Belizean Drivers May Soon Face New Regulations When Travelling To Chetumal

There is a possible change in the horizon in regards to vehicular documentation in Chetumal, Mexico. Given the possible implementation of what is being called the Mexico Vehicle Emissions Testing Center, Belizean Drivers who visit Chetumal may be faced with new regulations.

In an article ran in the Mexican media, Honorary Consul of Belize in Chetumal, Jorge Valencia Gómez, discusses the possibility of revising the units that visit the city daily. According to the Honorary Consul Gomez, there is already a verification centre in Belize and hopes that the documentation given to Belizean vehicles continues to be valid across the border.

On average about fifty heavy vehicles including passenger buses and cargo vehicles and an additional four hundred cars and trucks cross the border into Chetumal from Corozal, Orange Walk and several from Belize City.

These vehicles have already been verified and Honorary Consul Gomez adds that the Belize Transport Department may not allow for further verification to occur in Mexico but instead ask relevant Mexican Authorities to accept the documentation issued in Belize or reach an agreement so that Belizeans do not have any problems when visiting Quintana Roo.