We decided to make a run out to Gloversís Reef on a friendís catamaran for a couple of days of SCUBA diving. There wasnít a lot of planning involved. It was afternoon and the drinks were flowing in anticipation of one of those life-altering sunsets over the water. An idea started a conversation that quickly led to consensus: letís do it.

Gear was gathered; bathing suits and sunscreen were grabbed; an ice chest was filled; and we were off. Conversation on most dive trips centers on past underwater experiences and undersea adventures to come. We were under sail about an hour east of Royal Belize enjoying the sun and the conversation when this happenedÖ

We are accustomed to seeing the frequent bow riding dolphin and are often followed by three or four at a time. This was something different. We counted at least thirty bottlenose dolphins that had decided to come and play. The show lasted for over 45 minutes before we sailed into shallower waters and they broke off from the boat. It was an experience we will never forget.

These are the kinds of special moments we treasure in the cayes.