Lobster Tacos

I did some good eating in San Pedro. There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from but by far the best meal I had was lobster tacos from a little local place. As with most places I have visited the non-fancy, dubious looking places filled with locals being served by locals always have the best food. These lobster tacos were so delicious. I would contemplate going back to the island just for one more taco. One word that is guaranteed to make me happy is All Day Breakfast! Best first meal of the day was at Estel’s Restaurant on the beach with great views and a breakfast burrito the size of my leg. I am a hummus-maniac and I found some good stuff at Ali Baba’s. The hummus may have been good but the owner was an absolute treat. He said the phrase, “Welcome to Belize. Ali Baba’s One Stop Shop.” at least 50 times during my margarita. I think perhaps he was on something a little stronger than just chick peas. One thing I have to say in my continuing gushing love poem to San Pedro, the service I received everywhere I went was excellent. The people in general were so friendly and welcoming towards me. I met many lovely people over many Belikin beers.

I loved the pretty colonial buildings of downtown San Pedro. The downtown area is very picturesque and welcoming. Lots of restaurants, bars, boutiques. I stopped in at the church on my first morning. I may not be religious but I am spiritual. It is important to me to find a quiet place for reflection and to give thanks. It was nice to stroll down town without getting any hassle to buy anything or go inside a bar. As a young woman travelling on my own I felt very safe on San Pedro. Even the drug dealers are friendly!

I took the opportunity in San Pedro to get back into yoga. I have always loved doing yoga. It is the only way I have found to switch off my busy mind. Every time I do yoga I feel my body getting stronger and more flexible. I went to a great class at Sol Spa. It had been a very long time since I last went to a class. It hurt just to sit down! When I started moving about my body was creaking like the tin man. At the start of the class I couldn’t even touch my toes but an hour later my body was much more responsive. The teacher was wonderful and I left the class feeling very calm and content. I went to a couple more classes at a hotel overlooking the beach opposite Pedro’s where I did hot yoga for the first time. I’m not sure if it was intentionally hot yoga or if the teacher just didn’t like air conditioning. Once I got over the initial desire to faint or vomit, I found the heat made the class challenging but also made my body more flexible. On my second visit I was the only one there so I got a private lesson. I followed this with a cheesy eggy breakfast bagel and a massive ice coffee to counter-act my good work. I love yoga and I am determined to make an effort this year to really get back into it.