Your water bill will probably be going up soon - but be consoled, it's probably not going to be as much as it might have been. Bottom line? BWSL asked for 16% and the Public Utilities Commission gave them 6%.

That's the outcome of an Annual Review Proceeding by the Public Utilities Commission. Today at a press conference at the Radisson, the PUC's Director for Water Rudolph Williams explained that the PUC got the proposed increase down by reducing capital investments from 25.6 million to 14.3 million. Williams explained why:..

Rudolph Williams, Director for Water - PUC
"We looked at the proposals that were made for the capital expenditure and we believe that some of those proposals could be deferred to the full tariff period and some of them we believe were not necessarily required at this time. The BWS has always had problems with funding their investments and to allow them to do that now; we have not seen anywhere where they will be able to source the funds that they are asking for."

The PUC decision is not final; it is only an initial decision. BWSL and/or qualified interested parties representing users of at least 10% of the annual amount of water supplied by BWSL in the preceding year have until 5:00 PM on February 17, 2014, to submit written comments on the Initial Decision.

If no comments objecting to the Initial Decision are received by that date, the PUC will deliver a Final Decision.

If objections are received, the PUC is required to appoint an Independent Expert to review it all.

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