In a technologically driven era, staying connected with friends and family has become common place in society. And for many residents in Corozal who enjoy the outdoors, one of the favorite spots for meeting with friends and family is the Central Park. And if they enjoy technology, that is something they will also have now available as on Saturday, the Corozal Central Park saw the historic activation of Free Wifi access to residents. Corozalenos, especially students, were elated with the innovative idea which was undertaken by Gregorio Papas Garcia, PUP Standard Bearer Candidate for Corozal Bay, and his team.

Gregorio 'Papas' Garcia - PUP Standard Bearer Candidate, Corozal Bay

"What we have done we have partner up with an internet provider to get some free Wifi here in Central Park, definitely to benefit the youths and any other person that want to use the internet services and does not have access to it."

Victor Castillo - Reporter

"Now knowing that right now everything is about Internet, about technology, what advice would you give people here in Corozal to take advantage of this opportunity now and for how long will you have this Internet service here?"

Gregorio 'Papas' Garcia - PUP Standard Bearer Candidate, Corozal Bay

"Well, first of all we will have this Internet here as long as I am around, as long as the team is around, so it is not a short term project it is for the long hall, we raise funds and we actually pay for the services to our Internet provider, so as long as we can keep it going it is going to be here 24 hours and for the youths and the old and the young come out and enjoy the Internet series, it is not about social media and stuff people needed to work, people needed to research so it is out here come and enjoy and use it to the best you can."


"It's working good and I think it is a good initiative for you people so we could have access to the Internet that is a very good service for the us to share things and to have friends and we would like to thank you for this initiative for having this Internet access and thanks to Papas Team for doing this initiative because long time ago we wanted to have it but year pass and we know that in different town long time they had it and here in Corozal it took long until you had this initiative and thank you to the Papas Team."


"It is good because you can chat with another person and use Facebook something like that. I want to thank Team papas because they are like giving a free service and that is very good."

For connectivity, simply choose the 'TEAM PAPAS" network on your mobile devices; there is no passcode required so you should connect automatically. Garcia says the WIFI network can be accessed 24 hours a day.