The University of Belize put together a feelgood video from their graduation. It's worth a watch, especially to see some of the speech from Ms. Kay Menzies. Congratulations, graduates!

"'Keep moving forward. And if you fail, take the lesson from the failure. But keep moving forward. Remain positive and become deaf in the presence of the negative. Do not stop moving forward. Whatever else you do, never give up. Above all, as you leave this room today, as you start the next chapter of your adventure, resolve to enjoy yourselves, enjoy everything life has to offer you, even...or maybe especially...the challenges. You go forward armed with an education that no one can take away, and you will learn much more along the way. Remember that it takes fire to temper steel. And I will guarantee you this: the experience you gain will make the journey endlessly interesting and absolutely worthwhile.' Ms. Kay Menzies, Guest Speaker at UB's Eighteenth Commencement Exercises."