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The San Pedro Sun

Maestro Carlos Perrote to host 2nd Annual Summer Music Camp
Maestro Carlos Perrote has announced the dates of the 2nd Annual Summer Music Camp. Last year, the children of San Pedro participated in the first camp, which was a huge success, and allowed children the opportunity to have a productive summer while learning the fine art of music. There was no doubt that the camp would become an annual summer activity. 2014's camp will take place from July 26thto August 15that the San Pedro High School campus. Even more exciting news is that this year adults can join in on the fun too! Also a new addition to the Summer Music Camp will be Saturday classes for specialized instruments. Classes schedule is as follows: guitar classes from 8:30AM to 10:30AM and keyboards from11AM to 1PM. These classes will be offered for children of all ages, each child must bring their own instruments. The program will include three classes for $120. Following the weeks of instruction, on August 15th a concert will be held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium starting at 10AM, and will showcase the participants of both the music camp and the students of Perrote's weekly music classes. Everyone is invited to come out and support the young artists at the free concert. Anyone interested in more information on the summer program can contact organizer Elisabeth Hobarth at telephone 226-3755 between the hours of 7AM to 4PM or email at [email protected]. Space is limited so early registration is encouraged.

Police Report
Zaira Rivas, Salvadorian National, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on Monday, February 24th while she was sleeping in her home; her common-law husband came home, under the influence of alcohol and started arguing with her. To avoid problems, Rivas left the room and went outside and sat on the entrance of the house. While sitting, she felt someone grab her from her foot. She noticed it was her common-law husband, Edward Ozaeta. Rivas then took her slippers and threw it at him so that he would let her go. But Ozaeta then took a pint bottle and swung it towards her. The bottle hit Rivas in the head which immediately begun to bleed. Ozaeata left the house after the incident, at which time Rivas went to a private clinic to receive medical assistance. Rivas has requested court action.

Pablo Garcia to appear in season two of The Belize Apprentice
San Pedro Town's very own Pablo Garcia made the cut and will be part of the cast for the second season of The Belize Apprentice. The Belize Apprentice is a reality television show in which aspiring young men and women compete for the chance to work in one of the most prominent banks in Belize, The Belize Bank. With the success of the first season, the show is back and is scheduled to air in March 2014 on Channel 5. The show is modeled after the US and UK Apprentice Shows. In the US, The Apprentice Show is managed by Donald Trump, where a group of business people partake in an elimination style competition to win a dream job at one of Trump's companies. Similarly, The Belize Apprentice will allow the winner to obtain a dynamic position as the "apprentice" within The Belize Bank family,complete with attractive salary.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize at Miss Universe 1979, Video
On July 20, 1979 at the Perth Entertainment Centre in Perth, Australia 75 delegates from all over the world took the stage as they began their quest for the Miss Universe crown. Among them, was Miss Belize, 19 year-old Sarita Diana Acosta. Amazingly, and against the odds, Belize was called as part of the Top 12 semifinalists. What was even more amazing was that Miss Bermuda was also called, and for the first time in history two black delegates made it to the semifinals. Miss Bermuda Gina Swainson actually finished as first runner-up to Venezuela's Maritza Sayalero who captured the crown (Venezuela's first of many). Gina went on to compete at Miss World later that year in London and captured the Miss World crown for Bermuda. Sarita, unfortunately, failed to advance to the Top 5. However, she only just missed out by an average of a mere 0.107 points. She was very close to making Top 5 and her performance was very strong, so much so that almost 35 years later we're still so very proud of her. Please enjoy this video montage of Sarita during the Miss Universe 1979 pageant.

Wet Season / Dry Season
The official Wet season - One criterion for the onset of the rainy season is two consecutive days of rainfall accumulation of 30 mm or more, and four of the following seven days are rain days of 1 mm rainfall accumulation or more. Or put simpler, over 31mm ( 1ź") Rain in a Week. So Perhaps Dry season, is less than 2.5mm ( 0.1" ) Rain in a Week. If that is so, then we are now in the Dry Season, as I have now Recorded a total of 0.0mm Rain over the last 7 Days. Typically we get about 50 - 55mm, <2mm /day Av. ( 0.07" ) in March and April.and the first half of May. [ >1mm ( 0.04" ) is classified worldwide as a Rain day ]

Colourful wigs for Carnaval
Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Deputy Mayor Guillero "Mito" Paz, on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, donated a bunch of colorful wigs to the "Los Barbos" Comparsa Group for their Comparsa presentation for Carnaval 2014. Receiving the donation was group member Mike Hancock.

Carnaval 2014 preparations have begun!
Covering up!

Deon McCauley has been officially released
The Management of the Belmopan Bandits Football Club hereby announces that Deon McCauley has been officially released to the Atlanta Silverbacks at no cost to any of the parties involved. We had requested a small transfer fee of US$4,000 which we considered more than reasonable but it appears that because the Atlanta Silverbacks were not informed of the existence of a contract at the time of their signing of Deon McCauley, and because Deon McCauley continues to deny to them the existence of such a contract, they were not prepared to meet the request of the Belmopan Bandits FC. The Belmopan Bandits FC would have therefore been within its legal rights as recognized by the Football Federation of Belize, who are aware of the contract and its legitimacy, to refuse to grant the release since this unfortunate situation was entirely the making of Deon McCauley.

La Ruta Maya Cultural Night
The La Ruta Maya Cultural night is next week, Thursday, March 6th, at the Cayo Welcome Center. The World Culture Band will be playing. The LRM Cultural Night is one of the best parts of the race.

World Water Day Poster Competition
The DoE's World Water Day committee is having a poster competition for primary school students. The poster should have the theme of water and energy. The posters should be submitted by March 19th. First place winner will get a laptop. Good luck to all."Please pass this flyer along or tell as many primary school students or their parents as you can. Don't let a child miss out on a great opportunity to showcase their talent and possibly win a fabulous prize!!!!!"

Flavors of Belize Online
Flavors of Belize is online. Check out their latest issue.

Western Regional Secondary Schools Association Championship Girls
Congratulations to the female softball team of the Alvin L. Young Nazarene High School of San Jose Succotz village for winning the Western Regional Secondary Schools Association Championship.

Western Regional Secondary Schools Association Championship Boys
Congratulations to the Belmopan Comprehensive School Male Softball team for winning the Western Regional Secondary Schools Association championship. And here is the championship trophy.

Marijuana in corn flakes box; woman charged
A woman from Corozal has been arraigned on drug trafficking charges. She is Kenisha Yvonne Esquivel Cau, 25, a resident of Alta Mira area of Corozal town. According to police reports, Esquivel Cau was busted at the northern border, allegedly with 1,189 grams or just over two pounds of suspected cannabis stuffed into a corn flakes box. Police reports say that during routine checks, Customs Officers noticed Esquivel Cau carrying the box of Choco Zucaritas corn flakes in her hands. The Customs Officers also observed that the corn flakes box had a transparent plastic tape under it and appeared too heavy to be corn flakes.

CGA and Banks move forward with MOU
The long-standing impasse in the citrus industry is closer to resolution following the signing of a memorandum of understanding among all the stakeholders: the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) and its Investment Company, Banks Holdings of Barbados, financial partners Heritage and First Caribbean Banks and the Social Security Board, which will step in in place of the latter. The new 7-member board gives two directors to each major shareholders and one each to Heritage, SSB in place of FCIB and GOB, subject to approval of a $19 million SSB investment in CPBL by the Board of Directors.

Will Supreme Court force Compol to investigate Penner?
On Monday at 11:30, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will say whether Police Commissioner Allen Whylie will be forced to investigate former Minister of State Elvin Penner for alleged violations of the Passport and Nationality Acts. The Commissioner has ignored a request by letter from the PUP to proceed ahead of the statute of limitations expiring in March and today he flatly said, "I have no comment. I have no comment," over the media's shouted questions as he left court.

Street repairs and upgrade continue in Punta Gorda
Infrastructure work is continuing around Punta Gorda town. The work on cementing certain streets is an initiative being undertaken by the Town Council, under the leadership of Mayor Anthony Fuentes. Mayor Fuentes tells Belize Media Group that the ongoing street fixing exercise will help to "better the environment for residents of Punta Gorda" and at the same time "contribute to the development of the town." Mayor Fuentes says he hopes that the infrastructure work will be completed before the start of the rainy season.

Women going to plant coconuts at the Belize border
A group of women is heading to the Belize-Guatemala border on Saturday morning. The trip to Belize's southern border on Saturday morning is to plant coconut trees. The trip is an initiative by the People's National Party under the leadership of Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers. According to Maheia the coconut planting trip is part of activities to kick off Women's Month and "to build more awareness in protecting our borderline." Organizers of Saturday's trip are hoping that the coconut trees will, in the future, serve to point out exactly where Belize's border with Guatemala lies.

Kite Festival of Belize
Windy day activities are only part of the charm; join in the "Kite Festival" fun this March 9th, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m. on Marine Parade Boulevard, Belize City. Learn the skills of kite-making from the pros and witness an assortment of kites dancing to the glide of the Caribbean breeze. There will even be a special appearance by Ben the Builder! Kite Festival of Belize Windy day activities are only part of the charm; join in the "Kite Festival" fun this March 9th, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m. on Marine Parade Boulevard, Belize City. Learn the skills of kite-making from the pros and witness an assortment of kites dancing to the glide of the Caribbean breeze. There will even be a special appearance by Ben the Builder!

Carnival 2014 in Chetumal
Carnival 2014 opens with a spectacular parade last night "Al Estilo Chetumal" (meaning, celebrated "Chetumal's Style" . Thousands of city residents and visitors from different states, including neighbouring Belize, lined up the principal streets of Chetumal last night, to witness a colourful display of humanity in grand style, swaying and dancing to the most ever popular Caribbean and local rhythms. Popular Belizean artist, Loverboy will be making a special appearance on Saturday's (today) parade beginning around 6:00 p.m. Best views are through Avenida Alvaro Obregon, Avenida Heroes but recommend an early view from the Boulevard. The Corozal Daily wishes to congratulate Mariana Zorrilla de Borge, who is the state's president in human development and family life, that is responsible for organizing such a massive, energetic and colourful parade. Lots of work went into organizing this grand event. A special applause was given to the farmers and the community workers who also participated (Red Cross, farmers, hospital, city workers, etc.) The carnival or "el Carnaval" was inaugurated at a special ceremony held on February 26th at the "Esplanada de Las Banderas" and attended by the Mayor of Othon P. Blanco (Chetumal), Mr. Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui. You don't want to miss it tonight �! Come early, enjoy and be safe �!

Queen of Chetumal's Carnival 2014
More photos


Cyclist Gets Clipped on Highway
An Orange Walk Town resident is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital recovering after he was involved in a road incident earlier today. According to reports, 36-year-old, Anthony Bartley of a San Narciso Street address was riding his bicycle on the Philip Goldson Highway in the area of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District when he was clipped by a house structure being transported on a six wheeler truck belonging to RG Home Builders of Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District. The truck driver, Samuel Mendoza was traveling north towards Orange Walk when due to an oncoming bus had to make a shift to the right side where Bartley was riding his bicycle. As a result, Bartley received a cut wound to his head and was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and subsequently moved to the KHMH in Belize City where he remains under observation in a stable condition. Meanwhile, Mendoza has been served with a notice of intended prosecution by the Orange Walk Police.

McCauley Free to Play with Atlanta Silverbacks
Yesterday, Love News Centre did an interview with the father of the football superstar, Deon McCauley who had informed us that while they are ecstatic about his son's recent contract with the Atlanta Silverbacks, they were having some difficulties with the management of the Belmopan Bandits, who did not want to release McCauley from his football contract. Well, earlier today we were informed via a release that the Belmopan Bandits Football Club has officially released McCauley to the Atlanta Silverbacks at no cost to any of the parties involved. The release added that while they had requested a transfer fee of four thousand US dollars, their request was not met as the US football team was not made aware of an existing contract that the Belize club had with McCauley. The document further stated that while they would have been within their legal right to deny the release, they have decided to grant it as they do see it as an opportunity for McCauley and a move that the nation would support. In ending, the management of the football club stated, "�we trust that the public is now sufficiently informed about the processes and protocols of football and will not endorse a repeat of this type of behavior by a player or a foreign club.

Protection for the Jaguars
A conservation agreement was signed earlier this week between the Government of Belize, UB's Environmental Research Institute and the Wild Cat Conservation Organization, PANTHERA. The three partners are working together in an effort to bring about initiatives that are science based which will secure and connect jaguars and their habitats in Belize and beyond. The initiatives will also facilitate land development that is both ecologically sustainable and economically profitable and will also lessen the human-jaguar conflict in the country. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Its decreasing population is primarily due to deforestation rates, human persecution and human-jaguar conflict. Belize's location is crucial in such a venture as it serves as an integral link that connects jaguars within all jaguar populations south of Belize. This MOU now represents Panthera's sixth jaguar conservation agreement with a Latin American government.


IIC Launches FINPYME ExportPlus in Belize
With an opening conference in Belize City, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) will launch its flagship export program, FINPYME ExportPlus, in Belize, in conjunction with the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), IIC's key partner in Belize. Apart from the launch, the one-week event will consist of a series of trainings on resources and tools to improve the export competitiveness and capacities of over 35 local exporters. The trainings will be in the export development areas of certification, operations, and management processes: Certification Processes- includes sanitation, health & packaging, quality etc. Operational Processes- includes production chains, quality control, and logistics Managerial Processes- marketing, strategic planning, foreign sales etc. A representative from the Trade and Economic Counselor of the Wallonia Region of Belgium, sponsor of the FINPYME ExportPlus program in Belize, has noted:

"Ladies Night" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Got up around 05.00 hours yesterday. Same routine as most days. Make ((Make? Who am I kidding! Spoon of coffee from the jar in to a mug and pour boiling water on to it - the only skill (?) required is to make sure you don't pour too much water from the kettle. And even I can do that. If I pay attention!)) a mug of coffee, pick up the iPad and carry both to the veranda (opening the sliding door first, of course). The start of the day then was much the same as it is most days. Or was it? No, definitely not. Why? Well I just couldn't enjoy my 'me time'. I tried to savour the smells, sounds and sights (even when dark there are still things to see) of the early morning. Failing, I brought The Times up online but couldn't really concentrate on and enjoy what, for me, is normally a good read. I kept thinking of the test later in the morning that Rose and I had to pass if we were to gain Masters (boat captain) Licenses. The test was scheduled for 11.00 hours at the Port of Belize office which is located south of the DFC area but first we had a further practice session at Caribbean Villas Hotel at 09.00 hours. So, after showering, shaving (me that is, not Rose), dressing and having breakfast we set off at around 08.45 hours.

Belize is obligated under international law to protect the Maya people's rights to their lands and natural resources
1. Belize is obligated, by its own legal commitments in international human rights treaties, to recognize and protect indigenous peoples' rights to land and resources. In addition, customary international law requires Belize to uphold these rights apart from its treaty commitments. 2. The Constitution of Belize guarantees the fundamental rights of all Belizeans to property, non-discrimination, life, and security of the person. The Interpretation Act instructs this Court to interpret the Constitution in a manner consistent with its obligations under relevant international law. A summary of the relevant international legal obligations follows. I. Belize is obligated under international law to protect the Maya people's rights to their lands and natural resources 3. The Constitution affirms, in Section 3, that "every person in Belize is entitled �, whatever his race, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed or sex, to � protection from arbitrary deprivation of property," and in Section 17 further states that every person is entitled to protection from the arbitrary deprivation of "property of any description."

How to Travel from Utila, Honduras to Placencia, Belize
After a month in Utila, Honduras, my husband and I indulged in many lazy daze on the bay (literally, that was the name of our guesthouse) interspersed with a daily snorkel session and walk through town. Our stay on the island was coming to an end though, which meant a kick in the pants for our day-to-day pace of life. On Sunday morning we started our two day trip from Utila, Honduras, to Placencia, Belize with our backpacks, bottles of water, and snacks for the day. At 5.45am we walked to the Utila Princess ferry dock to buy tickets for the 6.20am trip to mainland Honduras (by the way, the ferry has been relocated to the eastern part of Utila Town until Sept. 2014 while they are repairing the main dock). Each ticket comes with a complimentary tablet of anti-nausea medicine, which leaves little mystery as to why this ferry is affectionately nicknamed the Vomit Comet.

International Sources

The Best Time To Book A Plane Ticket, According To New Study
Finally, there's a scientific answer to that magic number of days before a flight when tickets are at their cheapest. The answer? Are you ready? Are you reeeally ready? Fifty-four days before takeoff is, on average, when domestic airline tickets are at their absolute lowest price. And if you don't hit 54 days on the head, you should usually book between 104 to 29 days before your trip -- within the "prime booking window" -- for the lowest possible prices. In this window, ticket prices typically hover within $10 of the lowest price they'll ever reach. At least that's what the data from 2013 tells us. The folks at CheapAir spent the last year analyzing over four million airline trips. They tracked ticket prices from 320 days before takeoff all the way up until the day before, calculating precisely which day each one hit its lowest point.