After fishing with Abbie from Gofish Belize I realized that I have never before been fishing with someone who really knows how to fish. Abbie knows fishing like he knows how to breathe. It was fascinating to watch him spy the fish hundreds of feet away and then turn the engine off, creep around the mangroves and sneak up on them all the while intensely narrating like a hunter. Gladys and I couldn’t even see a fraction of the fish he could see. Abbie will help you more if you need it, or if you are an avid fisherman he’ll find the fish and you catch them. We caught a HUGE permit fish-it took 30 minutes and it was the funnest experience I have ever had catching a fish! They are very difficult fish to catch because they jump out of the water often while you are trying to reel them in. Abbie did most of the work with the big fish because we needed the help, but we caught plenty of smaller fish on our own. All of them were catch and release-so no fish dinners for us.

One of the highlights of this trip for me was Abbie sharing his own philosophy, about the environment around us, his dreams and various stories about his life. He is a very eclectic, interesting person. He also took us snorkeling for a little bit in Hol Chan Reserve and the water was unbelievably clear. Just being on the boat in the sunshine around the beautiful islands is a treat by itself. If you want to catch fish, this is the tour for you!

The Legendary Adventures of Anna belize Fishing

Belize clear water

GoFish Belize boat camera







Caye Caulker teal water



GoFish Belize The Legendary Adventures of Anna

GoFish Belize boat

GoFish Belize girl caught huge tarpon fish


GoFish Belize girl caught huge tarpon fish


GoFish Belize girl caught huge tarpon fish

GoFish Belize girl caught huge tarpon fish

GoFish Belize girl caught huge tarpon fish

belize fly fishing


GoFish Belize

GoFish Belize boat

Belize clear water

Coke Belize Boat


Bird belize

heart shaped lobster trap

Belize Ocean Girl

Go Fish Belize Caye Caulker

GoFish Belize boat

Source: Crazy in the Rain