Vincent Crawford

In San Pedro, two men have disappeared from the island without a trace and their families are bracing for the worst. Dean Nassad Joseph, a resident of the San Mateo Area and nineteen year old Vincent Crawford who lived in north San Pedro, have been missing since March first. In the case of Joseph, his common law wife, Tessa Ochaeta told police that Joseph left home on March first with Crawford saying they were going to work as security guards at a house in the Robles point area of Northern Ambergris Caye. Crawford was reported missing by a family member on March seventh.

Dean Joseph

The report stated that Crawford left home to go fishing.� On the same day both were seen walking on the beach with a group of other men. Police also found out from a security officer that Joseph told him that he was going to camp at a base in the Bachalar Chico area. The police say that the duo is believed to have left in a vessel which took them to the northern portion of the island. Both men have not been heard from and if you know their whereabouts, you are asked to contact the nearest police station at phone numbers 911 or 206-2022.

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