suspect.

1,789 Belize City Births for 2013
The first three babies born at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for the year 2014 are all girls. Twenty year old Jasmine Martinez from Scotland Half Moon Village in the Belize District, delivered the first girl at 6:20 a.m. weighing in at six pounds-seven ounces. Martinez was followed shortly after by sixteen year old Christina Montejo, of Belize City, who brought her six pounds pink bundle into to the world at 10:00 a.m. Finally, twenty two year old Judith Middleton, of Belize City, gave birth at 9:39 p.m. to her seven pounds-ten ounces daughter. Chief Executive Officer at the KHMH says that the birth of these babies reflects the positivity of life… and hope for the New Year. The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital saw a total of 1,789 births for the past year 2013. From January to November, 813 of those were via C-Section and 798 as normal deliveries. The number of births for December alone was 178.

British Empire Appoints New Honorees
The Office of the Governor General has announced that Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to make the following appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The Order of the British Empire will be bestowed to Rafael Manzanero, for his contribution to Environmental Protection and Dr. Adrian Coye for his contribution to medicine in Belize. Also, Rodney Harold Neal has been recognized to be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Division of the Said Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his contribution to Public Service. The Date for the presentation of awards will be announced on a later day.

Official Public and Bank Holidays Published for 2014
Twenty two dates have been set to be holidays for 2014. The first holiday for 2014 was New Year’s Day which was observed on a Wednesday. Following that, Heroes and Benefactors day will be observed on Monday, March 10, this will be in lieu of the date, March 9. The Easter will fall on a long weekend, from Friday April 8 to 21 which will fall on the following Monday. Saint George’s Caye Day will fall on September 10, a Wednesday while Independence Day will fall on a Sunday with a holiday on Monday, September 22. At the end of the year, Christmas Day will fall on a Thursday following by Boxing Day on the Friday. All in all, the year will consist of five long weekends.

Son Allegedly Shoots Father on New Year’s Day
Corozal police are investigating the shooting of a man on New Year’s night in which his son is alleged to have been the shooter. The incident happened in Ranchito Villageat about 10:30 on Wednesday night at the residence of 53 Hensley Jones, also known as Nick Jones. When police arrived they discovered Jones with three bullet holes in the head and blood running down his face. Police later discovered that Jones was at home when his son approached him and shot him in the head for no apparent reason. The son then made good his escape in a brown Isuzu rodeo SUV towards Corozal Town. Police say that no expended shells were recovered at the scene. Jones’ son was later arrested and is in police custody. Police have recovered a .38 revolver special Smith and Wesson brand pistol with five live .38 rounds. Nick Jones now lies in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H.

Woman Awakes to Find Another Woman in Her Dining Room
33-year-old, Jennifer Tillett, an unemployed of Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City was charged with burglary when she appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Tillett wanted to plead guilty to the charge but Magistrate Cayetano entered a plea of not guilty when she said that she was paranoid and she went into the wrong house. She was offered a bail of three thousand dollars and her case was adjourned until March 4. The incident occurred around 2:10 a.m. today. The complainant, 22 year old Farima Gordon, reported to the police that she was at her home on Faber’s Road asleep when she was awakened by a noise at her front door. She said when she got up and checked she saw a woman standing by her dinner table. She said she called the police and Tillett was arrested and charged.

Kim Simplis-Barrow is Complexd Woman of the Year
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, has been named the Complexd-Woman of the year. Barrow shares the title with Pediatric Surgeon Dorothy Kufeji. These two women are described as inspiring and capable of instigating major change who came together to carry out Barrow’s initiative to hold the Belize Children Trust Gala as a form of a fundraiser to develop and construct a children’s intensive care facility in Belize. Complexd-Woman is an online magazine operating from the United Kingdom. Editor and Chief of the Magazine, Kered Clement, appeared in a Grenadian TV show-Chit Chat, where she spoke about the Complexd-Magazine. KERED CLEMENT “So there was that yearning to see diversity in publications and just also represent the women of today who travels much more, who is much more curious about other cultures and countries. I mean, the solo-female traveler amazes me; just that people pack their bags travel somewhere and just go to learn and infiltrate themselves into a community and that’s the type of woman I feature, that’s the Complexd Woman. There is a lot to learn from that type of woman because a lot of the things she sees and experiences, the stories are amazing. There is so much that you can learn from these women which is why it’s not focused on celebrity; it’s not that I wouldn’t feature a celebrity on the cover but they have to be exceptional but it’s the fact that moving away from celebrity culture, there are women who go through things in life that other women may not have gone through yet or may eventually go through and there’s something to learn from them because of their honesty and she is very vocal about it as well, about the things she has learned. So interviewing her was amazing and hearing her story; speaking to her and interviewing her even after what she has gone through and how she changed, that’s the kind of story that I feature in Complexd Women.”

Firearm In the Face For A Dollar
Twenty-two year old Keron Pinto, a resident of Benbow Street, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison today when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano and was charged with robbery. Pinto pled not guilty to the charge. He was denied bail and was remanded into custody because the offence was committed with a firearm. His next court date is March 10. The incident occurred around 11:55 p.m. on December 31, 2013. The complainant, 20 year old Jason Cacho, reported to the police that he was riding his bicycle on West Collet Canal Street, heading towards Cemetery Road, when he encountered three men standing in front of an apartment building. He said one of the men, Pinto, whom he has known for 6 years, stopped him and asked him for one dollar. Cacho said he told Pinto he has no money but Pinto insisted on getting something and Pinto pulled a firearm from the waist of his pants and pointed it in his face. He said Pinto then handed the pistol to one of the men and one of them punched him repeatedly in his face. Cacho told police that the men then stole his touch screen Apple I- pod, valued at two thousand five hundred dollars. On January 1, police detained Pinto and reported that they recovered the I-pod from Pinto’s residence.


God’s Good Plan for You
Our verse for this week is taken from….. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” -And that’s the news. From all of us here at

Missionary Brian Townsend’s Body Found in Guatemala
When we ended our newscast on Tuesday evening, local authorities were headed to the far west of the country, where a body was found floating in the Mopan River, close to the Melchor area of the watercourse. By that time though, the decomposed remains, which were found by Guatemalan

Kim Simplis Barrow Featured as Woman of Strength In ComplexdWoman Magazine
On New Years Eve the First Lady of Belize Mrs. Kim Barrow was named joint ComplexdWoman of the year alongside Pediatric Surgeon Dorothy Kufeji FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Paed). Two inspiring women capable of instigating major change coming together through ComplexdWoman magazine to discuss Mrs. Barrow’s efforts to raise funds

First Babies of the Year 2014 Receive Tradition Packages
It’s a new year, and as is tradition at the nation’s largest public hospital, there is a celebration of new life. The first baby born on New Year’s Day at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City today received a gift package from Santiago Castillo Group of Companies.

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Celebrates Hundreds of New Lives
While gathered at the hospital’s pediatric ward to celebrate new life, thoughts inevitably turned to the thirteen babies who died in a three-week period in May at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The culprit was an outbreak of the bacteria enterobacter cloacae, which is officially blamed for eight

Is the BNTU at the Crossroads of Salary Adjustments?
The Belize National Teacher’s Union this morning released its President’s address, where it highlighted the asked for salary adjustment for teachers and public officers, affirming “Teechaz gat yuh bak!” It is a part of a Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated by the BNTU alongside the Public Service Union and the

Where did New Year’s Eve Turned Bloody
A New Year’s eve turned bloody after a man was refused money to buy more rum. According to police investigations, on Tuesday December 31st, 52 year old Pedro Valerio Tun, of San Andres Village, Corozal District, was socializing with a dark skin man behind Chueko’s Bar, located on the

Corozal Man Shot Three Times Fighting for his Life
A Corozal man is tonight fighting for his life, after he was shot three times to the head, while Police are questioning the alleged shooter, his son. The incident occurred on New Year’s Day, at about 10:30 at night. Investigation has revealed that 53 year old businessman, Hensley Jones

Grief Hits Family of Another Shooting Victim
The grief and anger of relatives of shooting victims, some of whom are murdered, is a regular feature of this newscast. Most times the incident is done outside of the public eye. But in this case, the shooter knew his target, and executed with ugly precision. 19 year old...


The beauty of Roaring Creek and Sir Colville Young’s story
It has been raining off and on and I decided the weather was perfect day for sorting and posting more Roaring Creek pictures as promised in From Camping to Couture, the YWAM Roaring Creek Belize Experience. As I went through my stock, I got thinking about when Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young took the podium. He greeted us with kinds words and a warm friendly smile. Then he proceeded to tell an old Buddhist parable about long silver chopsticks, and Heaven and Hell that went something like this…. An old man wanted know what Heaven and Hell were like so he went to see the wise man in his village and asked to be shown. The wise man took him to a large banquet hall, inside was filled with large tables piled high with delicious food. Around the tables sat miserable, starving people, each one with a pair of extremely long silver chopsticks. The two watches on as The hungry people tried to feed themselves, but due to the length of the chopsticks, they could not reach their mouths and all the food kept falling to the floor causing their miserable moods. The old man now knew understood What hell was like. The wise man led him towards Heaven and again the old man found himself in a large banquet hall with tables piled high with the same delicious food he had seen in Hell. Around the big tables sat people with the same long silver chopsticks but instead of being hungry miserable, they were happy and laughing. The man immediately understood the clear difference between Heaven and Hell. The people in heaven were giving each other helping hand, with their too long chopsticks. By feeding the person across the table from them, everyone was well fed and enjoyed their meal in harmony. The moral of the story is a simple one, and a good message to consider for the start of a new year. Heaven and Hell can be seen here and now and are direct the results of our interactions with the world and specifically, with those around us. A person can find ‘Hell’ anywhere there is unrest such as selfishness, hunger, crimes, war. Where there is a spirit of generosity, happiness and peace, that can be called Heaven.

Don’t Miss the Lamanai Mayan Site: Orange Walk’s #1 Attraction
A few weeks ago, I visited the town of Orange Walk in Northern Belize for 3 nights. I ate the tacos, attempted a visit to the local rum factory, got a good feel for the town but there is one main reason that tourists overnight in the OW (although I think it has lots more to offer)…Lamanai. One of the most spectacular ruins in Belize and as I described in a post earlier in the year, a beautiful river tour, a visit with monkeys and lots more. The trip from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is a longer day and a more expensive trip. You take a 6:30am boat to the mainland, then a bus to the New River and then you get on your river tour. You can read about that in the post above (or below), here is how you do it if you spend the night in Orange Walk. My tour van arrived at the Hotel De La Fuente in down town Orange Walk at 9am. The tours to Lamanai go out every day and cost about $50US. Just a few minutes outside of town, we pulled up to the McAfee residence. Yes THAT McAfee. John McAfee, the creator of the computer anti-virus company, who fled Belize (in a way that made him look totally CUCKOO) when wanted for questioning in last year’s murder of his neighbor. He owned a property on North Ambergris Caye and a supposed jungle compound in Orange Walk. One he allegedly used as a bath salt drug lab and harem for under aged Belizean women.

Who else supports GMO regulations for Belize?
As the debate for and against the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Belize continues, the Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Natural History Centre hailed some outcomes of a December 2013 conference on Agro-biotechnology and Bio-safety in the Belizean capitol of Belmopan as an important step in safeguarding the country’s green reputation and natural resources. One outcome of the meeting was consensus by both those in favour and against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Belize that regulatory mechanisms must first firmly be in place before they are introduced, according to Belize’s The Guardian newspaper Brion Young, manager of the Natural History Centre, said that this was an important step, and that Belize’s reputation as a pristine environment, as well as the environment itself, could become compromised by the introduction of GMOs, especially in corn production, which some Belizean farmers are proposing.

Belize Government’s Further Development Plans create new market facilities
It’s been revealed that phase two of the Belize Rural Development Project has started, as the EU continues to work with those living in Belize to better conditions of everyday life. Two market groundbreaking ceremonies have been held as construction workers prepare to build the new facilities that will offer services and centers of commerce for those living in rural areas. This will help people expand their businesses, whilst also developing new rural jobs. Both of the ceremonies were attended by the Minister of Works & Transport, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the Minister of State and officials working for the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Works. In addition, area representatives for both sites, as well as town and village councilors, were in attendance. The first ceremony took place in Independence on December 16th. Here, the new market plan consists of two buildings, each being around 1,332sq foot in size. Four permanent stalls will be placed in each, allowing up to eight vendors to rent new places for their work to be sold. A parking lot will also be created which, in addition to easing traffic, can also be used for additional event space. On December 17th, the second groundbreaking ceremony took place in Benque Viejo del Carmen. Here, six permanent stalls will be built for long-term rent. In addition, four stalls with roofs, but with open sides, will be developed for daily or short-term rentals. The short-term stalls can be additionally divided into four spaces for maximum space on event and market days. If all goes according to plan, then both markets will be ready for operation in September 2014.

Belize: A Travel Photo Essay by DAVID WEBB
Belize is fast becoming one of adventure travel’s premier destinations — and after a week spent there, I can see why. Some of the world’s finest sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding combines with a snorkel mecca in a sunny, sandy, culturally rich paradise on the sea. In This Belize Photo Essay You Will Discover: Unique Kayaking Experiences Underwater Scenes Paradise Beach Huts And More! In December, I spent a week kayaking along Belize’s southern barrier reef with Island Expeditions. We explored the Southwater Cayes Marine Reserve, a near 50,000-hectare preserve replete with coral, fish, invertebrates, sandy beaches, mangroves and conch shells. And stingrays. Lots of stingrays. I was squirted with ink by a surly squid, got up-close with an octopus, snorkelled in a mangrove stand, sailed a kayak, paddled to a Smithsonian Marine Institute, paddleboarded offshore a desert island and ate lots of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. Wanna see for yourself? Check out my Belize Travel Photo essay; a week in the Paradise Islands:

International Sources

Body in Guatemala identified as missing Edmonton missionary
Belize police are treating the death of an Edmonton missionary as a homicide after his body was positively identified in the Central American country of Guatemala. Brian Townsend, 64, had been missing since Christmas Day, when a cook arrived at his Belize apartment in the Valley of Peace and found evidence of a struggle inside and outside the suite. Reports from Channel 5 Belize say a body was found floating in the Mopan River by Guatemalan authorities two days after Townsend was reported missing. The decomposed body was not identified and was immediately buried. Authorities from Belize and Guatemala then began to work together to identify the body. Now that the body has been identified, police in the Benque Viejo area of Belize confirmed the case has been upgraded from a missing person file to a homicide. The confirmation of Townsend’s death was announced on his family’s Facebook page Thursday afternoon. “With grieving hearts we inform you that the body found in Guatemala is Brian Townsend,” wrote Ian Lund, an in-law of the Townsend family. “We want you to know how much it meant to us, the support and prayers we received from all of you. We have celebrated what Brian has been able to do in Belize and the difference he has made in the community of the Valley of Peace.”

Bugging Out to Belize: A Paradise for Preppers
Belize, better known as “Mother Nature’s Hidden Secret”, is fast becoming the ideal “bug out” location because of the many advantages that most survivalist and preppers deem as critical should a terrible disaster befall humanity. Belize is a small country on the Yucatan peninsula just south of Mexico. It’s known for its lush tropical jungle, friendly people, and scenic islands known as Cayes (pronounced “Key’s). Formerly known as British Honduras, this tiny little country of about 350,000 people is not well known to many. Over the past years, many Americans have relocated to this tropical paradise for retirement. However, in recent months, Craig McMahan of BZE Tours, a company that specializes in retirement and relocation tours in Belize, has been seeing a lot of interest from preppers.

Gay-rights community fights to advance cause in Latin America and Caribbean
Two years ago, a gay couple and their friend vacationing in St. Lucia were tied up, beaten, threatened with knives and guns, and told that they would be killed if they tried to escape. The men later freed themselves, climbed out a window and hiked down the mountain to a friend’s house. That incident was the worst case of anti-gay violence on record on the small Caribbean island, according to Kenita Placide, co-executive director of St. Lucia‘s United and Strong, which works on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Placide said she has received several threats “just because I am an advocate for LGBT rights.” Two men held her up on the steps of a local department store and threatened to kill her if she did not stop advocating for gay rights on television, she said. In the Caribbean, “the media have played a major role” in the international visibility of the struggle for gay rights in Jamaica, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. But Placide said the scrutiny in those countries has overshadowed the worsening human-rights conditions in other Caribbean nations.

A Case for Compensation for Climate Change Destruction
Can the countries of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) take international legal action against the States that are warming the planet with devastating consequences not only for their survival, but in some cases even their existence? This question comes into sharp focus in the wake of the damaging effects of flooding and landslides in St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica as 2013 came to an end. The Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, described the flooding and landslides as “unprecedented”. He gave a preliminary estimate of damage in his country alone to be in excess of US$60 million. People who live in the Caribbean know from their own experience that climate change is real. They know it from days and nights that are hotter than in the past; from more frequent and more intense hurricanes or freak years like the last one when there were none; from long periods of dry weather followed by unseasonable heavy rainfall and flooding; and from the recognisable erosion of coastal areas and reefs. Sceptics continue to deny that these phenomena are in any way related to climate change. But, increasingly, scientific evidence points to human-induced effects of climate change – something that the science-sceptics have not been able to disprove.

10. The Exquisite Corpse Project. From its premise, Ben Popik’s The Exquisite Corpse Project should never have worked out to be anything more than a simple writing exercise and unmitigated narrative disaster. With only a few short months until Popik planned to move to Belize he decided to make real on a dream that he always had, directing and producing a feature-length film. He decided to roundup all of his comedy writer friends, who had been growing apart over the years, for a special project. Each of them was challenged to write fifteen pages of a screenplay, after having read only the previous five pages of the script that the previous writer had provided. What we, the audience, are treated to is not just the finished project, which is just as crazy as you might expect it would be, but is ultimately a hilarious portrayal of all the drama and fun that can go into any creative project. Each segment of the film tells us more about the author, their individual interests, and how they interact as a group. Meanwhile, the documentary aspect of the film, featuring the different writers discussing their work, adapts to fit each writer’s personality and hilariously updates the film like a director’s commentary. The film is a triumph of the vision and editing that Popik and his team had for the project and ended up being, for me, one of the best films about filmmaking, creativity, and friendship that I have ever seen.

A colourful political year but tough one for Caribbean
In Belize, Prime Minister Dean Barrow sacked his junior minister of immigration, Elvin Penner based on the fact that he "did not discharge his responsibilities with either the due judgment and balance, or the scrupulous regard for appearances, which the Prime Minister demands for all his Ministers".

Desde su origen como especie, el ser humano ha experimentado fascinación por toda clase de belleza, de tal forma que hasta la persona más insensible gusta de rodearse de objetos hermosos. Esto ha propiciado que muchas de las especies y de los espacios con los que compartimos nuestro planeta, se vean amenazados por nuestra existencia, por nuestra codicia y, en algunos casos, incluso por nuestro buen gusto. La blancura del marfil, la delicadeza del coral, el salvaje atractivo de una piel de jaguar, el encanto de un cachorro de primate, el colorido de los peces tropicales, la magnificencia de una mesa de caoba o el esplendor de las plumas de un quetzal son algunos de los atributos que han condenado a sus portadores a una persecución sin tregua, que en muchos casos ha diezmado sus poblaciones hasta comprometerlas peligrosamente. Esto es lo que le sucede a los últimos guacamayos escarlatas (Ara macao) de Guatemala y Belize, donde acompañamos a un equipo de vigilancia al Parque Nacional Chiquibul. Allí, la presencia continua de personal del proyecto y las patrullas realizadas en algunas de las zonas con alta densidad de nidos durante los últimos dos años, han conseguido que el porcentaje de pollos que logran volar sin ser capturados por los traficantes aumente considerablemente.

Civilian Photography, Now Rising to New Level
Review: The Phantom 2 Vision Photo Drone From DJI. Five years ago, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision would have seemed like a science fiction film prop or a piece of surveillance hardware flown only by the sexiest of superspies. But it is the first camera-carrying drone you may want to own — and you could do that without spending thousands of dollars. This drone is an intelligent, remote-controlled air vehicle that can fly far out of direct line of sight of its operator. It can record great video and photo stills from a thousand feet in the air over whatever “target” you can imagine. If it loses the connection to its remote control, it can even use GPS to fly automatically back to its launching point and land by itself. It is just like what you see on the news, only smaller, with about 20 to 25 minutes of flying time and less aggressive missions.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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