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The San Pedro Sun

NAC/CCM Island Committee and C-Net Present Survey Review of HIV Health Care in Belize
On Saturday February 8th, the National Aids Commission Island Committee held a meeting for its members at the San Pedro High School that saw presentations from guest speaker and Executive Director of the Collaborative Network for Persons Living with HIV (C-Net) Eric Castellańos. The presentation encompassed the results of surveys that made up the 2012 Regional Report on the Evaluation of Health Services and the Quality of Comprehensive Care for people living with HIV/AIDS. While the survey entailed statistical reports from the entire Central American region, Castellańos’ presentation primarily focused on Belize. The information gave insight on how persons living with HIV feel towards the services they receive from the various systems in Health Care System. In Belize, 818 health care patients were interviewed to determine the services of eight hospitals that were reviewed through the survey.

The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club tops Corozal Bay Regatta
Top ten sailors included: Trent Hardwick (Sea Scouts) in 6th, Christian Trejo (SPJSC) in 7th, Antonio Ricardez Jr. (BCSC) in 8th, Jazmin Campos (CBSC) in 9th and Sal Scott (PSC) in 10th. Other participating member of the SPJSC included: Samantha Velasquez in 12th, Beverly Medrano in 18th, Katie Maxson in 23rd, Kenny Vasquez in 29th, Gabbi Knox in 34th and Kathryn Salinas in 40th. San Pedro independent candidates included: Sarah White in 13th, Gorge Olivarez in 15th, Mitchell Sersland in 19th and David Syme in 42nd place. The SPJSC’s elite competition team includes 12 optimist sailors trained by Agustin Terra Brandes under the supervision of Commodore Graham Verralls and Vice Commodore Jeff Bella. Practices are held in front of San Pedro Holiday Hotel. SPJSC’s next two regattas will include the Buttonwood Bay Regatta on Saturday, March 8th and the Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta on Sunday, March 9th, both to be held in Belize City. The San Pedro Sun congratulates all sailors on an excellent regatta! Keep up the hard work!

PUP issues deadline on Compol Allen Whylie to criminally charge Elvin Penner
The People’s United Party (PUP) has given the Commission of Police (Compol) Allen Whylie seven days to act against Honorable Elvin Penner and criminally charge him for wrongdoings. In a six page letter, dated Friday February 7th, and served to the Compol’s office on Monday February 10th, the PUP outlines evidence incriminating the Former Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security with responsibility of the Nationality and Passport Department in a passport scandal. If Compol Whylie fails to charge Penner in seven days, the PUP will ask the courts to force Compol Whylie to execute his duties as mandated by law. The letter points out the illegal issuance of a Belize Nationally Certificate number 28577/13 dated April 22, 2013 and a Belize Passport number P-0246777 dated September 8, 2013 issued to criminal fugitive South Korean national, Won Hong Kim. “We have been instructed by the Leader of [the] Opposition, Honorable Francis Fonseca to write to you on this matter of national importance. The measure is taken, having regard to the fact that five months have passed and the investigation continues. This poses grave concern to our client, who has a constitutional responsibility to, among other things, ensure that the rule of law is upheld in this country,” states the letter in which it points out a similar case before the Privy Council in a case from Trinidad and Tobago.

Sunshine Scholarship Foundation – giving children a brighter future
Potential scholarship recipients will be identified by Martinez. Each student will be screened by the foundations’panel of administration to determine whether the child is deserving of the scholarship. “Sunshine Scholarship Foundation is not a welfare program. We are not giving students scholarship only because they need it financially, but also because they deserve it and want their education,” said Dirnback. Scholarship recipients will be expected to maintain a minimum “B” grade average and attend classes regularly. In addition both Martinez and the Board of Directors will monitor the progress of each child in the program. Parents of the scholarship recipients will be required to ensure that their child’s performance at school is maintained. If the child’s performance drops or does not meet the grade and attendance requirements, the scholarships will be taken away and given to a more deserving student. According to Dirnback, the initial stages of the foundation will provide scholarships only to students from the Isla Bonita Elementary School. As the foundation grows, additional scholarship opportunities will be given to students from other institution in San Pedro. The foundation is supported by generous donations from the business and the private community. “Donations will give Belizean children the opportunity to ignite the power and potential within them to become leaders, problem solvers and successful students,” said Dirnback.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize Archaeology Symposium 2014
This year's Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium will be held from July 1st through July 4th. It'll be at the Bedran Hall in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, like normal. The theme for this year is 'Ancient Maya Domestic Economy.' The deadline for submission of extracts is March 7th, and early registration starts on March 31st.

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge Finishes
The Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge, the 3 day eco-themed race through MPR, has finished. The YogaSlackers won the race. More pictures to come. "Team YogaSlackers/ are the official first place finishers of the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge! They came in to Cahal Pech Village Resort at 12:36pm. Followed shortly by Team Odyssey at 1:14pm! Great job, racers!"

Cayo Students are Positively Influential Motivated Persons
Bert Oliva and the Motivational Missionaries offered free motivational seminars in Cayo on Thursday and Friday. They filled the Mount Carmel auditorium on Thursday, and the Bedran Hall at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel yesterday. Students were taught to be PIMPs, Positively Influential Motivated Persons. This is the third year that they've toured around Belize to help motivate our youth. Thanks, Motivational Missionaries!

I’guana go to Heaven
Cruz Cambranes wrote a nice article for the CTGA about the passing of Gomez, king of the Green Iguana Conservation Project. "Our beloved iguana named Gomez passed away. Gomez was a very famous iguana at the Iguana Conservation Project located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. He was loved by the staff, by the many Belizean children that visited the grounds on their school trip and by the hundreds of tourists that come to learn about the project. Gomez was 16 sixteen years old, as old as the project itself. Because of his interaction with the iguana handlers and growing up around many visiting people, he was very tame and calm. Adults and children could feed, pet and hold him. He loved being scratched on the back of his neck."

Le Petit Art School
Le Petit Art School is a new after school art program located in Belmopan. They are accepting 10 students between the ages of 7 and 13. Classes start on March 4th. You can download their registration form from their site. "Our after school art program is designed to inspire creativity, forge pioneers, broaden the imagination of your little artists while having fun. We will encourage your child to DREAM BIG. Men such as Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raphael Sanzio and many more changed the known world simply by daring to DREAM BIG."

Illegal Rosewood harvest in the Sarstoon Temash National Park
The issue of illegal Rosewood harvesting has disappeared from the national news headlines. But the practice is still going on in the Toledo district. But this time it appears to be the handiwork of Guatemalans who enter Belize illegally to cut the precious hardwood. On February 6, our Toledo correspondent Juan Caal was embedded with a team on rangers from the Sarstoon Temash National Park that was on a patrol in the area of Black Creek. The area is near to the Belize-Guatemala border and during their patrol, the rangers came across what appeared to be a well-planned operation, including about three dozen rosewood flitches and fuel, believed to have been used to illegally harvest the rosewood trees. The illegal loggers, apparently tipped off of the approaching patrol, dispersed into the jungle.


Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Saturdee n' Nerma's Kitchin..makin …
My sist'r Nerma an' I ofte talkt about makin perogies/varenechi togeth'r an' aft'r thay had thar kitchin reno done she suggestid we make 'um n' hern kitchin an' enjoy a meal togeth'r wit air husban's. We kum happilee wit camera n' han'. Nerma mixet an' rollet an' I pinchet perogies. Jack watchet ov'r t'boileeun' process an' John made shure all wuz done rite..oh an' he took photos wen I wuz busy. Nerma’s Cottage Cheez Perogies..we use t'same recipe. 1 cup whippyun' creem er y'all a'ken use half an' half, I reckon t'whippyun' creem makes t'dough mer tend'r. 1 cup milk 2 egg whites (save yolks fer t'cottage cheez fillin) 1/2 teespoon salt 5 cups flour (plus xtrey y'all neet fer rolleeun' t'dough)

International Sources

Fodor's Belize
The new Fodor's Belize by yrs truly was just published by Fodor's Travel/Random House. Belize might just have the greatest variety of flora and fauna of any country of its size in the world. Offshore the Belize Barrier Reef, a great wall of coral, stretches the entire 200-mile-length of the coast. And archaeologists have identified more than 600 significant Mayan sites in Belize. Fodor's guide gives you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip, whether you want a scuba adventure, a getaway to a secluded jungle lodge, or barefoot luxury in a peaceful beach town. Expanded Coverage: We cover the new hotel and restaurants in Belize City, as well as exciting developments in remote jungle areas such as the Cayo and up-and-coming beach communites such as Placencia Peninsula. Plus an entire chapter is devoted to Tikal, one of the world's greatest Mayan ruins, just over the border in Guatemala. Gorgeous color-photo insert: The beauty of Belize is highlighted in an 8-page color feature on "Top Experiences". Indispensable Trip Planning Tools:

Grenada to host OAS corruption commission
A commission from the Organization of American States (OAS) is to visit Grenada in April as part of the follow up process of the Inter American Convention against Corruption. The Commission from the OAS Mechanism for Follow-Up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC) says it will conduct an on-site visit to the Caribbean island from April 22-24. The Commission will meet with representatives from the main oversight bodies of Grenada. “The purpose of the visit is to collect information in the field about how these organs perform their functions, which serve as inputs for the preparation of the report to be drawn up by the MESICIC on Grenada in its September 2014 meeting,” the Commission said in a statement.

The Caves of Belize Reveal the Secrets of the Maya
Deep in Mayan Country: In Belize you can stretch out on a tranquil Caribbean beach, explore rich jungle, or venture far into ancient Mayan caves. THE SKY HANGS heavy in the early morning, almost dropping into the forest canopy. My guide, Jorge de Leon, and I weave our way in a jeep along red-earth tracks, deep into the Belize jungle. Finally...