& The Foiled Robbery Of Ray's House

So last Sunday I flew to Belize and after my sideman picked me up at the airport we went to Orange Walk to see my friends Melvi and Alejandra. Melvi is like my secretary in Belize and she is a good friend for over 11 years. Alejandra just had a baby (and no, it is not my baby). At any rate, we were having a pizza party over in Trial Farm and the car was parked right near by - in sight no less - with my luggage and stuff. We were watching that car like hawks but a tief stole my back-pack while we were bringing pizza from the car. We knew who it was and discovered it right away. It turns out the cops were already looking for this dude for something else. Several guys went looking for him and then some of us went to tell the cops at the station in OW. The police were very responsive and half the station piled out into several vehicles and started a manhunt. I got to ride in one of the police vehicles and watch them as they went about their search. We went to his family's house and another more remote hang-out. No warrants needed, they would just announce they were coming in. He did not turn up so we went back to file a report. When I finished we went back to Trial Farm and the culprit's sister was waiting with my small camera. As I approached her she exclaimed, "Oh no, it's Charlie!" She then says, "You don't know me but Melvi is a friend of mine and I know about you and I'm really sorry but it wasn't really my brother it was his friend and I brought the camera back..." etc. etc. I explained that while I was glad to get my camera back I had important papers in there that were of no value to anyone but I absolutely needed them. I had my master Belize phone list, Belize tax documents, and all sorts of stuff. She said she would go get the bag but asked me to call the cops off as "they will beat him up when they catch him." So I said fine but just go get the bag.

So to wrap this little story up, I got everything back except the case for the camera and a little battery charger for one of my Belize phones, both of which are easily replaced.

This was the third time somebody down here tried to rob me and the third time they failed. It's also the third time the would-be tief gets to walk away scot-free (although I did get to administer a good beating and kicking to would-be tief number two - jee jee). But wait! There's more!

So we go to Cayo and we are in Celina's on Burns Ave. I always pick up a stack of newspapers there and talk to the owner(s). I looked on the front page of last Sunday's STAR and the lead story is about an attempted robbery in Hillview. The story had the name of the place wrong and did not mention the name of the owner. But I realized it was Ray's old place where his wife Silvia and her brother Gustavo are still living. The tief was already out on bail for two different robberies(!) and she believes he had robbed her before of her car battery and other items in the back yard. Fortunately, a neighbor called the cops this time and they were there before Silvia even knew he was in her house.

Judge Narda Morgan denied him bail this time and his next court date is in March. I went to see Sylvia two days ago and I will be seeing her tonight. She wants to stay in Belize but.....we'll see. We are going to be talking about her security and options this evening. I do not know what she will end up doing after this one.

I've already had a few other "adventures" that I won't go into right now. I haven't had a minute to myself all week.

My house is nearing the construction finish line and would be done except for the incessant rain. Succotz is taking a big financial hit right now because Xunantunich has been open barely a week out of the last two months and had other closings going back to the summer.

Unfortunately the brand new ferry can not handle the high water and heavy flow like the little old one did. I don't know what they will be able to do long-term, maybe nothing.

So that is my first report. Welcome to Belize!