Belize Family Travel Series

What’s next on this Belize vacation? Mayan artifacts, horseback riding through lands once home to an ancient Mayan civilization, and a relaxing respite along a river deep in the jungles of Belize.

Horses in Belize

No experience required for this fun time. Just a sense of adventure, and a willingness to climb upon the back of a horse. Footstools provided for us shorter folk!

An Adventure Begins On Ancient Mayan Land

The adventure begins where an ancient civilization left off – on a citrus farm at the edge of a jungle, the very same grounds ancient Mayans once walked. Imagine life as it might have been in a time long ago. It’s not that hard when your guide and host, both of Mayan�descent, narrate life as it was back in “Mayan days.”

Exploring Belize

Witness the remains of a lost civilization.�Who knows? Your host might just hand you a piece of history. For real! These are actual Mayan artifacts discovered on the farm. You might find yourself holding the very same obsidian blade quite possibly held by a Mayan farmer long, long ago. Handle with care!

Belize - Horseback Riding

Saddle up everyone! Your trusty steeds have arrived. It’s time to take this adventure from the farm and into the jungle.�Don’t worry. The hosts are great at picking just the right horse for your experience level.

Horseback ride in belize

Let’s ride! Past the citrus fields and deep into the jungle on a trail leading through a�forest of silver pimento palms, pine trees and Kapok trees with huge trunks.�

Jungle Horseback Riding

So deep into the jungle that your guide might just use that machete strapped to his saddle to clear the path.�And here you thought that machete was just for show!

Belize Birds

Keep a keen eye out for the amazing birds of Belize. They’re out there. Over 350 different species of birds have been spotted in the area. Though most were awfully quiet during our ride. Guess they heard us coming. Chatty child on board!

Somewhere In The Belize Jungle

Finally within sight! Next up on this horseback adventure – the �Sittee River! It’s the ideal spot to break from the horses and enjoy a refreshing float in the gently flowing river. Though not high�on the “extreme adventure” scale, this river float is just right for a more relaxed adventure. Hey, every trip needs a day like this, right?

The Sittee River in Belize

This stretch of the Sittee River is the perfect respite after a hot horseback ride, and a sublime way to relax beneath the blazing Belize sun.�Oh, and a great picnic spot to enjoy a yummy lunch too!

River Tubing in Belize

So grab a tube and jump on in. The water’s not cold and the current is running at a relaxed, slow pace. Just perfect to dust off from the trails, and enjoy a relaxing swim beneath the jungle canopy before saddling back up for the ride back to the citrus farm.

Belize Sittee River

With any luck, you might just be the only ones here today. That might be a good thing when it comes time to changing out of those wet swimsuits for the ride back. Yes, this is the local changing house. A little rustic, huh! Grateful we were the only ones there!

Did You Enjoy the Ride?

Horseback riding is a great way to experience the Belize jungle. From four hours to four days, you’ll find just the right horseback adventure to fit your experience level and vacation style.�Just ask your hotel or tour operator to steer you to the best fit adventure.

Did you enjoy this little jungle adventure? Do you enjoy exploring new destinations on horseback?What’s your favorite way to explore a new travel destination? Share with us in the Comments section below.


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