Jeff emailed this to me this morning. Hope this will ease people's minds that help is one the way.I am in is 240am on Tuesday morning.

I am going to Houston in the morning is Taca is flying to Belize.....if
not, I will wait another day..

I just wanted you to know that your pledge encouraged me to go out an buy
all kinds of supplies today. I had to rent a van because I had so much stuff

female stuff
plastic bags
gloves (many)
much more

I hope to be in Belize in the afternoon, but it may be wednesday.

Jeff Gram

By the way Marty, Thanx for all you've been doing. I dont know anyone in Can Pedro or Belize but feel through this board that when I do get down ther, I will have a fantastic group of new friends. Keep up the good work.
Our prayers are with you all.