As Orange Walk Representatives Run Amok

And it�almost�came to blows today in the House of Representatives.��Debate turned to diatribe today when Orange Walk south Representative Jose Mai spoke on the adjournment about corruption in the Ministry of Natural Resources.��Mai cited specific cases and urged that something be done about - and that started a string of recriminations:

Hon. Jose Mai - Area Representative, Orange Walk South
"But this cannot continue. Corruption then, and corruption now is now different. Corruption at a galloping pace, or at a trotting pace is corruption. Sin is sin. If you don't believe me, ask Denny Grijalva. Sin is sin."

Hon. Gaspar Vega - Minister of Natural Resources/Area. Representative, Orange Walk North
"Mr. Speaker, who is the Representative from Orange Walk South to talk. Let me tell you, yes."

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte - Speaker of the House
"Members, members, why are you all embarrassing yourselves."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"You are the one who was caught red handed contrabanding beers. You are the one who your own party members were upset."

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte
"Members! Please sit down. Why are you doing this to yourselves? This is the last person to speak for the day and this is what you do? Come on, man. I am talking to two of them. When we behave like this, this is what we inspire."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"Had it not been for the Prime Minister, he would have been arrested for those beers. They would have arrested him."

Hon. John Briceno - Area Representative, Orange Walk Central
"Does he want me to remind him when he was caught with a container- I have never spoken about it publicly. He asked me for help, and I helped him. But, he was caught with a whole container load of contraband in 1998. He asked me for help, Mr. Speaker, and I helped him, so that he didn't get in trouble. Man, stop pointing fingers like that. I have never spoken about this, Mr. Speaker. I have been very quiet about it. But let him stop it, man."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"Mr. Speaker. I want to remind the Hon. Briceno, the member for Orange Walk Central that I would never ask him for any favour because I know what he is made out of."

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte
"Sit down, Member."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"And I want to remind him that I remember when I was charged for undervaluing. That case went to court, and I won the case, unlike your dad that when to jail for drug trafficking."

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte

Hon Gaspar Vega
"I want to remind the member from Orange Walk South that had it not been for the Chief from BDF, they would have locked you up in Chetumal the first day because you took a gun to Chetumal illegally. Thank you, Mr. Speaker."�

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