A San Ignacio cop is in the hot seat after being accused of extorting money from a Santa Elena couple. Police constable Henry Nunez was arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate Court last Friday for extortion; after pleading not guilty, he obtained bail of two thousand dollars and was released. The report against Nunez was made by Miguel Reque�a of La Loma Luz Boulevard, Santa Elena Town. He claims that last Tuesday he received a phone call from his mother, who informed him that police had stopped her by the roundabout junction of La Loma Luz Boulevard for a traffic offense. Miguel headed to the scene and on arrival was approached by his father, Francis Reque�a, who asked him for three hundred dollars. Miguel claims that he saw when his father gave the money to the officer who was seated on the rear seat of the vehicle. After the report was made, Reque�a was picked out in an ID parade.

Channel 5