He was the victim in a San Pedro shooting last week but tonight 21-year-old Darrington Lauriano is the one in police custody. That's because police say they searched him this morning as he was leaving the KHMH. They found him in the hospital parking lot with a knapsack and a suitcase - which police sya he was going to San Pedro with. Police searched the bags and found a 9mm Ruger pistol and a magazine with 8 live rounds along with 196 grams of weed.

He has been detained pending charges of "Kept Firearm and Ammunition Without a Gun License" and "Drug Trafficking."

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Darrington Lauriano Jr. busted with gun and weed

Police made a huge bust this morning at the parking lot of the national referral hospital. Darrington Lauriano who has a Belize City as well as a San Pedro address where he has had run-ins with the law, was detained and searched. Lauriano was carrying a suitcase and a knapsack in which he carried marijuana and a firearm. Duane Moody was on hand when the police displayed their find.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Darrington Lauriano

Just before nine this morning, twenty-one year old Darrington Lauriano was nabbed by police on Princess Margaret Drive. Based on intelligence, the Quick Response Team along with Special Branch personnel stopped and searched Lauriano in the parking lot of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Lauriano had on him a black and grey suitcase and a brown and black knapsack and was en route to San Pedro. But it appears that there was not only clothing inside the bags. Inside the suitcase and wrapped in separate black plastic bags between a red sweater, police discovered one hundred and ninety-six grams (a little less than half pound) of weed.

But also found hidden in the clothes was a nine millimeter Ruger brand firearm with eight live rounds of ammo. Police processed the bag in Lauriano's presence and he was arrested; the weed and the firearm were bagged and labeled by the police. Lauriano and his belongings were then placed in the back of the police pickup truck and taken to precinct three where he was processed and charged late this afternoon for Kept Firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License and Drug Trafficking of Marijuana.

Last Tuesday, Lauriano was shot to the left shoulder around nine-thirty p.m. on Sandpiper Street in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town, as he headed home. Lauriano Junior reported to police that after he had been shot, he saw a gunman coming from behind, but hid in a nearby yard to evade his attacker. San Pedro police said that they believed the shooting was as a result of drug activity in the island.

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Victor Garnett shot twice in San Pedro

Luis Rodriguez

Earlier in the newscast, we told you about Darrington Lauriano Junior, a Belize City resident who was caught red-handed by police with gun and ammunition as well as a little less than half pound of marijuana. Well Lauriano, who also resides in San Pedro, was the victim of a shooting last Tuesday night in which he was shot to the left shoulder. On Friday night, one of Lauriano's buddies, thirty-two year old Victor Garnett, was also the victim of a shooting.� San Pedro Police are reporting that just before ten p.m., three men fired several shots at Garnett as he was riding his bicycle on Laguna Drive. The fisherman of the San Mateo Area on the island was shot twice; once on the right side of the chest that exited the back and to the lower left leg. He was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic and then to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. But on Sunday, Garnett was discharged from the hospital and is back in San Pedro. Police say that as was the case of Lauriano Junior's shooting, Garnett's attack was drug related. Corporal Luis Rodriguez told News Five via phone today that it is believed that the recent shootings on the island are carried out by Belize City men.

Via Phone: Cpl. Luis Rodriguez, NCO, NCIB, San Pedro Police
"The victim reported to the police that at eighty-forty p.m. on the said date, he was riding his bicycle on Laguna Drive, San Pedro Town from the direction of Boca Del Rio area heading downtown and upon reaching in front of Compadre's Bar on Bonefish and Laguna Drive, he saw three male persons of dark complexion unknown to him all dress in black. On riding pass them, one of them shouted see him and at the same time he heard several loud bangs and felt a burning in his chest. At the same time, he jumped off his bike and heard several loud bangs again and realized that he had been shot on the chest and on the lower leg. As a result of that, he run for his life on the same street and jumped in the nearby lagoon. He was then assisted by some people and rushed to the Polyclinic. The complainant stated that he does not know the motive of the shooting nor did he recognize any of his attackers."

Duane Moody

"Sir are these persons of San Pedro or they relocated there?"

Via Phone: Cpl. Luis Rodriguez

"We believe that these people are from Belize City and that there are people here in San Pedro that are the masterminds of these crimes, but they are bringing in people from Belize City to do the crime for them."

Duane Moody

"What is believed to be the motive surrounding this incident? I know the last time with the shooting of one Darrington Lauriano, you had said that it was believed to be drug related. Is that the same case in this incident?"

Via Phone: Cpl. Luis Rodriguez

"We believe that it is the same case; Darrington Lauriano is a close friend of Victor Garnett."

While the identities of the three persons are unknown, San Pedro Police are looking for a person of interest in connection with this recent shooting on the island.��

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