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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
Possession of Controlled Drugs On Thursday, March 13that around 2:30PM, San Pedro police conducted a search at the residence of Lincoln Robinson, 41 years old, Belizean Labourer and Leroy Peters, 18 years old, Belizean Labourer, both of Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro Town. The search led to the discovery of a piece of black plastic bag containing 1.0 grams of suspected Cannabis. A further search conducted inside another room of the apartment building, also located on Sea Grape Drive and also occupied by Peters led to the discovery of a black plastic bag and a transparent plastic bag that altogether contained 56.1 grams of suspected Cannabis. Both men are presently detained and pending charges of Possession of Controlled Drug.

Doctor Love: Roommate and Alcoholism
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, My sister and I are roommates We found a great three bedroom place that we liked a lot but we knew that the only way we could afford it is if we had a third roommate. We put the word out and we got another room mate to split the rent. Unfortunately, the only thing she is good for is that she pays the rent on time. Otherwise, she has put us through hell. My sister and I usually eat at our mother’s house.

Misc Belizean Sources

Man dies after his head was crushed by dump truck
There was a terrible road traffic accident on Saturday afternoon in Belize City. It happened around 4:30 pm yesterday on Cemetery Road in front of the Taxi Stand. A man on a bicycle was knocked down and killed when a dump truck crushed his head. The entire portion of Cemetery Road between Central American Boulevard and Partridge Street was closed while police processed the scene. According to reports, the man, who has not yet been identified, was crossing the pedestrian ramp in front of the Cemetery Road taxi stand when he slipped and fell off his bicycle. His head was run over by the truck’s rear wheel, killing the man on the spot. Witnesses say that when he realized what was happening, the driver of the truck immediately brought the truck to a complete stop. Holds a Tasting of White Rum rating the finest in wines and spirits, has once again shined its spotlight on White Rum. recently hosted a White Rum Tasting, where 20 contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best White Rum” awards for 2014. images Holds a Tasting of White Rum is very pleased to announce that Travellers Classic White Rum was awarded a Gold medal. Using professional criteria, the pre-qualified panel of judges blind-tasted the white rums and rated them individually on a 1-5 point scoring system, with 5 being the best. Rhum agricoles were tasted and scored separately. After tallying the scores, medals were awarded based on the judges’ impressions. The complete ranking results, along with tasting notes, can be viewed here:

Children’s Festival of Arts
The Festival of Arts was held at Santa Elena Primary School this week. "St. Hilda Anglican School of Georgeville has won two gold certificates in the Children’s Festival of Arts which was held at the Santa Elena Primary School on Wednesday. The winning entrants for St. Hilda were a poem entitled 'The Rights of A Child' and a dance by the Standard 5 students entitled: 'No Worries, Kukere.' In addition to the two gold certificates, St. Hilda Anglican also received a silver certificate for their rendition of the Black Eye Peas song 'Where is the Love.'”

Lucas Botanical Medicinal Trail
The Lucas Botanical Medicinal Trail, located in Bullet Tree, is a great medicinal trail to hike. It can be found on Paslow Falls road, just off of Bullet Tree Falls road. It'll be on Trip Advisor soon. Call Lucas Medina at 665-5421 for more information, or for an appointment.

International Day of Forests Forum
The Environmental Research Institute hosted the Forest Management and Monitoring Forum to celebrate the International Day of Forests this week. ERI and Channel 5 coverage. "A quick look into Day 1... a lot of stimulating discussion, sharing of information and starting to forge the way forward for Forest Monitoring and Management in Belize. Day 2 promises to be awesome too!! Join us!!"

BAY General Meeting
The Belmopan Active Youths, who are very active in the community, and have been hosting basketball matches for the youth, are having their first general membership meeting this evening at 5:30pm, at the George Price Center. If you are interested in making a difference with them, please go and show your support. Educate, Engage, Empower! "Put it on your calendars! BAY General Membership Meeting ... tomorrow, Sunday, March 23rd at 5:30 pm at George Price Center. SEE YOU THERE!!! You're Invited! Join us on Sunday at 5:30 pm at the George Price Center!"

KIDS Art in the Park
Feelgood news of the day. It's Children's Month, and the SHJC Tourism students worked together with the SIPL, the SISE HoC, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project to have a morning of education, fun, and games at the SHC auditorium. Kinds Involved in Dynamic Social Activities(KIDS) Art in the Park was a great idea. Thanks, SHJC! "The Tourism students from Sacred Heart Junior College, Belize had their Art in the Park to celebrate Children's month. They worked with the San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture (NICH), the San Ignacio Public Library, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project to host a fun day for the local youth. There was face painting, coloring books, basketball, football, and a water balloon toss. Everyone had a great time."

How EU and US Economic Policies spell bitter end for Caribbean Sugar
This article was originally posted by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs on June 24, 2005. We thought you may be interested in reading it. Notice how the Caribbean nations have been affected by this and add it in to what we’ve been saying all along that things are all part of a larger goal. At the end of the article, I’ll point out some things I’ve been trying to get across and this is part of the glue that holds it all together. Yesterday, the European Union’s (EU) agriculture commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel, revealed the specific provisions of the plan originally proposed last July to cut the preferential price the EU pays for sugar imported from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries under the 1975 ACP-EU Sugar Protocol. The changes, which are scheduled for immediate debate by EU ministers and slated to take effect in July 2006, mandate a 39 percent price reduction for ACP sugar by 2008. According to Boel’s announcement in the UK’s Financial Times, the cuts are needed to “make Europe’s sugar industry fit to handle future competition,” regardless of the fact that preferential prices are “an economic lifeline” for ACP countries. Despite EU development commissioner Luis Michel’s announcement of an aid package for ACP countries valued at 40 million euros, the cuts will drastically affect the economies of many Caribbean islands, some of which depend on sugar exports for a major percentage of their GDP. In fact, according to a report by Oxfam, the minimum aid required to keep ACP economies afloat during the changes is 500 million euros.

Video: The Orquidea Negra Dance Company in action at Maya Day, 2014
The Orquidea Negra Dance Company of Benque Viejo del Carmen town made a stunning presentation at Maya Day 2014 in Blue Creek, Toledo.

Video: Fresh Water Cup
It is always refreshing to watch out children at play. This is the way it should be. A female game from the TIDE Fresh Water Cup Tournament. This game was played at the Toledo Union Field in Punta Gorda town.

Video: MAYA DAY 2014 (12 photos)
The Tumulkin Center of Learning in Blue Creek village, Toledo, today hosted the annual Maya Day festivities. The Maya culture was on full display.

Video: Belize: Kampf gegen die Feuerfisch-Invasion
Er ist wunderschön, doch seine Stacheln verbreiten Angst und Schrecken: Der Rotfeuerfisch bedroht das Ökosystem im karibischen Meer. Er frisst das Riff leer. Denn er hat dort kaum natürliche Feinde. Die Fischer jagen ihn auch nicht. Sie fürchten seinen schmerzhaften Stich. Die Meeresschutzorganisation Blue Ventures hat den Kampf aufgenommen. Wie der Rotfeuerfisch vom Indopazifik in das karibische Meer gekommen ist, ist nicht ganz geklärt. Klar ist: Der gefräßige Fisch vermehrt sich in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit. Seine Invasion ist eine Bedrohung für das gesamte Ökosystem

Video: Belize
world project


DIVES 3-4-14 AND 3-5-14

Video: GoPro - Zip Line in Belize Rainforest


Belizean Man Murdered In Chicago
A man who left his country of birth, Belize, at the age of 15 died in Chicago in the U.S after he was beaten in the presence of his daughter. The Chicago Tribune reports that Michael Tingling and his 15 year old daughter Masharah were out on one of their regular afternoons on Wednesday they were approached 59 year old Joseph Firek who "made inappropriate gestures" to the Masharah. As a result the men got into an argument and Tingling, an ex-boxer, who has a pacemaker, was punched in the chest and collapsed in front of his daughter. He died an hour later at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. According to the Cook County medical examiner's office, Tingling died of heart disease and from stress due to an altercation.

Compassion School Takes Second Place In Poster Competition
World Water Day will be observed this year tomorrow, March 22nd, as is done each year by the United Nations. It is held as a way to bring focus on the importance of freshwater and thus advocating for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. It is a time to celebrate global efforts to bring clean water to the 800 million people who still don't have it. Belize celebrated the occasion today March 21st with an Exhibition in Cayo. The country’s World Water Day Committee also held a poster competition for primary schools throughout Belize and winners were awarded at the exhibition. Second place was won by a primary school student of Compassion School in Yo Creek Village, Jennifer Chi. She told us about her entry. Jennifer Chi “Un mundo que tenía un cable que se conecta y una bujía que esta prendido y la mapa de Belice.” Dalila Ical – Reporter “Ganaste el segundo premio como te hace sentir esto?”

Talent Comes Alive In Corozal
Over 10 preschools in the Corozal District gathered today at the Central Park to celebrate one more activity in commemoration of Child Stimulation Month. Victor Castillo has the story from Corozal. Victor Castillo – Reporting Bright colors and smiling faces decorated the Corozal Central Park today as teachers, parents and preschoolers conducted their annual expo which forms part of the ongoing activities for stimulation month. With live animals, presentations and singing sessions, the audience was served a plate filled with fun activities. In commemoration of the celebration, over 100 preschoolers found themselves out of their usual classrooms as the Central Park automatically became their new study hall for the morning. Maria Correa, Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education, told us that the main idea of today’s event was not only to highlight the talent of these young minds, but also to share and educate children on other styles of learning.

Primary Schools Celebrate Cultural Day
The sights, sounds, smell and attires of many children engaged in Cultural Day was quite a vista for many parents and the public today at the San Jose Nuevo Palmar Roman Catholic School. Students of nine schools across Orange Walk Town participated in the Culture Day as they came dressed up in the different ethnic groups that make up Belize. On display were several stalls depicting the culture of the various ethnic groups, highlighting their food, custom and tradition. The attire of the students included those of Mestizo, Garifuna, Mennonite, Hindu, Creole, and Chinese. Teacher “Today we had cultural day and students are being expose, this is stimulation month, they get to know what are the different cultures in Belize and they really enjoy it because there were different kinds of presentations and they get the experience and it was very good, very nice.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Is this a singular event on observation on stimulation month, have you been doing other activities?” Teacher “They have had many more, they have had like visiting important places in our town, we have had different types of activities which helps them to stimulate.”

Three Men Charged For Robbery
Three Corozal men are tonight behind bars at the Kolbe Foundation while the man believed to be the mastermind of a robbery in Corozal walked free after he was granted bail after appearing in front of Magistrate Hurl Hamilton today. Samir Vivas, Josmer Monima and Keith Bennett, were denied bail after pleading not guilty to the robbery that transpired on the 15th of March 2014 and are to appear back in court on the 24th of June. The men were denied bail since they are being investigated for other robberies. On the other hand, the man believed to have orchestrated the robbery, Corwin Bennett, who pleaded guilty, was offered bail of $5,000 plus a surety of the same amount and with the condition to report to the Green Street Police Station in Belize City every Monday and Friday. If you recall, on March 17th, we reported on a robbery that occurred at knife point in which 17 year old Marielena Gilharry and Adolfo Medina were approached by two male persons of dark complexion who were riding beach cruisers. Both men had on warm caps and were dressed in black shirt and black pants.

Elderly Man Beaten In Orange Walk
A sixty four year old man is beaten and robbed and according to him was also mistreated at the Orange Walk Police Station. According to sixty four year old Ramiro August, after socializing with some men last night he was heading home after midnight and was attacked. August alleges that his attackers were the same men he had been socializing with. He told us he was attacked around the vicinity of New Diamond Restaurant located along the Belize Corozal Road. Ramiro August “We had an altercation and grievance due to personal issues and then the main issue was financial issue to rob my money because I win some couple of pieces of boledo last night and I got money from other sources, nice money and they like to see and like three hundred and odd dollars had spent because I was socializing and inviting them with some drinks and things like that that cause the whole altercation.” August says his bicycle was stolen along with all his money. He sustained a cut wound to his head. August says he reported the incident to the police but adds that he was also mistreated there.

Rotary District Ohio Assists Schools In Northern Belize
At least twelve schools in northern Belize are benefiting from the Resource Centers International Project coordinated and implemented by the Rotary District in Ohio, USA. The team is once again in Belize conducting deliveries to schools in Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. The idea was born six years ago when Project Coordinator Mel Honig approached educators in the University of Belize with the proposal. With the assistance of Rotary Clubs in the Country and several educators, the group has been able to reach many schools. The donations include books and electronic items that are collected in the US. Mel Honig – Project Coordinator “We collect them in the United States most of them are given to us as donations; the computers, the books, the video tapes, some things we have to buy but that is usually a small portion of what we send down here and then we ship it via a container in Belize city and we get everything duty free through the ministry of education and then we bring it to a place for it store temporarily and the schools pick up everything that we wend and distributed.” The team also brings computer and education experts on their trips to Belize to ensure that the resources centers are adequately installed. One school that has benefited from the project is the Compassion Primary School in Yo Creek Village. Principal Manuel Rejon says they are grateful for the donation.

Baby Allegedly Mishandled At N.R.H. Dies
In November 2012 we had reported on the case of Sally Coh who alleged that her baby was seriously hurt when she gave birth to him at the Northern Regional Hospital. Coh and a number of other families had been making reports on malpractice at the NRH during this time. Her case differed from the others as she said that her baby was mishandled during her time in labor and suffered brain damage. Today there is sad news to report as Coh visited our studio to report that her seventeen months old passed away last night and he apparently died in his sleep. Sally Coh “Nunca esperaba que llegara el día que él se iba a morir porque nunca me dijeron que él se iba a ir, pero los doctores se lo habían dicho a mi suegra y a mi marido pero a mí no me lo dijeron para que no preocupara y anoche murió; yo lo acosté a dormir, bebió su baba y se fue a dormir y yo me acose y tarde durmiendo y me levante y dije mi nene no levanta, ahora yo lo fui a chequear y cuando fui estaba obscuro porque solo una lucecita le dejo y entonces cuando yo lo agarre y lo estoy meneando su pecho veo que no levanta como tres veces se lo hice y ahora puse mi cachete contra su nariz y veo que no respira y cuando yo encendí la luz mi nene ya estaba muerto estaba bien moradito y todo eso paso cuando me lo lastimaron pero yo no sé si se ahogó o le agarro un ataque yo no sé.” Coh says that she had a normal pregnancy and is convinced that her baby was severely hurt by the medical practitioners who attended to her at the time she gave birth.

Friday Was Business As Usual For Bowen And Bowen
On Tuesday we told you about a boycott on Bowen and Bowen products that would be held today. This was a movement spearheaded by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and its affiliates in light of the 13 employees who were terminated under pre-text that these persons employment status became redundant. The release stated that it was imperative for Bowen and Bowen to take serious consideration for the reinstatement of their jobs. But, it seems as though, the largest bottling company in Belize, who has a staff of over 900 workers, did not budge and it was business as usual today. We made checks at our local branch distributors but they declined any comment. Our observations around town concluded that no one seemed to have paid heed to the boycott as the ever growing supply for Bowen products remain in high demand. We spoke to Chairman of the Belize Workers Union here in Orange Walk Town and he informed us that the union was merely joining hands with the NTUCB in this boycott and that after meeting with the unionists in Belize City, he would then be able to provide a comment on Monday.

Customs Confiscates Drugs At Northern border
Today four Belize City residents appeared before the Corozal Magistrates after they were arrested and the Belize Northern Border for drug trafficking. Derrick Thompson, 32 year old laborer of #22 Iguana Street, Belize City, Keisha Garnett, 36 year old Belizean Domestic of #10 Welch Street, Belize City, James Welch, 25 year old Belizean laborer of #38 Logwood Street, Belize City and Jason Brown, 36 year old Belizean Laborer of #10 Welch Street, Belize City appeared before Magistrate ....Hamilton this morning and were charged for drug trafficking and intention of supplying to a person or persons. All four pled not guilty to the charges and were granted bail to the sum of $6,000 each plus one surety of the same amount. The charges stem as a result of a drug bust carried out by Custom Officials at the Santa Elena Border on Thursday at around 5:49pm. Reports are that when police arrived at the scene they were over a black plastic bag containing (3) Parcels of suspected cannabis which was found in a blue Chrysler Van with Belize City License plate. Driving the vehicle at the time was Thompson and traveling along with him were Garnett, Welch and Brown. All four individuals were escorted to the Corozal Police Station where the suspected drugs, weighing a total of 3082 grams were sealed for evidence. The accused are scheduled to reappear in court May 21st 2014.


Local Bar Owner Takes $1000 Prize at Lazy Croc’s “Deal With the Devil” Wing Competition
Last night was the much discussed event – Lazy Croc’s Deal With the Devil wing eating competition. For those who haven’t been here, Lazy Croc’s BBQ is a much loved smoked meat & sides joint on Ambergris Caye. They are located north of the bridge and on a small lagoon that just happens to be populated by some serious looking crocodiles. They were down quickly…like 40 seconds. And then the hold for six LONG minutes. And the sweat. It was actually uncomfortable for all of us. Wade. Did. Not. Look. Well. VICTORY! Time was up. Wade toasted the crowd with a yogurt drink. And we went wild. The crowd was most impressed. By Wade’s ability to eat the wings AND the fact that he won $1000! Perhaps Lazy Croc’s went too big on this first night of competition. Next week, I’m guessing the prize is perhaps a small bar tab and a t-shirt.

International Sources

4 CJs take part in drug treatment court workshop
The Organisation of American States (OAS) says chief justices from four Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries have participated in a drug treatment court exchange and on-site study in Vancouver, Canada. Chief justices from Jamaica, Belize, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago took part in the workshop last week that was held in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP). Each country participating in the event sent a team made up of judges, magistrates, prosecutors, defence attorneys, probation officers, and treatment providers, as well as chief magistrates and chief justices, the OAS said. “The workshop was intended to put ideas and theory into practice for Caribbean countries that are exploring new ways to deal with drug-dependent offenders,” it said. “All participants in the workshop took part in DTC (Drug Treatment Court) simulation sessions.”

10 best dive sites in North America
Fun, sun, and…scuba? For many, a trip to the beach just isn’t complete without the possibility of a deep sea dive. Whether you want to explore ship wrecks, meet creatures of the deep, or wonder at gorgeous coral formations, scuba diving can be a fun and athletic opportunity while you’re on vacation. Getting certified is crucial before attempting a dive, and if you choose to give it a go, we’ve compiled some of the best dive sites in North America for you to visit. Some may not realize just how many dive sites await in our own backyard! 1. Dive: Half Moon Caye, Belize Half Moon Caye in Belize offers divers the chance to go on a wall dive–a dive in which the vertical facades of the earth’s landmasses are explored. The depths at Half Moon Caye (and really at any wall dive) are tremendous, giving you the very correct feeling that you are staring into an abyss. The waters at Half Moon Caye are particularly clear, despite the depth, so you will be able to see all manner of wildlife, including loggerhead turtles, rays, barracuda, and eels.

Caribbean chief justices participate in workshop on drug treatment courts
The Organization of American States (OAS), in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP), held last week in Vancouver, Canada, a drug treatment court (DTC) exchange and on-site study program event for four Caribbean countries: Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago. Each country participating in the event sent a team made up of judges, magistrates, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, and treatment providers, as well as chief magistrates and chief justices. The workshop was intended to put ideas and theory into practice for Caribbean countries that are exploring new ways to deal with drug-dependent offenders. All participants in the workshop took part in DTC simulation sessions.

Belize and Venezuela
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez Belize and Venezuela became engaged in 1978 When the country got its first Venezuelan consulate Perhaps it was faith that their relations had to wait Belizeans had already set independence on their plate Venezuela was one of the countries that mediated For Belize at the United Nations for us to become an independent nation They were given two lots in Belmopan For a residence and their Embassy’s construction The first is located between the Mexican Embassy and the British High Commission The other is near the Embajada Americana They started international relations in 1989 The only Venezuelan president to visit Was Carlos Sanchez Perez For six hours, because he and George Price were friends They signed many agreements but never ratified Until Chavez took power in 1999

From Burkas to Bathing Suits: Reflecting On Our Recent Travels
It’s the middle of the night in Iran and I have to go to the bathroom, which happens to be down the hallway. Great. Where’s my long-sleeved shirt, pants and shoes? Fumbling around in the dark I try to get dressed without waking up Nick. I search for my headscarf and wrap it around my hair to ensure that no strands are showing. By this point, I’ve practically burst by the time I make it to the toilet! Fast forward to Belize, four months later… It’s the middle of the night and I have to go to the bathroom, which happens to be outside. Great. I get out of bed wearing my teeny tiny bedtime shorts, tight tank top and no shoes. I open the door and leave. I’ve made it to the bathroom easily, quietly and without bursting at the seams! What a difference.

Sunset Sunday: Caye Caulker, Belize
We arrived on stunning Caye Caulker one week ago…and found it hard to say goodbye today. The relaxed island vibe was contagious, the Creole and Caribbean flavoured food was fabulous and the water was crystal clear and calm. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave this little gem! The island (technically it’s a caye) is so small that it’s only a 2 minute walk from East to West. We definitely weren’t up for any sunrises, but we made it for sunset!