We are on a sailboat in the anchorage, returning here three years in a row because we love Caye Caulker. We like the friendly people, the restaurants, the shops, and especially the island’s motto…Go Slow!

Everyone seems to adhere to that motto except for one group: the dive boats and others who roar through the anchorage at top speed. Every day, all day long, we are rocked by speeding boats that seem to be trying to get close to the anchored boats as they pass by, sometimes causing items to fall off our shelves and requiring us to grab hold of something to keep from falling.. Often they will look back after they pass to see how much their wake has caused our boats to hobby horse.

Yesterday, we watched one of these boats careen through the anchorage,not in a direct route, but rather moving as close to each anchored boat as possible, apparently finding sport in making us bounce around. Today, another one did the same. barely missing a neighboring boat.

A little consideration from these speeders would go a long way toward making the Caye Caulker anchorage more friendly to cruisers. We are tourists in every sense of the word, spending our money at local restaurants and bars, beauty salons, laundries, bakeries, and fruit stands. We probably spend more per person than tourists who arrive by plane or water taxi, because many of us stay for weeks at a time.

Making the anchorage a simple “no wake zone” would solve the problem. Once past the anchorage, the boats could speed up and no one would be bothered. Moving slowly through the anchorage would not add more than a minute or two to their trip.

If you are one of these speeders, or manage a dive operation or other tourist business that transports people through the anchorage, please move slowly through the anchorage. “Go Slow” is a great motto for Caye Caulker, but it means nothing if some people ignore it.

Margaret McGovern
s/v Sunshine
West Anchorage, Caye Caulker