No matter where you live in Belize, you know how rainy it was in 2013. And now, we have the numbers to say just how wet it really was. For all of 2013, Libertad in Corozal collected 39% more rainfall, and the figures were almost the same at the Tower Hill Collecting Station in Orange Walk.

Moving to Belize City, St. John's College reported a 45% increase in rainfall, while the PGIA reported a 32% increase.

In the west, Belmopan was 36% above average; Central Farm was about the same, while Baldy Beacon recorded the greatest increase at 43%. Increases in rainfall were less in the south, but still markedly above average.

And so, as this graph shows, 2013, which is in blue, was above average - which is in red - at every single collecting station in 2013. And while those end of year figures are remarkable enough, they pale in comparison to other figures we've shown for November where rainfall in the north and center of the country were up by well over 100%, and almost 200% in some areas for that month alone.

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