There has been much speculation surrounding possible early elections due to the numerous scandals that have plagued Prime Minister Dean Barrow's administration. Add to this the Prime Minister's earnest interview as to the damage these controversies have brought his administration. Today however, he laid those questions to rest as he declared that his government is prepared to continue working throughout their term.

Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize

"The mandate of this administration is five years, we have every intention and what is, more we have every ability to fully discharge that mandate. And discharge it we will, because the majority that I speak of is not just the majority in the house it is the majority in the country made up of all those that have benefitted and are benefitting from UDP social justice, from UDP nationalism, from UDP jobs and from UDP opportunities for the poor. Thus continued UDP governance for at least three more years is about much more than legal and constitutional mandate it is as the details of this budget will make plain about this government has taken and is taking Belize and that is to a place in the Pentium, in the vanguard of progress, in the constellation of uplift. In the only election we will have any time soon, the municipal election one year from now. The UDP intends to triumphantly enshrine this march of progress, this march of history, I promise you Mr. Speaker; we will win every single seat in every single city and in every single town."