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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Abandoned and Parental Concern
Dear Doctor Love, I have been in the only long term relationship of my life for the last two years. He was going to school but a year ago he was going to drop out because he lost his job. I had him move in with me and I helped him financially until he got through this crisis. Now, he is going to a different school and he lives in another town. I thought everything was going well until we had a minor argument and he used it as an excuse to end the relationship.

In Loving memory of John Albert Belisle
In Loving memory of John Albert Belisle who departed one sad year ago and dearly missed by family members, friends and children Nigel, Sherlett, Sherlene, John Jr., Karen and Christopher Belisle. "And he will wipe away every tears from their eyes, and there will no longer be any death, there will no longer be any mourning or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away." Revelation 21:4

Wolfe's Woofer: Ten Pounds
I got up from the table at Estel's Restaurant and Charlie asked, "What's the big rush today? You've only had one cup of coffee." "I have to go to the doctor's office for a quick checkup," I told him. "I'll be back shortly." As I sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office a man came in with a newborn baby. The baby was crying loudly and nonstop. When the nurse came out and said, "Next," I told him to go ahead of me. I never could stand to hear a baby cry. The door to the examination room was not completely closed and the doctor had to speak loudly over the crying of the baby.

Misc Belizean Sources

Happy Baron Bliss Day! (Heroes & Benefactors's Day)
San Pedro Town Council offices will be closed today, Monday, March 10 in lieu to Baron Bliss Day. We will resume to regular working hours on Tuesday, March 11. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Have a Great one!

La Ruta Maya: First 10 paddlers have crossed finish line at Henderson's Bank. They are as follows:
1: Belize Bank Bulldogs 2: BTL Cobb's Arm 3: Joseph & Taylor Steelers 4: NICH 5: Westrac 6: Wateva Boys 7: Happy Cow Natius 8: Black Orchid 9: Coast Guard Ace 10: Coast Guardian

Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss
(16 February 1869 - 9 March 1926), was a British-born traveller who willed almost 2 MILLION US dollars, more so some one million, eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The British government decided to contest the matter in court. As a result, at least a quarter of the original amount given to the country by Baron Bliss was taken out for British taxes. Every year, on the 9th March, wreaths are placed on the tomb of Baron Bliss in memory of the great benefactor. The day is celebrated as a public and bank holiday, and a harbour regatta is held in remembrance of a man who loved the sea and who left Belize over a million dollars for its use. Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss was an Englishman born in England. Before leaving England he lived at Quarry Court, Marlow, in the County of Buckingham, England. He was an Engineer by profession, and was married to Ethel Alice Baroness Bliss to whom he left a settlement covenant before traveling abroad. Nothing is known about how Baron Bliss acquired his wealth, whether through his profession, business, or inheritance, or all three. At some time in his adult life he inherited the title of the 4th Baron Bliss of the Kingdom of Portugal, succeeding to ancestor relative who held the position before. Tragedy struck the Baron when, in 1911, at the age of 42 he was attacked by paralysis, which affected him from his waist downwards. He had always been a keen fisherman, and although confined to a wheelchair, he maintained his enthusiasm for his favourite sport.

YWCA Cultural Experience
The YWCA is having a cultural fair Tuesday, March 11th, starting at 10:00am, at the Cancha Marshalleck, which has yet another new spelling for this flier. It'll focus on the Mayan and Mestizo cultures, and there will be cultural presentations, arts and crafts, food and drinks. "The Belize YWCA is mandated to empower women and youth to lead change and has assumed that responsibility of reaching far and near to empower all in order to promote change, March 11 is a date designated to be a Maya Mestizo Day at the Marshall Eck Cancha, come visit the booths and let us all enjoy, learn and take advantage from this unique experience at our town."

La Ruta Maya Pictures
Will Moreno captured some great pictures from La Ruta Maya. Tonight is the last night, and the big party is in Burrell Boom. Have fun!

More pictures from Banana Bank:

Pictures from today's start:

SPSUN Senior Reporter Jorge Aldana reports from day three of the Ruta Maya River Challenge
Day three of the La Ruta Maya River Challenge kicked off from Double Head Cabbage and made its way to Burrell Boom and Henderson's Bank. As expected, hundreds of Belizeans crowded the river banks along the Belize River in Isabella Bank, Bermudian Landing Flower's Bank and even in Burrell Boom to cheer on their favorite teams. Despite a controversial start, spirits were high for the competitors. Paddlers were given periodic time warnings at the start of the race and what appears to be an accidental start blast caused confusion with several top paddlers who were unprepared for the takeoff. In fact, top teams such as Belize Bank Bulldogs were not ready when the blast went off and were the last team to leave Double Head Cabbage. But by the time the participants reached Bermudian Landing, the Belize Bank Team had caught up and maintained their lead up to the finish of the third leg of the challenge. The fourth day and final leg of the race starts at 9AM on Monday, March 10th from Burrell Boom and will conclude in Belize City to culminate the four-day challenge. (6 photos)

Belize Trade Delegation visit to Mexico City
Belize and Mexico have for some time now expressed interest in pursuing a Partial Scope Agreement. Progress with this agenda continues to be made through communication at diplomatic and other levels with both countries reiterating the need for this Agreement. At the VII Meeting of the Belize Mexico Bi-National Commission in Belize, both countries reiterated their commitment to proceed with negotiations for a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA). On Monday, 03 March 2014, The Belize Delegation met with a high level team of officials from the Secretaria de Econom�a in Mexico City. The primary objective of the meeting was to discuss and agree on the General Framework and a schedule for negotiating a Partial Scope Agreement between Belize and the United Mexican States.

SDBCBelize Beltraide (Taller de Desarrollo de Capacidades)
SDBCBelize Beltraide (Taller de Desarrollo de Capacidades)" A la luz de pr�ximos desarrollos de inversi�n en el sur de Belice, un taller de capacitaci�n de una semana, ejecutado por SBDCBelize Beltraide con fondos aprobados desde Compete Caribbean, tuvo lugar en Placencia Village en colaboraci�n con el Consejo de la aldea de Placencia. Este taller estuvo dirigido a la orientaci�n de nuevos y existentes empresarios con el fin de mejorar sus habilidades de negocios, servicios profesionales y normas.

RIP: Svea Dietrich Ward
Svea Dietrich Ward, German-born conservationist, citizen of Belize, who sailed oceans with Morgan Freeman, who built her own airplanes, who flew solo across Australia, who once crash-landed on a runway in Connecticut circa 1972 (too accustomed to water-landings), who was cover-model for the German Vogue magazine (c. 1950s) [which I'd love to somehow track down], who raced horses, who reared Arabians and was founding member of the Belize Arabian Stud Book, who had her own farm, who founded the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve off a huge parcel of her private land (and barred access to humans except on scientific expeditions), who had a reputation for cantankerousness, who despite being difficult was very fond of my father-her veterinarian, whom my family often visited, whose books and magazines we would pour over whenever visiting, who loved her dobermanns, who disliked children and who had a gun (as my parents told us kids before visiting), who was openly misanthropic, and yet whom I still found compelling and fascinating, whose house we'd caretake when she was away, whose horses we had cared for and fed with a particular mixture devised for each one, whose gates I'd ALWAYS carefully secure (the same for Rosanne), in whose presence I'd tiptoe, and who could be a real 'pain-in-the-ass'... I doubt anyone expected her to go gentle into that good night; but so she passed away and I'll miss her.

Indian community celebrates spring festival

National Heroes and Benefactors Day observed
March 9, is National Heroes and Benefactors Day, formerly Baron Bliss Day. Originally observing the contributions of the Portuguese Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss to Belize on his passing in 1926, the holiday has been expanded to honor all national heroes of Belize, particularly former Prime Minister and Father of the Nation Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price and Philip Goldson. The annual Harbor Regatta along the sea coast took place under the aegis of the Belize Sailing Association and there is a kite festival ongoing at BTL Park. Tomorrow, the annual wreath-laying at the Baron's grave will be observed, and then Belizeans will gather at the Belcan Bridge to watch the end of the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge.

Indian community celebrates spring festival
The actual holiday will not be celebrated until next week Monday, but Belize's Indian community was not about to pass up a good time. Today at the Downtown Plaza Parking Lot on Bishop Street it hosted a fair to mark the official observance of the religious holiday Holi, or the Festival of Colors. It is observed annually on the full moon closest to the vernal equinox on March 22. Also known as Phagwa or the Festival of Colors, it marks the end of winter and the start of spring time and also for devout Hindus, commemoration of the triumph of good over evil.

Video: Flying the plane in Belize
Flying from Belize City to San Pedro, Belize. about 40 seconds

Video: Belize Dive March 2014

Video: Tapir @ Belize Zoo
about 40 seconds

Video: Belize
Our honeymoon adventures recapped. Rated G. Xanadu, 10min

Video: GoPro Ambergris Caye, Belize November 2013 4:45

Video: Belize
Our good times on vacation... 9:30

Video: Diving in Belize 2013
This video is about Diving in Belize 2013, 23min

Video: Belize Part 3 of 4
Echo and family visit San Ignacio's Iguana Farm

Video: Belize part 4 of 4
Echo and family leave San Ignacio, Belize and head home after a grueling bus ride to the airport.

Video: Belize
Our 2014 trip to Belize. 7:30


Merida, Mexico: Where to Stay and Where to Shop
Merida, Mexico is known as the "White City". Maybe because of the white limestone that some of the buildings are constructed from� Maybe because it is so clean and trash free for a city of about 1 million people? Not sure. For two days now, I've been telling you the reasons I love Merida. Here are some hopefully useful facts. The places that I loved during my four days and four nights in Merida, Mexico. The hotel that felt like a home for 2 of my four nights. My favorite restaurants and shops. A mini-guide or outline to some great places in Merida's city center.

Signs of Belize
I'm intrigued and entertained by signs when I travel. Here are a few that I happened across in Belize.

Caye Caulker Beaches and Diving/Snorkeling Spots
Beaches on most of Caye Caulker are of the thin, hard variety-don't expect to find a thick, soft, endless stretch of sand. Still, there's sand to feel under your toes, and the ratio of crowds versus beach space is favorable, such that finding your own sandy plot of the island is an easy feat. And if you can get past the first few inches of harmless sea grass and don't mind the lack of wave action due to the mile-distant Barrier Reef, you'll find the water is just as soothing and in the same jade color of Belize-all in all, a happy compromise. The beachfront is a public area, and if you prefer to jump deeper into the sea to avoid the sea grass, docks are also a dime a dozen, unless marked "private." Just be mindful of boat activity and stay alert while snorkeling or swimming underwater.

International Sources

Unstoppable 104-year-old embarks on charity walk for sick kids
SAM MARTINEZ has made some incredible journeys during his long life. During World War II, he was one of more than 800 men from Belize in Central America who braved Nazi torpedoes to cross the Atlantic to work as tree fellers in Scotland. Now aged 104, Sam, who settled in Edinburgh, is the only one left. And, incredibly, he is planning another epic trek, a fundraising walk for charity. His granddaughter Carrie said: "His philosophy is he started again when he turned 100. He says he's four now, not 104. "He says that he's surprised every morning when he wakes up and he's still here." Sam values his independence and lives in his own home in Edinburgh's Wester Hailes. He still follows his beloved Hibs, visits the bookies four times a week and walks to church every Sunday. And he only retired 10 years ago when he eventually quit as a meat packer for his local butcher. But he has no plans to sit back with his pipe and slippers. He's planning a sponsored walk for children's cancer charity Cclasp, who helped his family when Carrie battled leukaemia as a child.

Born in Belize to Jamaican parents and growing up between Jamaica, Canada and London, Robin Clare's multicultural upbringing;s influence is prevalent in her artwork. Looking to color, rhythm and a repetition of dancehall music in her aesthetics, Clare's art ranges from hand-drawn typography, to large-scale paintings, to screen prints, all of which combine pop art sensibilities with cinematic riffs. For the latest Stussy Guest Artist Series, Clare presents a number of dynamic clips strung together by illustrations of different dance styles. Enjoy the shorts and share your thoughts below.

The 7 Best Reasons to Move to Belize
From the first time I flew from the mainland to Ambergris Caye-in a small turbo-prop plane-I was hooked on Belize. Gazing down onto the crystal clear Caribbean waters, and at the waves breaking on the Mesoamerican Reef, I was overwhelmed by the scenic beauty around me. This stunning seascape was my intro to Belize. What later convinced me I could live full-time in Belize were the vibrant communities and comfortable lifestyle� So what makes Belize so appealing? I've outlined the top seven reasons to live here below: