In mid-January, there was a legitimate h1n1 scare in Belize after a 29 year old female died from what appears to have been a particularly virulent strain of the influenza virus.
But since then, we haven't heard much on the other samples which were sent for testing. Well, first off, no one else has died from influenza type illness. But, after more than a month, the test results are back.

The ministry of health reports that 168 persons have been swabbed for h1n1 samples countrywide; only 17 of those have come back positive for H1N1 from different parts of the country with no specific geographic pattern. That's a positive reporting rate of 19%.

Presently, the Ministry is awaiting 3 more confirmation tests for H1N1.

Routine surveillance for h1n1 cases continues - but the worst is believed to have passed as the flu season is winding down.

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