Extra-duty payments outstanding for at least 500 Police Officers

George Lovell

In the past week, News Five has received multiple reports indicating that extra-duty payments for at least five hundred Police Officers have been delayed. We went digging for answers, and discovered that for payment purposes, the country is broken down into two zones. Payments for Policemen from the southern and western formations are handled in Belmopan, while payments for the Belize District and the north are handled by Belize City. There was a slip-up from the Belize City, which means that five hundred officers did not receive payments for extraneous duties performed in December.� Today, Ministry of National Security C.E.O., George Lovell, told News Five that he is aware of the problem, and is working to remedy it as soon as possible.

Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security

"March is the period when we look at our finances and there is a period of time when the Ministry of Finance will close all budget activities. This unfortunately happened and a few of the extruding duties for which the Ministry has approved for some reason did not make it through the human resource management system that we have at the Ministry of Public Service.� I was made to understand that even though we had approved it at the ministry and the police headquarters have given it back to the finance people to pay, for some reason that got held up in the process the financial process, we are working diligently to make sure that the police officers do get their money and there is not a much longer delay I them getting it."

Mike Rudon

"Could you give us a timeline for that because we have been reliably informed that it was one person who you would call the finance officer for Belize City, Ms. Gallego who took in the payments late in the fourteen of March when they were due on the fifth of March? Those things happen for whatever reason, but is there any relief that can be given to these officers who assume look forward to this extra money at this time."

Ret. Col. George Lovell

"I do know they do look forward to this money and as I said, I my finance officer who is overall responsible for all the finance officer to find out precisely where the held up is and to see if we can dialogue with the Ministry of Public Service and the Ministry of Finance for them to open back the system. If they can do so in the week this week I will be able to make those payments. So we are trying to find out precisely what is the hold up and what caused it to be held up and once we can establish what that is we will be able to fix it, I am hoping to do so by Friday."

We are told by credible sources that it is unlikely those payments will be processed anytime soon, since the already burdened department which does public service payroll would need to process about fifteen hundred entries for those Police Officers.� �

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