From the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic

While our UFL student group visited CBS and TBZ with intern Dr. Fidu, it was recheck time for our VIP patient, Donovan the Jabiru at BWRC today.

We are happy to share that the bone formation around the fracture site is very promising and we will be able to remove the bone pin tomorrow. Unfortunately, despite a very short 2 week immobilization for bone healing in this big baby, the muscle contraction in the distal wing and scar formation from the site where his bone had punctured the skin give us little hope that he will be able to fly free again.

As you might know, we do not give up easy and will continue with intensive physical therapy tomorrow with his fracture healed.

Dr. Zoltan cleaning Donovans injury while Dr. Sonia runs anesthesia.

Donovan came in nearly dead, severely injured, we feared to loose him twice, or his wing. We were able to save his life, and his wing. But of course now we would like to see a 100 % "miracle" with him flying...

Dr. Zoltan gently getting Donovan back on his feet after the anesthesia, and admiring the big baby bird...

Thanks to Dr. Sonia once more on anesthesia and Dr. Zoltan who seems to be enjoying his time and has immediatly made himself amazingly useful. We might even be able to go mostly digital in our record keeping thanks to his help! We are honored to work with experts from around the world and could not do what we do without the advice and guidance they provide.