Just spoke to my mom. She said that since it has mostly stopped raining some of the streets are clearing, but the water is sure to come back when the river flooding starts. The road from Belize City to Ladyville is flooded. Need very high vehicles to get through. Which is going to make it difficult to get in from the airport. Also the western road is flooded so people in the shelters in Belmopan are flooded. Guatemala had opened its borders to allow Belizeans to shelter in its schools etc. since the shelters in Cayo were getting crowded so some of those people are stuck there too. There are reports that the river in Esperanza is 40 feet over the normal level and its raining in the highlands (ok higher land) right now. The people on Caye Caulker are ok eventhough they had structural damage. My uncle Neil's (Neil Bradley of Jan's Deli) house on the north side of the split was damaged significantly. However there is a boat leaving at 10am to take food and water. There is a food shortage on Caye Caulker. Also private citizens are going to check on relatives etc.

Another worry right now is the rural villages in Belzie district. Villages like Mascall and others in the Belize River Valley area need food and other supplies and it will be very difficult to get in and out of the area especially after the rivers flood.

Human Development Services has already began to organize food and clothing to distribute. The people in the shelters in Belize City are starting to run out of food. Also, they are evacuating people in the rural Orange Walk district who live close to the rivers (eg Douglas village) because they are expecting the rivers to flood.

The Mexican's have reported an increase in the Rio Hondo river but it is not yet significant.

As usual, Belizean have already started to help their own and are yet again beginning to pick up the pieces. God bless Belize!