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Celebrate our birds of Belize on National Bird Day!
Today January 5th is National Bird Day, which gives us pause to praise our avian friends. In Belize we are blessed with more than 590 species of resident and migratory birds, and although we are hardly birding experts we never hesitate to stop and admire these winged wonders while on our travels throughout the county, or even in our own backyard! Photographing them is a whole new challenge but every once in a while we do manage to capture one poising for the camera. Here is a fraction of the photos we have collected over the years, and while enjoying them please keep in mind the amazing and very important facts listed below. Why National Bird Day? The beauty, songs, and flight of birds have long been sources of human inspiration. Today, nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century, including nearly one-third of the world’s 330 parrot species. Birds are sentinel species whose plight serves as barometer of ecosystem health and alert system for detecting global environmental ills. Many of the world’s parrots and songbirds are threatened with extinction due to pressures from the illegal pet trade, disease, and habitat loss.

Belize’s top tourism destinations capture international awards in 2013
« Older: A puma in our midst Newer: » GIRLS RULE IN 2014! Belize’s top tourism destinations capture international awards in 2013 Saturday, January 4th, 2014 Belize’s top tourism destinations captured impressive awards in 2013. Top accolades included Ambergris Caye being named the number one island in the world by TripAdvisor. The international traveler advisor organization also recognized other destinations in Belize in separate awards. In addition, Belize’s leading marketing organization, The Belize Tourism Board also received recognition from Earlier in the year, Ambergris Caye, the most populated island in Belize, was named the #1 Island from a list of ten top islands worldwide as part of the Traveler’s Choice 2013 awards. Other islands that received recognition as part of top 10 island in the world were St John US Virgin Island, Bora Bora Society Islands, Islas Mujeres Mexico and Santorini Cyclades amongst five others. Ambergris Caye was also recognized by TripAdvisor as one of the ten Destinations on the Rise in the world.

The first three babies born at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for the year 2014 are all girls! Jasmine Martinez, 20 years old from Scotland Half Moon Village in the Belize District, delivered the first girl at 6:20 a.m. weighing in at 6 lbs 7 oz. She was followed shortly after by Christina Montejo, 16 years old from Belize City, who brought her 6 lb pink bundle into to the world at 10:00 a.m. Finally, Judith Middleton, 22 years old from Belize City, gave birth at 9:39 p.m. to her 7lb 10oz daughter.

San Pedro Red Cross reports on activities
The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) is very fortunate to have strong local business support in their efforts to make a difference on Ambergris Caye. Crazy Canucks has been doing a wonderful job with ongoing fundraising for the San Pedro Red Cross. They have designated the last Friday of their weekly trivia as Red Cross night. Think and Drink Trivia has raised $500 since June, with $175 of the total pouring in from last Friday’s Trivia. Without a doubt, it is one of the busiest and most popular trivia nights on the island. The owner Rob has a phenomenal sense of humor which guarantees everyone has a great time while raising money for a good cause. On the same day of the first aid training for our local High School teachers, Coco Loco held a first aid supplies drive. Not only did they help collect some much needed and useful supplies to complete a first aid kit for the San Pedro High School, but the event also raised $387. Michael and Rob from Bamboo Chicken and Legends Burger House came out to support the event with some great live music.

Doctor Love: Something’s Missing
Readers, please send your letters. They can be formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, A year and a half ago I ran into a guy I used to know and we made a date to meet for lunch. […]

Wolfe’s Woofer: Dream Job
“Check this out,” I said to Charlie. “Here is an ad in the paper. They are looking for an older man to act as an assistant for Miss Pan America beauty pageant contestants.” “What? Let me see that.” “Why? You don’t need a job.” “Maybe not, but this one sounds interesting,” he said. “Besides, retirement […]

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize Tops Caribbean for Decline in Murders
“While one murder is way too many, Belize’s drop in crime, and especially in murders, is excellent news and bodes well for the future,” Mr Bradley said, “We have to commend both the police and the public for a great result in 2013,” he added. Mr Bradley also said that it was important to note that violent crime in the region rarely impacts tourists. “Unfortunately, it occurs among the disadvantaged in society and in the drug trade,” he said. While 7 News cautioned that their figures were preliminary and not yet finalised, the statistics put Belize well ahead of the region with a decreased, rather than increased murder rate last year. The figures coincide with those released by Belize’s Amandala newspaper late last year, which described a dramatic reduction in crime overall. The Belize 7 News report states that Trinidad and Tobago had 405 murders in 2013, 6% more than the previous year, putting their murder rate at 30 per hundred thousand.

Belize's Timbuktu
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez Belizeans in the Diaspora I feel like a pregnant mother Having complications to deliver I beckon you to contribute towards the restoration of Belize’s Timbuktu The legacy Garvey and Haynes left for you It’s gone full circle and his philosophy has proven to be true Many of you who were the 40s, 50s and 60s babies Can remember when Liberty Hall on Barack road was the epicenter Most of our elders were Garveyites Elders can remember their space on the floor When Liberty Hall opened its doors Liberty Hall was a boxing gym, a place where carpentry was taught in-depth Decade before what we call ITVET We talk about apprenticeship program Well Liberty Hall was the number one It was the practice place for the original messengers It was the birthplace of all major political parties in the homeland It was the birthplace of the Labour movement That set the stage for Belize’s hijacked Jesuit political movement PUP, NIP, UBAD, Black Carcasses and L & POB It was the place to be and became a hallmark of the country

Education, Entrepreneurship, & Community Service
Putting the focus on the needs of the country's youth. An Opinion piece from Toledo. We all know that in an ever changing world, BELIZE needs to adapt quickly, or the country and its people will lose its grasp. Our Government understands this for sure. But they need to reinforce dynamics into its young people. These younger generations today, are fast adapting to technology, internet and cable TV, for instance. However, they need to learn to apply it usefully, and properly to accommodate Education, Entrepreneurship, & Community Service. These high points are areas which must be “worked into” the mentality of the young people in BELIZE to ensure that the future is not only promising, but feasible to growth, and development of the economy. Let’s take a firm look at EDUCATION. Without a proper education, you can’t be properly employed. Getting an education that encompasses both academics and technical “hands on” experience is a necessity. That is solid education. Majority of young Belizeans today are accustomed to going to school because they “have to” – because their parents send them. That MUST change. Parents are sending their children to school to LEARN, and make the best of themselves. They invest considerable time, and money to ensure that their children could get the best of what they could afford, even if it’s just a little. Young Belizeans need to change their “lag and learn” mentality to “learn, improvise, and act”. We must take advantage of ALL the opportunities that come forth at school. We must LEARN, LEARN, and LEARN some more. When we try to learn new things, its helps to broaden our scope of knowledge, and aid us to make better, healthier decisions. Education can help us not to move mountains, but to learn to travel the rainforests in BELIZE, and face any challenge of the wild with vibrancy, [literally speaking]. Young people, at first, need to take FULL ADVANTAGE of their educational opportunities because this is your foundation for the future. This is your foundation that would help to build BELIZE in the years to come. Don’t say you will do it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Get up; Stand up, take advantage now.


Cane Farmers Ask P.M To Sign MOU
Yesterday we told you about a possibility of progress in the horizon for the cane farmers and the Belize Sugar Industries impasse. Well, tonight in trying to tie up all loose ends, Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is requesting from the Prime Minister to act as mediator so that all parties involved draft up a memorandum of agreement indicating BSI’s commitment regarding payment of the bagasse and negotiation of quantum of payment. Vice Chair, Alfredo Ortega told us today that in view of the mistrust by cane farmers in BSI, the MOU would confirm payment and eliminate any parties back tracking on their word. Alfredo Ortega– Vice Chair, BSCFA "The lawyer is working on it. We sent it yesterday to the Prime Minister indicating to him that we would want to have a meeting with him where we can sign an MOU between BSCFA, BSI and the Government of Belize and the lawyer is working on that presently. We are looking forward in something that transpired in 2010 when BSI was in financial problems when we were called to sign an MOU together, so that they can get the 10 million dollars from the Government. We are seeking something favorable in that same regard."

Getting To Know More About Leukemia
When you hear that someone has cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge tumor in some part of the body. But there are different types of cancer including Leukemia which has nothing to do with a tumor. Tonight we will educate you on what and how Leukemia, or in simple terms, the blood cancer, is introduced in the body. As previously mentioned, Leukemia is a cancer that starts in early blood-forming cells. Most often, leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells, but some start in other blood cell types. The following is an educational animation of how it is reproduced and what are some measures taken to control the spreading and to a point kill the virus.

2 Year Old Fighting Leukemia Needs Your Help
Leukemia is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells called “blasts". Leukemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases. In turn, it is part of the even broader group of diseases affecting the blood, bone marrow, and lymphoid system, which are all known as hematological neoplasms. Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, accounting for almost one out of three cancers. But the good news is that if detected in time it is curable. That is what is keeping the flame of hope alive for a family from the Corozal District, whose loved one, a two year old baby girl, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia in Guatemala. Reporter Victor Castillo has the story. Tonight a family in Corozal Town are trying to gather as much funds possible to keep providing Chemotherapy to their two year old baby that is in for a long battle against Cancer. Victor Castillo has the story. Victor Castillo – Reporting Meet two year old Nichol Raquel Pinkney, better known as baby Nikki, who is currently hospitalized at one of the cancer centers in Guatemala. She is expected to remain there for the next six weeks as she undergoes chemotherapy to battle leukemia a deadly type of cancer.

Another Street Cemented In O/W And The Work Continues
Orange Walk’s pothole ridden road networks are receiving some much needed remedial repair. A few weeks ago, the Town Council embarked on an aggressive road repair campaign as they are strategically fixing some of the major intersections in Town. Mayor Kevin Bernard says the council’s priority is streets and the continuing work will bring much relief to commuters and residents of town. This morning we caught up with Mayor Bernard at the intersection of San Andres Street where the work has begun. Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWT “We started with the corner of Cinderella and Fonseca a little further with San Narciso and now we are coming in this area San Andres and Fonseca because this is a crucial area as well, a lot of busses, a lot of vehicle travel this area and immediately after this we will go to the junction between San Francisco and Fonseca which also is another area, we are hoping that this work will complete within a week and a half max, so we ask pedestrians, drivers to bear with us like they did on the other side and so it is all n the benefit and betterment of our streets and we have decided and this is the best option, cementing these intersections because it is something we saw we were constantly repairing these intersections with asphalt tar and it keeps tearing up and so we belive it is something permanent and it will benefit everybody.”

Teachers To Hold GOB Accountable or Salary Increase In 2014
The Belize National Teacher’s Union is starting the year in full swing as it is holding government to its word in granting public officers and teachers a salary adjustment by mid-2014. The union’s Council of management has met and decided upon a plan of action to ensure that government keeps its word. This plan has also been looked at by the Union’s Public Relation Committee. The Orange Walk branch Executive met with members this morning to present this plan and to get their input. President, Otilio Munoz says the plan will be executed by all branches across the country. Otilio Munoz – President, BNTU Orange Walk Branch “What the union is looking is about salary adjustment on the collective bargaining agreement that we have been negotiating with the government. What we are doing in this point in time is requesting to the Prime Minister a black and white documentation as to what percentage we are going to be getting for that salary adjustment; is it 5%, 10% you tell us in black and white and we are going to be happy waiting for July retroactive April that is what we have agreed which is contradicting with what the Prime Minister is saying in his message, he said in August, but we have negotiated July so there is a little confusion there but that is where we are standing, we are demanding from GOB to give us the percentage and to have it in black and white and that is it to make it more fundamental.”

Mexicans Accuse Belizean Authorities Of Extortion
Tonight there are serious accusations of extortion being made against Belizean authorities and it’s not Belizeans who are making the accusations. According to an article written on the Por Esto Mexican Newspaper, a little after midnight on New Year’s, police set up a checkpoint at the height of the junction before crossing the Chactemal International Bridge which joins Belize and Mexico. Four officers were manning the checkpoint and according to the article, those four officers were the ones extorting Mexican Nationals who were heading back home after spending some time at the casinos. One person, who was apparently interviewed by the correspondent who wrote the story, is quoted as stating that when he approached the checkpoint at around 2:00am he thought that an accident had occurred but then noticed that Belizean authorities were carrying out inspections. According to the interviewee, who preferred to remain anonymous, as he reached the checkpoint he was asked to produce his driver’s license which he did not have on him. He was then informed of the offence committed and told that he will be taken to the Corozal Magistrates Court.

Son Charged For Shooting Father On The Head
On New Year’s, at around 10:00pm, 30 Hensleigh Ryan Jones shot his father on the head while they were both standing in the kitchen of their home located in the Village of Ranchito in the Corozal District. Fifty year old Hensley Jones was taken to the Corozal Community Hospital where doctors discovered three bullet holes on his head; two on the left side and one to the back. What caused Ryan Jones to commit the unthinkable is yet unknown. But what we can tell you is that he has been charge for the crime and will be spending quite some time at the Kolbe Correctional Facility. Since there was no Magistrate available in Corozal Jones’ case was brought to Orange Walk and we were there when he was pulled out of the Corozal Police Mobile and escorted into the court room. Victor Castillo – Reporting It was a little before midday this morning that the Corozal Police mobile pulled up in front of the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. Locked up inside were a number of prisoners accused of various crimes. But the media was there to capture one man primarily, no other than 30 year Hensleigh Ryan Jones, accused of shooting his father, 53 year old Hensley Jones on the head three times with a .38 revolver. Since there was no Magistrate in Corozal the 30 year old was brought to Orange Walk to be officially charged for attempted murder, means of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm.


Celebrating cold weather in Belize and our 8th Ambergris Caye Island anniversary
The best way to somehow manage to celebrate the cold weather we have been experiencing is to appreciate those who have it worse from afar. I have been getting some very serious reminders of that lately with some snow and great ice storm pictures. No matter where you are the pictures below will not make you any warmer, but neither would a pic from here if I had snapped one this morning, the gray sky would have been a good match to the icy cold. The first series if icicle pictures are from Matt who is here now with his girlfriend Sara and dog Johnson. While they were getting ready for their visit, the big ice storm hit Ontario and Matt was one of the people keeping me in the loop about huge loss of power and how Johnson had to postpone his last vet appointment before traveling due to power outs caused by the weather. They all deserved a tropical get away in Belize after the full on ice storm experience. He keeps telling me I look like a gumshoe [An old slang term for a detective or investigator] wearing my trench coat because it is so cold :)

It’s Chilly In Belize Too!
Chilly is relative. And this is in no way a post to garner sympathy…not at all. Purely informational. There ARE seasons in Belize. Those I have described in detail. But like much of North America, Belize is being influenced by these cold fronts right now. We get “cold” like this a few times each year…usually in December, January and February. I KNOW IT IS COLDER where you live. But I live in the Caribbean. And it feels chilly to me. Current temperatures: Dallas, TX at 30F, San Francisco, CA at 46F, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at -28F , San Pedro, Belize…we were at 71F all night. COLD FOR BELIZE. Here are some pictures of the very late afternoon yesterday – as the sun was setting. The sky has been grey and well…winter-like for the last few days. Another thing to put my information into perspective. I saw plenty of happy tourists around yesterday…going diving, swimming in the sea, walking about in bathing suits. Cold is relative.

Belize’s unique New Year’s adventure arrival
When Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez De Balboa did it in the 1500s it was a big deal. Now that another Spanish adventurer is making the same trip, why is it a big deal? Because Alvaro de Marichalar is doing it all by Jet Ski. When Balboa became the first European to set foot in the Pacific Ocean via Panama he at least had a ship and crew, but de Marichalar is travelling from the US mainland to the isthmus of Panama all alone on a Jet ski, a 260 horsepower water scooter called “Numancia”, with 1,300 cc engine. Just like you see tourists zipping around on. So when he pulled into the Princess Marina in Belize on New Year’s day, the average onlooker would be forgiven for thinking this was just another sun-darkened tourist out for a day of fun, and anyone would be hard pressed to believe he crossed the open seas from Havana, Cuba on his little machine. Why, you may ask? Let’s let Mr de Marichalar tell us in his own words. “The purpose is setting a new world record for my country (Spain) and commemorate 500 years of the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Nunez de Balboa who was the first European who saw it from Panama peninsula. We are celebrating as well the 5th centennial the discovery of Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon, who was the first European to see the United States of America.”

6 Fundamentals That Can Make You A Better Manager In 2014
When it comes to management, I’ve always been a bigger believer in fundamentals than fancy. Sure, there’s nothing at all wrong with, say, presentation skills that spellbind an audience of thousands, but when it comes to operational effectiveness, chances are that will be determined by how well you execute fundamentals day in and day out. In that spirit, here are 6 fundamentals that can make you a better manager in 2014. 1. Be open to new ways of looking at things - The best managers are flexible, adaptable, and closely attuned to their environment. They’re always looking for opportunities. Be a good listener. Many of the best process improvement ideas routinely come from employees in the trenches, as they’re the ones closest to the actual work. Rigidity is the enemy of progress. Don’t be afraid to shift the paradigm and move away from, “This is the way we’ve always done it here.” 2. Expect excellence – Set high but not unattainable standards and expect your employees to meet them. The best managers are ultimately not those who are “toughest” or “nicest,” but those who get the best results from people in their charge. Once your employees recognize you have unfailingly high standards, that’s key data they won’t forget. If your employees know you demand excellence from yourself, they’re more likely to find it in themselves.

“(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Yesterday began much as any other day for me. I got up slightly later than usual at 05.45 hours. Grabbed (well I had to make it first of course) a mug of black coffee and my iPad and headed for the veranda. The western one on the first floor. There was a strong wind with a chilly ‘bite’ in it so I went inside and put on a sweat top. Much better. We’ve only been living here permanently for around twenty months but must be coming acclimatised – we are both feeling a drop in temperature so much more. Or is it that we are just getting older and the older you get the more you feel the cold? Anyway, back to the veranda. I spent a little time reading The Times online and then just thought about life in general until my reverie was interrupted by Rubio who had arrived early (by now it was around 06.40 hours) to recommence work on our fence. With the mood ‘broken’ I decided that there was only one thing for it – breakfast at Estel’s so I quickly showered, shaved and dressed (including a sweat top) and was on my way by 07.15 hours. I spent around ninety minutes there. I’m a slow eater but not that slow. It’s just that when I sit there I find the ambience so calming that I just lose track of time. I’m sure that Estel’s would much prefer a much quicker turnover of customers but – “the customer is always right”, or so they say!

International Sources

‘A Speck in the Sea’
Riveting story by Paul Tough for the New York Times Magazine:
Looking back, John Aldridge knew it was a stupid move. When you’re alone on the deck of a lobster boat in the middle of the night, 40 miles off the tip of Long Island, you don’t take chances. But he had work to do: He needed to start pumping water into the Anna Mary’s holding tanks to chill, so that when he and his partner, Anthony Sosinski, reached their first string of traps a few miles farther south, the water would be cold enough to keep the lobsters alive for the return trip. In order to get to the tanks, he had to open a metal hatch on the deck. And the hatch was covered by two 35-gallon Coleman coolers, giant plastic insulated ice chests that he and Sosinski filled before leaving the dock in Montauk harbor seven hours earlier. The coolers, full, weighed about 200 pounds, and the only way for Aldridge to move them alone was to snag a box hook onto the plastic handle of the bottom one, brace his legs, lean back and pull with all his might. And then the handle snapped.

Say no to boring retirement with these alternatives
After spending 50 years in the workforce, you’re supposed to walk away, sit in your rocking chair, and live on earnings that aren’t enough to fund your habits. It’s supposed to be easy: flip the switch and go from being a productive member of society to, well, not. It doesn’t have to be that way. Seniors today are living longer, healthier lives, and loving their retirement via “alternative retirement” lifestyles. Alternative retirement means telling the man to take his rocking chair and use it for firewood. It means living life on your own terms and taking no one’s flack about what you should be doing with the rest of your life. Don’t want to stop working? Don’t. Want to see the world? Do. Florida used to be the retirement locale of choice. More and more seniors are moving to places like Belize, where life is cheaper, but English is still spoken. (One advantage of moving to a non-English speaking country: you’ll be able to learn a new language, keeping your mind active and your adventures interesting.) Move somewhere new and see the world as you never have before.

Aboriginal school a cultural ambassador for all ethnicities
The school partnered with the Glenora Rotary Club to establish a leadership program for students, the Interact Club, which started a year and a half ago. Interact students are travelling to build a playground this spring for a poor community in the Central American country of Belize. They’re also raising money to build a playground for preschool children attending a Head Start program that moved into Amiskwaciy’s building in the fall. Amiskwaciy students have also started helping build houses through Habitat For Humanity programs.

Irina Shayk Sizzles in the 2014 Beach Bunny Spring Collection
The Russian brunette beauty sure knows how to catch someone else's eye and attention effortlessly. She just needs to show off her voluptuous body and pouty lips, and any guy wouldn't want to look on anything else, that's for sure. Shayk modeled her latest Beach Bunny bikini collection in Sanctuary, Belize. The latest swimwear line features equestrian-inspired bathing suit with accents of gold as well as shades of bronze and red. During the photo shoot, Shayk was kind enough to reveal to everyone the things she keep in her bag whenever she hits the beach. Shayk is indeed a model with an eccentric personality. She was entertaining and comical as she shared the things she takes with her whenever she goes to the beach. What could even be sexier than a sexy hot Russian girl with a good sense of humour?

Diving with the biggest shark in the deepest hole
The Great Blue Hole is known to be one of the world’s top ten dive sites, dubbed by the famous Jacques Cousteau, who discovered it in 1971. I along with many other divers would not disagree. It is here, even as a Dive Master, I have experienced one of the best days of diving ever. Belize is a little country in Central America; it’s located on the southeastern side of Central America, just below the most eastern part of Mexico and fronting the Caribbean Sea. I spent 5 days just off the coast on an Island called Ambergris Caye, which is just north of another amazing island named Caye Caulker, famous for its super chilled vibe. From either of these two Islands you can take tours out to dive or snorkel the famous Blue Hole. The day tour that I took consisted of 3 dives, which I will never for the life of me forget. Our first dive was into the Great Blue Hole,

Things to Do in San Ignacio, Belize: How a Delay Led to a Great Trip
Sometimes, when it seems like things are going from bad to worst, all you gotta do is hang in there for a bit until the sun comes out again. After barely being allowed into Belize, we were able to get to the insurance office on time. At 3:00p.m. we were still harboring hopes that we’d be able to get down to Belize City in time to catch the 4:30p.m. Water Taxi to Caye Caulker. “So, Insurance Guy, how far are we from Belize city?” Insurance Guy, who looked suspiciously Guatemalan, responded in perfect Belizean-accented English: Oh, about 2… maybe 2 and a half hours.” Our hopes dashed, I mentally made a note to check the wireless signal on my Guatemalan Tigo modem when the vehicle’s paperwork was complete. After meeting the all-Black crew manning the Customs’ entry port, I assumed, like an idiot, that the guy was a Guatemalan guy that lived across the border. So, I asked Insurance Guy where he was from. “I’m from Belize,” he cheerfully replied. Instead of just nodding and smiling politely, I put on my surprised face (I told you I was an idiot) and asked him: “Reeeeally???” …in a tone that probably sounded something like “I don’t believe you! Show me your birth certificate!” Insurance Guy was slightly ticked off, but I credit him for smiling and politely responding through semi-clenched teeth: “Of course I am… I was born here.”

10 Reasons to Live in Belize
Belize has long been a favorite for expats and travelers alike. From its Caribbean shores to its jungle interior, this nation has great natural beauty to be discovered—blue water and deserted beaches, and inland retreats where jaguars and scarlet macaws still live in their natural habitats. People are attracted to Belize for many reasons including the warm, English-speaking people, the natural beauty, and the air of freedom and opportunity. Belize offers a fantastic Qualified Retired Persons Program for those looking for the ideal place to retire. It also offers economic stability, and ease of living at a low cost. Add to that the protection of assets and terrific fishing and diving and you can understand why Belize is so captivating to so many.