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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Rich Old Man
"Why don't we meet on the deck at the Holiday at 10:30?" Charlie asked, when I called him.. When I got to the Holiday Charlie was well established with two beers and a glass of ice. "I hope you don't mind," he said, "but I got a call from Robby Peterson. He's in town and [�]

Doctor Love: Relationships
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, My girlfriend and I get along good most of the time. The times we do not get along is because of her best [�]

Letter to the Editor: Forgiveness Justice Peace
The first day I arrived in San Pedro was the day the "Justice for Peace" walk was held. Ironically, I counseled both Rafael and Jeffery about anger and ego issues. No one is perfect and we all have issues. When we feel someone has wronged us it takes great strength to turn the other cheek, meaning to give the opposite of what is expected. For instance, if someone gives you the gift of hate or anger to turn it into the best possible kind act - to do our best to turn away from retaliation. Truly we hope to have laws to do justice and to set an example for the young in our lives. For the last few days I did my own Walk for Peace. Ironically I had almost lost my voice being silent most of the time. Thinking about all the harsh words I have used in San Pedro. Just with my words it struck me so hard. Also having lost 2 members of my family to Cancer in the last year compounded my silence as I went about my day. Our lives are so precious. Both of these young men had potential to do great things in life. I remember the joy on Jeffery's face when he saved a man from drowning. We all need to work harder in our little San Pedro to create and keep the Paradise that is the no 1 Island. Each act we can do for each other helps send out the energy of peace and tranquility throughout the Island. After all where else would peace be if not in Paradise.

Letter to the Editor: PUP Belize Rural South Executive Committee
The PUP Belize Rural South Executive Committee has commenced a series of informative newspaper articles with the intention of keeping everyone properly informed. In the area of sports we all know that the present San Pedro Town Council has done absolutely nothing for the past UDP administrations. The present Town Council continues the trend of doing nothing and every time interested parties ask for help, their usual excuse is that there is no money. But how come they can find money at Christmas time to give away a few hams to a very limited few of their friends and cronies? Does the UDP and Manuel Heredia really believe that by bribing people with hams they are improving the standard of living of our people? Don't they realize that the more you spoon feed people, the more you keep them in poverty? The people are not asking for hams. The people of San Pedro need opportunities that will help them provide food for their tables.

Misc Belizean Sources

Top 10 Things to do in Belize
Lush tropical rain forests, pristine beaches, ancient Maya cities, diverse flora and fauna, and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere are just a few of the many natural attractions that allure the adventure traveler to visit Belize. Here are the top 10 things to do in Belize: Dive the Great Blue Hole of Belize, Visit the Ancient Maya Ceremonial Center of Xunantunich, Explore Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, Dive or Snorkel with Whale Sharks, Visit Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Climb Ca'ana, the tallest Maya structure in Belize, Learn how to Make Delicious Belizean Tamales, Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Go Cave Tubing, Go on a Kayaking trip.

Tanya Carter Delights Benque
Tanya Carter played at Club Onyx in Benque Saturday night. Looks like it was a great concert, blackout and all. "Last night was great after all despite the block-out Tanya killed it with some acapellas."

Western Ballaz Beat Warriors
The Western Ballaz traveled to Dangriga last night to play the Warriors in the first game of the second half of the season. They won 61 to 48. Go Ballaz! Picture Album 1. "Western Ballaz vs Dangriga Warriors. Western Ballaz won 61- 48."

Guatemalan farmer shot and killed in the Chiquibul
A Guatemalan man was shot and killed on Saturday morning, allegedly by Belize Defence Force soldiers in the Chiquibul National Park. Guatemalan media reports identify the dead man as Thomas Ramirez. Prensa Libre today carried a report which said that two farmers were working on their plantation when the incident happened. While the Guatemalan press is saying that the shooting happened in the San Marcos Community, sources say the shooting happened inside Belize's Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Thomas Ramirez' body is at the morgue in San Ignacio town. There has been no official word from Belizean authorities as yet about this incident.

WPC collapses at concert, remains hospitalized
A Belize Police Officer is hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial after she collapsed on Saturday night. According to reports, Kimara Tucker had gone to the ITVET compound on Freetown road last night to attend a concert, but started to complain that she was feeling faint. She later collapsed, according to reports, and was rushed to the KHMH where on Sunday, she remains hospitalized. Her family and friends remain worried about WPC Tucker's condition.

Belizean wins University of South Florida international pageant
Belizean beauty queen Jacinta Gomez today won the annual University of South Florida Miss International Pageant. The event is held annually and according to its website, seeks to "provide a superb opportunity for young women to share their unique cultures and educated members of the USF community about their area of the world." Reports from Florida say that this is not the first time that Belize has taken part in the competition which was first held in 1984. It is organized by the Caribbean Community Exchange Students at the University of South Florida.

Schoolboy drowns in Dangriga
An 8 year old school boy is dead, reportedly from drowning in the North Stann Creek river. Adrian Lopez, a Standard One student at the Sacred Heart Primary School in Dangriga town, went swimming with friends in the reiver around 3 pm on Saturday. He did not return home. My colleagues at KREM Radio in Belize City reported on Sunday that a family member is saying that Lopez's friends say him floating on a piece of Styrofoam but that he slipped and fell into the water. Lopez reportedly disappeared and did not resurface. When he did not get home late in the evening, his parents went looking for him and that was when information about what happened started to slowly come out. A search team fund Adrian Lopez's body around 9:45 pm and there was nothing that could be done at that time to save him.

Belize City shooting leaves one man dead
A shooting incident tonight in Belize City has left one man dead. The victim has been identified as Dean Lyons, believed to be in his 60′s. The shooting happened around 7:30 pm on West Canal street between Water Lane and Orange Street. The circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting is not yet known. Lyons' body has been taken to the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital and police investigations of the killing is ongoing.

International Student Teaching Program in Cayo
NMSU has quite a few student teachers in Cayo right now. "Meet Belize's Gilman Scholar, Francisco Jaquez. Mr. Jaquez is a student at New Mexico State University studying secondary education, but is currently studying at Sacred Heart Colleg in San Ignacio as part of the "International Student Teaching Program." As part of the program, Mr. Jaquez is currently teaching 2nd and 4th formers. He says his time here has taught him many things (such as classroom management) that he might have missed out on had he done his student teaching in New Mexico... The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program provides scholarships to U.S. undergraduates with financial need for study abroad, including students from diverse backgrounds and students going to non-traditional study abroad destinations. "

Junior Cross Country Champions
The Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic was today, The Cycling Federation of Belize has pictures of the winners accepting their trophies. Congratulations to all racers! "Top finishers in the 15th Annual Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic. We would like to thanks all those who helped in making this event possible. Our riders, the teams, officials, the Police, the parents, and fans and sponsors. Special thanks to Mr. Emil Figueroa for soliciting the prizes on our behalf. Our majors sponsors as it pertains to the finish prizes, BEL, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, DigiCell, Marie Sharp Fine Foods."

RawSpa Eco-lodge in Bullet Tree Falls
There's a new eco-lodge in Bullet Tree Falls, and it's called the RawSpa. They have a cool promo video for the lodge, and what better way to start than by rope swinging into the Mopan River. "The new Raw Spa Eco-lodge in Bullet Tree Falls."

Video: Morning Matters with Drew Miller
53min. Friday March 28

Video: Scuba diving The Blue Hole

Video: Raw Spa Eco-lodge in Bullet Tree Falls
2min. There's a new eco-lodge in Bullet Tree Falls, and it's called the RawSpa. They have a cool promo video for the lodge, and what better way to start than by rope swinging into the Mopan River.

Video: Archaeological Excavation in Belize Pawnce the Archaeologist

Video: Belize - Snorkle
2min. Caye Caulker

11min. A Clients Trip to Belize

Video: Flying over Ambergis Cay, Belize landing in San Pedro.
2min. Final approach into San Pedro, Belize on a Cessna Caravan March 2014

Video: Atop El Castillo, Xunantunich Belize
30 sec. View from the top of the tallest structure in the Mayan archaeological site of Xunantunich, Belize along the western border of Belize and Guatemala.

Video: SanPedro, Belize - March 2014 ... DOLPHINS and other underwater friends
3min. Swimming with friends at Victoria Canyons - San Pedro, Belize


Kanantik Resort & Sanctuary Belize - Where to Even Start?
Sanctuary Belize is a huge, well awarded development project currently happening in Southern Belize�just south of the Hopkins area and north of Placencia. I do not use the word HUGE lightly. The land is 14,000 acres. About the size of the island of Manhattan, NY. 26 square miles. Land that goes from Caribbean Sea to pines to savannah to jungle almost to the Mayan mountains. Land that is going from completely undeveloped to 1800 housing lots, a 200 boat slip marina that can house boats up to 150ft in length, condos, hotels�the scope is unimaginable to me. And I spent the day there yesterday. BUT before I get to all of my pictures of Sanctuary, let me start where I am now�and where I arrived yesterday morning. A GORGEOUS resort owned by Sanctuary Belize called Kanantik Lodge. It's where the Sanctuary visitors stay when they are touring, it's about a 15 minute boat ride south of the development and it's amazingly pretty. They have their own airstrip. The resort is made up of palapas. Huge ones for the central dining area and lounge/bar. And smaller private ones scattered along a beachfront boardwalk�

Victoria Peak - An Enchanting Natural Monument in Belize
Victoria Peak can be found within the verdant Maya Mountains of Belize and is the second highest mountain in the country. It is situated in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a vast array of flora and fauna. Here is a little history on Victoria Peak: The History of Victoria Peak Natural Monument The first recorded expedition to the Cockscomb Mountains was led by Governor Roger T. Goldworthy in 1888. From 1927 to 1928, there were three more expeditions into the Cockscomb Mountains. They found that the peak described by the Goldworthy Expedition was not the highest peak, and therefore not Victoria Peak. Clearly, whatever peak the Goldworthy Expedition climbed, the name "Victoria Peak" was given to the highest peak of the Cockscomb Range, in honor of Queen Victoria. On May 2, 1998, Victoria Peak was declared to be a natural monument. Prior to this declaration, Victoria Peak was part of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. At the Launching of the 30th Anniversary Celebration on February 6, 1999, an agreement between the Belize Audubon Society and the Government of Belize was signed, adding Victoria Peak and Blue Hole Natural Monuments to the list of protected areas managed by the Belize Audubon Society. Note: The highest peak in the country is Doyle's Delight with a height of 2688 ft. Adventure travelers who have climbed this peak describe their experience as a challenging and unique one. "As you ascend above tropical moist forest, the vegetation changes to elfin shrubland, characterized by sphagnum moss and a canopy of trees are no more than two to three meters high. At this height, the East Basin of Cockscomb looks like a green carpet of forest stretching as far as the eye can see. Whatever trees are in bloom are easily seen. And just before the summit you will encounter a humid and rich forest environment sheltered by Victoria Peak. The fiery-colored orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense) is another botanical wonder of Victoria Peak. This rarity in Belize only grows at high elevations", reads the Audubon Society website which is a non governmental body that is responsible for managing this natural monument. Victoria Peak is accessible through Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

"Outside Looking In' when in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Sitting out on the veranda- the first floor one on the western (lagoon) side of the house the other morning (yes it was early and I did have a mug of black coffee and my iPad with me ) I didn't follow my normal routine of 'going' straight to The Times online. Instead I just sat there enjoying the stillness and allowed my thoughts to go wherever they wanted to go. And believe me sometimes they can go to very strange places! I thought about how I really do not miss England. I miss seeing my family (I was going to write 'of course' but not everyone misses their family, so I didn't). I miss going to the Emirates to watch Arsenal (win, draw or even lose). I do (oh how sometimes it consumes my thoughts to the point where my imagination runs riot and I salivate ) miss my visit to a pie and mash shop ( a traditional, working class meal which originated in East London where I was born).

Prime Minister Dean Barrow's Deflections - His Haunting Reflections
Barrow in his final comments to wrap up the 2014 budget debate described the Leader of the Opposition's review of the budget as "useless" and that Fonseca's "intervention was one of brevity�..after all there is so much of his remarkable decibel level that normal eardrums can take." Barrow has pulled this cheap stunt before. If it wasn't piteous for one gifted with the gift of gab, it would be laughable. We know exactly who those comments were intended for and if Santino Castillo was sophisticated enough, Barrow's antics would have paid off. No one has a more "annoying decibel level and an even more irritating cadence than the member for Caribbean Shores. But there he sits behind Barrow with a mute's grin oblivious to the Prime Minister's aggravation. What could be more "useless" than Sedi Elrington's incoherent and irrelevant ramblings on the legacy of Rt. Honorable George Price? Elrington comes off as someone troubled with Alzheimer's. Nothing could be more annoying to the eardrums than listening to Minister of Health Pablo Marin's unscientific rebuttal to physician, member of the House Dr. Marco Mendez. Pablo Marin who historically and infamously referred to the PAHO as "a person"!

International Sources

Leading by example to bring comfort to those in distress
Field Officer Jessie Young is a kind and dedicated member of staff at Belize Red Cross. She is warm hearted and a sincere humanitarian always showing great concern for her fellow human beings. Jessie was recently on duty travel, flying from El Salvador to Panama on a TACA Airlines flight when she noticed a fellow passenger in discomfort wriggling in his seat and in pain. He was sitting across the aisle from her. Jessie identified herself to the passenger, showing him her Belize Red Cross Identification Card. He motioned to Jessie that he was having discomfort in his ears and in pain. She says tells us she immediately thought that he was having air pressure problems and instructed him to make fists and blow into them, like a horn. "This seemed to cause him more pain," she says. "So I then instructed him to pinch his nose and blow out his ear." She says she told him to do it multiple times until they landed. "When we landed you could see the relief in his face. I was so glad I was seated nearby and be able to help this gentleman. He was in a bad state. He was really suffering. A flight attendant had tried but to no avail. I never got his name, he was African, I think, Nigerian from his accent. He was very thankful. He had gotten back a smile on his face."

Moving abroad? The expat's life isn't all beach bars and bungalows
Many Americans want to move inside their screensavers: As more Americans move to destinations farther flung than Florida, they may find unexpected trouble in paradise. A few weeks ago, in the midst of a miserable, relentless east coast winter, my editor, at the end of her rope, gave in and bought a ticket to somewhere warm. A day later, she was on the beach, sharing photos of sun-dappled kayaks and breezy rainforests. If only retirement could be so easy. Imagine finding a town in Panama or Ecuador with reasonable hospital facilities and reliable internet access - not to mention those warm beaches - where your dollar will stretch a hell of a lot further than it will go at home. For those of us in large swaths of the lower 48, this winter's weather has reminded us of another allure of retiring abroad. Staring out the windows at snowbanks still hanging grimly on to life in the final days of March are a wordless testimonial in support of the idea of spending one's golden years running a beach bar in, say, Belize. Or a pottery workshop in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

Top 10 sexist and heterosexist moments in Caribbean Politics
Contribute to the final list of top 10 sexist & heterosexist moments in Caribbean politics by leaving your suggestions in the comments below. Here are what i've been able to come up with in no particular order. Thanks to all who sent suggestions via facebook and twitter.