Throughout this month, activities are being held to celebrate women from all walks of life, home makers and professionals alike, be they bold, challenged, or in whatever capacity. Over at the Bliss Institute, an exhibition is opening tonight that encompasses various forms of art made by budding as well as well known female artists. Duane Moody dropped by for a sneak peek.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Throughout the month of March, various activities are being held celebrating women. Tonight, an art exhibit is being launched by the National Institute of Culture and History through the Institute of the Creative Arts, as part of Women's Month activities. On display are intricate pieces from female artists�while some are of paintings and drawings, others focus on the unique features of the female physique.

Shari Williams, Communications Officer, NICH

"We are hosting a month-long exhibit here at the Belisle Art Gallery housed at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. We are inviting people to drop in and just come and see different female artist works at their best; just come in and get a feel of who are the up and coming and profession female artists in Belize. The exhibit kicks off this evening at six p.m. right here at the Bliss."

The artworks of established as well as upcoming artists include sketches, poetry and even handmade jewelry. One of the artists being featured is Briheda Haylock, who is also the curator for the exhibit.

Briheda Haylock

Briheda Haylock, Curator, Women in Art Exhibit

"This is Women in Art; it is not Briheda Haylock's show so that's where I drew the line. I had an idea of what I wanted and to my advantage; the women produced what I wanted to create this exhibition today. So for me, as the curator, I was happy. I had an idea and the work I received reflects my idea.� You are going to see a woman empowerment sign to let you know that these are strong women that will be showcasing tonight. as you go in, you are going to see more bodily shaped piece, but as you come in it is a different feeling. The first stop is like you are at a caf�I'm thinking women going out having lunch together. Then it comes to another part, section, which is like the home; what a woman goes through. I feel that at home, a woman shows herself more so you see a more emotional, broken side of the woman. And as you go along, you see revolutionary woman-where she is strong, not afraid to be herself, sexy, loud�shows her dreams and all of that. And then as you go along, it is like a dream and you see a little more cultural stuff."

Tonight's opening will also include creative art performances and a presentation of delicious and healthy cuisine that will be available for sample.

Shari Williams

Shari Williams

"There are two very important special features that I need to mention; we have a performance showcase allowing the females who perform to show some of what they are doing. It is a very enchanting piece kicking off the exhibit. It is a drama/music/play written by and produced by Maryam Abdul Qawiyy as well as we are having a culinary art display by Chef India and she is known for her very eccentric, very healthy food. She is from the Back to Live Caf� and so we are inviting people to drop in at the Bliss this evening; come and get a sample of food as well as come and enjoy female in art."

Duane Moody for News Five.

If you can’t drop by tonight, you still have time to view the exhibit because it closes at the end of March.�

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