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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
* On Thursday, January 23rd at about 9:30AM, Teressa Weller, and American businesswoman presently staying at a resort on North Ambergris Caye, reported to the San Pedro Police that on Sunday, January 19th at about 10PM she noticed that the windshield of her rented golf cart was missing. The golf cart was parked Barrier Reef Drive while she went out for dinner. Weller stated that she had rented the golf cart earlier in the day from Cholo's Golf Cart Rental. The golf cart bears license plate number SP-C-1690 and is labeled with company's logo and the number 4. The windshield is valued at $425. Rafael Cowo, 54 years of age, was arrested as suspect to the crime. Complainant has requested court action.

IDB provides US$540,000 Grant to Belize for George Price Highway Project Preparation Studies
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Belize today signed a grant agreement for US$540,000 to support the preparation of feasibility studies and social and environmental assessments for the rehabilitation of 32 miles of the George Price Highway between Belmopan and Benque Viejo del Carmen. The agreement was signed in Belize City by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Gina Montiel, Manager of the IDB's Country Department for Central America, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. "We are pleased to support Belize in its efforts to expand and rehabilitate its road network, which is so crucial to the country's development", said Gina Montiel. The grant will support the preparation of an investment program to finance the infrastructure works needed to upgrade and absorb growing traffic volumes on the highway.

Two fishermen of San Pedro Town accused of having sex with a female minor
Police on Ambergris Caye have arrested and charged two fishermen of a San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town after being accused of having sex with a female minor. One of the accused, a 16 year old minor, was charged for unlawful carnal knowledge, while 21-year-old Rolando Espat was charged for rape and grievous harm. According to police, on the 17th of December 2013, at about 2:55PM a 16 year old female student of Orange Walk Town visited the San Ignacio Police Station accompanied by her mother. She reported to police that on the 14th of June, 2012, at about 10:00PM, she went to San Pedro Town and stayed at a residence in the San Pedrito Area. She reported that the male minor, who was 14 years old at the time, invited her to his house, where they engaged in sexual intercourse. The female minor, who was also 14 at the time, further reported that on the 15th of December 2012, she went back to San Pedro Town whereby the young man took her to his room and they engaged in sexual intercourse again. The minor further stated that on January 3rd, she returned to San Pedro Town and went to the same young man's house and while there, Rolando Espat, went inside the room and forced himself upon her without her consent.

Ambergris Today

Funtastic Island Tubing Tour at Caye Caulker, Belize
Most of us have been or heard of cave tubing in Belize, right? Hop on an inner tube at the mouth of the Crystal Cave and let the river's currents take you through the Mayan underworld. But have you heard of Island Tubing? It is one of the newest adventure tours available at Caye Caulker by Anda De Wata Tours. You will love it! The concept is simple, string eight inflatable tubes behind a skiff and drag along a party through the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy island life at its best. Anda De Wata Tours invites you to take a break from looking at the beautiful corals and snorkeling with exotic marine life and just snug yourself inside an inflatable tube while they tug you along the front and back shoreline of the island.

Misc Belizean Sources

Buena Vista Resource Center Launch
Feelgood news of the day. Japan constructed a resource center for Buena Vista Village. It has a library, a computer lab, and a multipurpose area for the community to use. Thanks, Japan! "On Wednesday, we asked you to name the place we visited; if you guessed BUENA VISTA VILLAGE, CAYO DISTRICT, you were right! The residents of Buena Vista Village were the recipients of a newly constructed resource center. The 26 x 80 feet structure houses a furnished computer lab and library along with a multipurpose section. Funding for the project, which totalled BZ$245,852.00, was provided by the Government of Japan via its Grassroots and Human Security Grants Project (GHGP)."

Biggy and Binjaz Red Fusion 4.0
Biggy and Binjaz birthday celebration at Meluchi's was a wild event, and Danny Chung was there to get some great pictures. Hope it's a great year.

Belize Zoo Honored as 'Bright Spot'
"The Belize Zoo had the extraordinary honour of being selected as a 'Bright Spot' by the Caribbean Leadership Project hosted by UWI's Cave Hill School of Business. Through the project's module 'Serving Our People, Country, and Region,' the Zoo was highlighted as one of the 'bright spots' in Belize that exhibits successful leadership and citizen focused services, for its 30 years of contributions to education and wildlife conservation in our country. A group of CEOs and Permanent Secretaries from around the Caribbean (including Belize!) graced TBZ with their presence, as Founding Director Sharon Matola shared the history, mission and vision of 'the best little zoo in the world.' Rose the crocodile then made an appearance at the end of discussions, along with 'Miss Belize' the tapir mascot, displaying a perfect summary of the Zoo's approach to wildlife conservation through interactive education. TBZ thanks our colleagues for such an honoured visit, and looks forward to another 30 years of putting Belizeans in touch with their natural heritage, so we can save it for generations to come!"

VIDEO: Historian Dr. Joseph Palacio talks about celebration of Punta Gorda becoming a town over a century ago.

The name of the Toledo district was derived from a man named Felipe Toledo. Felipe Toledo was a Central American man from whom some American ex-Confederates bought land in the area of Forest Home village. Initially the land that was bought was named Toledo Settlement. From there the name was adopted for the district.

PG Day celebrations underway
Residents of Toledo, including surrounding villages are today celebrating Punta Gorda Day. PG day is being celebrated with the theme: "One Town, One People - Celebrating 119 years of culture dreams and prosperity."

Condolences to the Gentle family of Crooked Tree village
Benjamin Gentle Junior, 20. Benjamin died early on Friday morning in a boat collision on the flooded Crooked Tree Lagoon. Initial investigations indicate that a mechanical malfunction caused a larger Belize National Coast Guard boat to crash into a smaller vessel in which a number of persons were traveling. Eight persons sustained varying degrees of injuries. Some were treated at the scene, others were taken to hospitals in Orange Walk and in Belize City.

Phillip Goldson - Belize's first true Black Leader
By: Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. They are saying Dean Barrow is the first black Prime Minister in Belize History They need to go back and check their story In 1961 when the governor abandoned his post Goldson stepped up when we needed him the most This is not talked about by most folks The Queen declared martial law over Belize Goldson was appointed to charge with ease Making him Belize's first black leader in Belize He was a man with a vision To build a Nation In the state of emergency the Premier Or the Prime Minister is no longer in power The power is vested in the Governor In those days there was not a Governor General Walter Hasting was the governor at the time and was absent Her majesty over the country's management

Belize vs Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago
Comparisons on Key Facts, Legislative Details, Leaders, Other Positions

Education in Belize: Next Steps?
We have tried to identify Who's the Enemy in our Education Systems in Belize and open our eyes to why so many of us live desensitized to daily life in this new global and digital age. Now, it's time to move on to the next stage. Are we ready and willing? Mega-sized problems that continue to plague our nation everyday lie not only in areas of Education but in other key areas that prevent us from improving our standards of living. Quality health care is not available or affordable to everyone throughout Belize's cities, towns, and rural areas. Employment for professionals is not available on a competitive basis, but rather only to the few who (whose families) are lucky enough to have the right "political connections". The fact remains, though, that even if our Education systems do not meet all the challenges that confront an Independent nation, teachers in Belize remain grossly underpaid, undervalued, and unappreciated by too many. I extend kudos to BNTU and to all educators who are bravely fighting (the government) and trying to improve this unjustifiable and unfair condition.

Tourism Industry Presentation
An overview of Belize's Tourism Industry accomplishments over the last year, presented by the Belize Tourism Board. this video wraps up most of BTB driven projects in 2013.


Career Day at Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. High School
Today was career day at Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. High School in Belmopan. It is annual event for most High Schools as they expose students to the world of work outside the gates of their institution. Our reporter, visited the High School grounds and has the following report: There was an excitement Our lady of Guadalupe R.C. School today. Why? Two words, Career Day. An entire day set aside for 2nd Form students who are choosing a final two years to follow in the pursuit of their individual careers outside the guidance of this institution, I spoke to Ms. Evita Palma, head of the Business Department. She also teaches 3rd and 4th Forms. As one of the key coordinators, I asked Ms. Palma for details of the day's event: Ms. Evita Palma- Coordination Member "The career day is basically where we get the 2nd Form and 4th Form in Career choices with presenters from different career paths from all over Belmopan. 2nd Formers choose which department they are going to. The 4th Fromers are actually exiting. So, they chose what theirs already spending two years, now the may change into a different professional path, like a teacher, a doctor; so they have options available. For this, we are basically opening their minds for the available careers in the country".


Placencia, Belize Has a Serious Food Scene: Dragonfly Moon and Mojo Lounge
In my last post about the DELICIOUS food in Placencia, I raved about Rumfish y Vino�YUM and the gorgeous gelato at Tutti Frutti. (For all the restaurants and cafes in Placencia that I've tested, click here.) I actually gained 4lbs in 4 days with my massive amount of eating but who cares! It can't be helped. I love trying new foods (and revisiting old delicious ones) and well�it's my job. It absolutely must be done. The first night I was in Placencia, I visited the newest "hot spot", Dragonfly Moon. This restaurant has actually been in the village for a while as more of a classic Belizean-Chinese restaurant. Amy (also Chinese-Belizean) and her parents own the place. Last year, Amy Chen wanted to try something new�.something more updated than Lo Mein and fried chicken. She hired a restaurant consultant who has worked with many of the hot spots around Belize like Rumfish in Placencia and Fuego in San Ignacio�

"Never Too Much" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
With this haphazard publishing frequency that I've drifted in to ((well I am retired, I am doing it for a bit of fun after all (for me, if not you) and I've never promised to publish daily)) I'm finding it increasingly difficult to remember what I last told you about. Yes, I know that I could look at the last edition and all would be revealed but that would make it a bit like work. More professional. And I don't have to be professional anymore. I'm retired. I can be quirky. Idiosyncratic even. And if I wrote about it well in the first place then perhaps you might like reading it again. Or not. But if I am repeating myself you will at least know that your memory is working! So, with this forewarning 'out of the way' I will start today's edition. Weather over the last few days has been somewhat variable/changeable. Clear, bright, sunny and warm days swiftly followed by a day with overcast skies, little to no sun and a temperature drop. We have also had sprinkles of rain. None of this has greatly affected my 'me time' on the veranda early in the morning. Of course not. I've still ventured ((really don't know why I chose that word because it's somewhat inappropriate. It is only a short distance from the kitchen (where the mug of black coffee comes from)) to the veranda. Making a slight detour on the way to grab hold of my iPad.

Black History Month Kick-Off
Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Harriet Ross; 1820 - March 10, 1913) was an African American abolitionist, humanitarian and Union spy during the American Civil War. Once the Civil War began, she worked for the Union in many different capacities, including cook, and nurse. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made more than nineteen missions to rescue more than 300 slaves using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. Harriet was often referred to as "Moses," and her track record was impeccable. She was never caught, and never failed one her "passengers." She would often disguise herself and her fellow fugitives on their journey to safety in the north.

International Sources

Security Concerns on a Honduran Island
Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, but the country's idyllic Bay Islands have long been considered a safe haven, largely immune from the drug-fueled violence that has plagued the Honduran mainland. However, a string of recent crimes on Roat�n, the largest of the Bay Islands, has prompted outrage, with some residents calling for greater autonomy and more effective policing for the islands. Roat�n made international headlines on Dec. 22 when Nedenia Post Dye, the great-granddaughter of the General Foods heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, was found stabbed to death in her luxury spa on the island. A local singer whom she was reportedly trying to help has been charged with her murder; he claims the two were romantically linked. "People let their guard down here because it's beautiful and relaxing," said Aaron Etches, a longtime resident of Roat�n who founded a Facebook group called Roat�n Crime Watch about a year ago in the wake of several high-profile crimes as a way to help fight crime on the island.