This morning the Belize City Council launched its "Get Moving Belize Fitness program. The council has partnered with the Belize Diabetes Association and Body 2000 to promote healthy living around the city. This new daily exercise program will start at 5am to 6am every Monday through Thursday for the next three months at 4 different locations around the city. Here is how it works and how you can get involved.

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"What we are doing with the city - we are moving. It's called "get moving Belize" and it's a project which we have partnered with the Diabetes Association and Body 2000 and what we are going to do is we thought about a way that we can enhance usage of the public spaces; Battlefield Park, Memorial Park and Maud Williams basketball court will be used in the morning at 5:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we are going to have aerobics in these places. We are going to have zumba classes; we are going to be doing a weigh in, so that people can actually monitor their progress. We are going to be working with the Diabetes Association to provide continuous diabetes, pressure and sugar testing, so that we are actually tracing individuals and their making improvement."

"We are talking about a building a better city and important to that is building better citizens and building positive values and building a sense of wellness and welfare."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"This program is very important for Belize City. The City Council has been on a crusade over the last going on to 2 years to really transform Belize City and it is incumbent on us when you think of transformation, not only to think about the physical structures of our city; buildings and streets, but we must think more importantly about the human being and the individual and wellness and welfare is very integral to the development of our city and our country. We need individuals who are free of stress. We need individuals who are healthy. We need individuals who are focused. We need individuals who are balance. We need individuals who are in sound mind, who are confident and who are engaged and they feel that they could make a very meaningful transformation. So, get moving Belize is what that says."

Anthony Castillo, President - Belize Diabetes Association
"The Belize Diabetes Association is pleased to have partnered with the Belize City Council in the launch and implementation of this program "get moving Belize." How appropriate a theme for this program. For us at the Belize Diabetes Association, physical activity is one of the pillars in the prevention of diabetes. Increase physical activity is important in maintaining appropriate blood glucose level along with the reduction of hypertension. While there is no known cure for diabetes, this condition can be delayed or even avoided. While the condition can be acquired through genetics, it is not absolutely true that one will acquire the condition because a parent or a grandparent has been living with this condition. The lifestyle is a determining factor in type 2 diabetes."

The program is launched under the theme "My Day, My Life, My Time". Registration Fee is five dollars and twenty dollars monthly and you can sign up at the different locations.

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