This morning, word went out that a full oil tanker, belonging to Belize Natural Energy had an accident near the Sibun Bridge on the Hummingbird Highway. The concern was that because it was near the bridge, a spill could have happened and polluted a major water way, but we can confirm that nothing of the sort happened.

We spoke with Daniel Gutierrez, the public relation's officer for BNE, who told us that the company is still doing it's investigation into the accident, so they don't have the full details. What they do know is that the driver of the truck was bringing back the tanker from Big Creek last night, and was empty. The driver reports that he almost had an accident with the driver of a motorcycle, and to avoid hitting the biker, he ran the truck off the road.

Gutierrez told us that there was no one hurt, and no oil was spilled. As to the damage that the truck sustained, he told us that he hasn't been given all the details as yet, their first priority was to ensure that no one was hurt, and that no oil was spilled.

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