After the latest horrific shooting that occurred on the 6thmarch 2014, and the subsequent radio/TV talk show, it has become apparent that there are a lot of licensed gun owners on the island who are not familiar with the laws of Belize concerning the owning and the carrying of handguns, also, as there is no requirement for people to receive training in the use and safe handling of handguns, we at Ambergris Caye Gun Club, have decided to open the club to membership applications early.

We had intended to open the club when we had the firing range ready, but we feel that in light of the recent tragic event, we should open the club now and start giving instruction on firearm safety and the law as it applies to gun ownership.

The Ambergris Caye Gun Club will be open to all licensed handgun owners, provided they meet the clubs requirements. The club will, among other things, provide instruction on gun control, safety and gun maintenance.

When the range is open it will provide a safe environment for members to practice shooting technics, and competitions will be held along with other events, all directed to improve your gun skills while having some fun as well.

For more information about the club and application forms and fees.

Please contact [email protected]


If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.
A bullet fired,cannot be called back.