To Whom It May Concern:

[Linked Image]Hello. My family member, Dean Nassad Joseph Jr, went missing in Belize. He was a resident, and last seen March 1st on the north part of Ambergris Caye with his friend Vincent Crawford. He was last seen by a security guard who stated he was in a group of 5 and that was the last anyone heard from either Dean or Vincent. From my understanding, coast guard are not able to locate him, although I'm not sure how much more this has been looked into. This is so extremely important and we desperately need help locating him as we are in the United States and unable to travel, and are not sure if our safety would be a question, if this is a disappearance due to him being hurt.

I'm wondering who these other 3 men are, have they been questioned (surely the security guard has been able to identify him), have police checked where his cell phone last pinged from, interviewed more people who may be witnesses, etc. It appears there is much more than can be done and meanwhile, he is still missing. He could be hurt somewhere and needing assistance, but nobody is going to find him if this isn't being looked into more. Please, I'm begging you, to please either look into this much much more or forward this to someone who can and provide me with contact information.

I don't feel like the police alone can do this, much more effort needs to be put toward if it we are to get results. I don't want us to never find out what happened to him, or hear of his body found floating somewhere, and I really feel this is time sensitive. I will be contacting the Prime Minister, FBI, Belize police, Coast Guard, newspapers and news stations, and the government here in the US in hopes of getting as much assistance as possible, but I don't know if I will be reaching out to the right people or how long this may take. So, again, I am begging for your assistance. Please, please help us find him so my son can know where his father is and what has happened.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

-Shantel Davis
[email protected]