The vision of a full range of cardiac services at the KHMH continues to take shape. Today the hospital opened an echo-cardiology lab to complement its cardiac cauterization lab. The new lab will be dedicated only to cardiac services - whereas previously the cardiologist had to share resources with other specialists.

The dedicated lab is the product of a donation and a continuing partnership with the Carolina's Healthcare system, International Medical Outreach and the Heineman Foundation of Charlotte. 7News was there when they cut the ribbon today:...

Dr. Francis Gary Longsworth, CEO - KHMH
"Today we marked another milestone and we now have a non-invasive cardiac clinic that we are inaugurating. It's a wonderful achievement - everybody is excited."

Dr. Adrian Coye - Medical Chief of Staff, KHMH
"We did never had now a dedicated area that have everything and that's really the concept of what it is that what we've started. In essence we almost have what you called a complete service for advance cardiac care in Belize and so this is really a huge leap for our country that did not necessary have all those elements a few years ago."

Dr. Francis Robicsek - The Heineman Foundation of Charlotte
"Here the situation was right. You have a treasure in Belize and Dr. Coye - he has all the qualifications. What he needed is a helping hand; an assistance and that's what we are doing now."

Dr. Adrian Coye - Medical Chief of Staff, KHMH
"We are aiming for excellence and there is a transformation that is happening in management and the wards, in our intensive care. This is a very exciting time in this institution and the fact that we have such willing partners to share this journey with us."

The new echo cardiogram lab will allow the KHMH to more than double the number of cardiac patients seen weekly, reducing waiting time for an echo test from months to weeks or days.

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