Part of the spell-binding magic of Ka'ana is its deep roots in the Maya culture. Our strategic location is set (literally!) on the doorstep of an ancient Maya city and has inspired Ka'ana's name which means "Heavenly Place." We aspire to expose as much of this great culture as possible through our stunning adventures that take you to the top of thousand-year old temples or deep into the sacred underworld. We've even brought the Maya magic into our resort with the unique decor and authentic pottery on display throughout the entire property.

Most of our guests are left with a sense of wonder at the rich history of the Maya people, and plenty have asked to learn more about the culture. If you can't get enough and would love to experience Mayan culture in a unique way, then hop aboard and let us to take you and your taste buds on one more adventure - a culinary journey!

We'll invite you to an interactive Maya cooking class hosted by Mayan women from the nearby village of Succotz. You'll learn from them how they prepare their main staple food of corn and witness traditional cooking practices, as well as hearing some great tales from their history!

These wonderful ladies will teach you the process of grinding corn on a traditional stone "metate" , the way their parents and grandparents did. In some parts of the village it is still prepared in this fashion.

Not only will you see the centuries old method of transitioning corn to the "masa" (dough), you'll flatten and cook your own tortillas in Ka'ana's own simulated Maya kitchen - complete with "fogon" (fire hearth) and "comal" (stone or clay griddle for baking)!

As you cook, they'll tell you stories of the slow changing way of life in their village that's still based strongly on the traditions and knowledge that have been handed down for centuries.

Finally, when the smoky fire has done it's job on the fresh corn, all your hard work is ready to be savored! Paired with various sides the Mayan ladies have prepared for you, it makes for a meal you won't forget in a hurry. Sit down and enjoy the fact that you just mastered the art of cooking in the traditional Maya way!