BTB Holds Consultation On National Classification System

The Belize Tourism Board's quality Assurance team was in the Orange Walk District today to conduct consultations with stakeholder on improving the quality standards of their services. It is all about providing a good night's rest to customers. Compliance Officer of the Quality Assurance Department, Shola Babb says the team has completed the National Classification system for accommodations and is now conducting its second round of work by meeting with the stakeholders.

Shola Babb - Compliance officer, Quality Assurance Dept., BTB

"Last year the compliance team for the quality assurance department went around the country to do our standards check on all properties and now we are back again to go around with our second round of audits. We came back to Orange Walk to speak to them about what they find out, because they all received reports, so we talking to them about what they received in their reports and how they feel about the different ideas that we gave them and about the legislation that we put in place."

The effort is about placing the services being provided up to the standards that will enable property owners to compete in the world.

Shola Babb - Compliance officer, Quality Assurance Dept., BTB

"Some of them are already in law and we brought along a little booklet that has all the standards that are ready currently in law and couple properties don't follow those already so it is just an addition to the standards like maybe having white sheets on your bed or making sure that you have hot or cold water in your rooms for the gas. So it is basic things that properties can do within the next couple years."

Dalila Ical - Reporter

"What has been the response from them was it really well received?"

Shola Babb - Compliance officer, Quality Assurance Dept., BTB

"I believe so shortly after we did our inspection s at the first round we had people calling to one store asking for sheet bed covers and pillow cases covers and window covering and things like that just to enhance what they had already, I think they just didn't understand the competition and what guests were looking for and we were able to assist them better with bringing up with what they had already."

Babb says they are also hoping to get a star rating established but may not be using that system for marketing just yet but properties will be able to raise their standards or choose to remain where they are rated. After proper legislation is put in place the BTB is hoping to have this part of the work completed by the end of 2015.