You may well remember that the Caye Caulker Sailing Club was formed back at the end of last year. The Club will be part of the bigger Belize Sailing Club which has full support from the Belize Tourism Board in the endeavor to bring this sport which has such roots in Belize's history and culture, back to life.

It has been a slow start, you can blame the weather for this, but before the year finished, not only did our first two Optimist dingy boats arrive but you will note that the CCVC granted permission for the club to build the storage house for the sailboats on the beach by the Palapa Gardens - this area being the focus for the Sailing Club. We have to thank Enrique Alamina and Bob Greaves for all their hard work in erecting the building and not forgetting our President Neil Bradley for his contribution of the materials to build the structure - thank you!!!

As mentioned, we currently have two boats, kindly donated by Caye Caulker Towers and the Caye Caulker Humane Society - thank you!! These boats are 'getting us on our feet' or so to speak - allowing us at this early stage to get a small number of the children to become competitive before our first competitive race in Corozal on 8th and 9th Feb 2014. We have ordered and will be expecting sometime in March a further 6 boats which have been sponsored by the following - BTB, Brian and Zaira (BZE Jade), Iguana Reef Inn, Raggamuffin Tours, Seaside Cabanas and the San Pedro Belize Express which will allow us to operate more fully as a club ie allowing for a wider age range of kids to get involved and for a more recreational purpose.

Until then, there are 5 youngsters (Alanis Badillo, Ricky Henriquez, Harrison Cadle (Jr), Angel Pol and Malik Jones) who are training hard to get themselves 'race competent' for Corozal's Regatta, a race important we attend and compete in to permit us to be considered a club for the rest of 2014. Cody Bucknor, the youngest member of our club is not yet old enough to compete but is being trained locally.

For now, we are grateful to have the the support of the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club for the enormously generous offer of assisting our kids to learn the ropes in super quick time. Both last weekend and this weekend the team and our two boats have travelled to San Pedro to rain alongside their kids. The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club dominate the Club scene as they proved in the Belize Nationals just a couple of weeks ago. Their Club is already a well oiled machine working efficiently training beginners, schooling the intermediates and training their 'racers' to extremely high standards - one day we hope for this for our own here in Caye Caulker!! Their coach, Agustin, has been brought in from Argentina to push the kids to aim for the 2020 Olympics!!!

We would like to thank the San Pedro Belize Express for assisting us in providing transportation for our kids and members.

Our kids have trained morning and afternoon and finally on Sunday got the opportunity to train alongside what will one day in the future be their racing peers and seeing them at work. Obviously we have a long way to go but this opportunity to train alongside them speeds up the learning process, showing them the way forward. This kind of 'sportsmanship' shown between the two clubs is reflective of what we want to teach our kids and the way forward for the Club itself.

For now, hard training and learning until the Corozal Regatta - after this we can take our foot off the pedal and we will once again be canvassing the internet for any Caye Caulker youngsters that want to get involved in this wonderful sport and the club.

For information please contact Shary Trejo at the Island Link Internet Cafe or email at [email protected]. Follow us on Facebook at Caye Caulker Sailing Club