We just had some renters come back from a bike ride up north. They were having a wonderful time, when one of the women fell off her bike. A 'nice' young man stopped and helped her up. She handed him her eye glasses and phone while she picked herself up (she scratched herself up and was bleeding a bit on her face and arms). He picked up her bike, gave it and her glasses to her, then took off. She tried to catch up to him, but was no match.

They said he looked to be somewhere between 14-17. Lighter skinned, but Belizean, not Caucasian. She remembers he was wearing a red shirt, and they believe he was also on a red bike, but not a full-size/adult bike. A smaller bike.

They have gone to the police station to file a report, are contacting their phone carrier and Apple to try and activate the locator. We have recommended they advertise on TV and radio as well.

A reward is offered for the safe return of the phone. (It had a case on the phone with pictures of her grandchildren.)

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!!